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From (May, 2006) ·

My Return Home

by Rubin Schmer-Gartenberg

I was born on January 14, 1925 in Drohobych, Poland, a small city in what had been, until the end of the First World War, the Austrian province of Galicia. The population of Drohobych when I was born was about 40,000, of whom about half were Jews. By 1940 I was working in the telegraph office. On June 22, one hour after the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, I was called to report to the office. As the German army approached, only one-half day before it occupied Drohobych, our telegraph unit left Drohobych. I never saw my home or family again. I survived; they didn’t.

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From (May, 2006) ·

Tabula Registers: An Untapped Genealogical Resource in the Lviv Archives

by Alexander Dunai

Tabula Register - Lviv There is a little-known resource for Galician researchers held in the Lviv State Historical Archive — the “Tabula Krajowa,” or Tabula Registers (Fond 166, 1780-1891). In 1780 the State Registrar Department — established by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II — began documenting the purchase and sale of real estate and land, property leasing, testaments, deeds, money-lending agreements, promissory notes, public sale for debts, etc.. Because Jews were active in commerce — it was one of those areas in which the government allowed them to work — many families had occasion to participate in some kind of business relationship and sign a contract, which often contained names of both the husband and wife represented in the deal as one participant. Other documents, like testaments and public sales for debts, frequently contain information on several generations.

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