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Spring, 2012 Regional Meeting — Jerusalem, Israel

Exploring the Archives: Unique & Unusual Resources in Galician Research

Wednesday, May 30, 2012  7:30 PM
Speaker: Pamela Weisberger, GG President/Research Coordinator

AACI Glassman Family Center
37 Pierre Koenig / 2 Poalei Tzedek, Jerusalem, Israel
Sponsored by the Israel Genealogical Research Association (IGRA)

Even in this digital genealogical age, not everything is online. Learn about the exciting — and unusual – Jewish genealogical resources available in archives and libraries in Vienna, Ternopil, Lviv and Krakow.

From documents dating from the late 1700s through the interwar years, we’ll cover voter and school lists, the Lviv family registration books dating back to the 18th century, 1930 Jewish taxpayer lists, Lvov (Lemberg) and Jagellonian University student records and magnate landowner files that contain items like List of Jewish Tavern Owners in 1790.

You’ll view examples from the Jewish Galician holdings in the Vienna State Archives including kahal records and court cases–many with actual signatures of your ancestors—and province-wide inventories, such as listings for rabbis and cantors from every shtetl that had a Jewish congregation and Jewish schoolteachers assigned to the German-Jewish schools in 1788 – at the exact time Jews were required to adopt family surnames.

An update on the All Galicia Database and Gesher Galicia’s Cadastral Maps program will also be provided along with a video tour of the Brody (Ukraine) Cemetery.

Exploring Jewish Life, Culture and Ancestry in Galicia

Sunday, June 3 (13 Sivan), 2012
Pamela Weisberger, Keynote Speaker
Israel Genealogical Society
at Beit Hatfutsot on the Tel Aviv University Campus


  • Dr. Lea Haber-Gedalia, IGS chairperson [H]
  • Ms. Nurit Sheps-Caspi, Lwow’s Descendants Organization [H]
  • Ms. Pamela Weisberger, President, Gesher Galicia [En]

Ms. Pamela Weisberger – Researching Family Roots in Galicia [En]

Complementary lectures:

  • Ms. Irit Shem-Tov – It’s All About Numbers in Roots Research in Lwow [H]
  • Mr. Ami Elyasaf – Researching the Town of Brody [H]
  • Dr. Lea Haber-Gedalia – Jewish Galicia: History, Demography and Culture [H]
  • Dr. Mordechai Yushkovski – Social and Cultural Progressions within the Jewish Family as Reflected by Migration from Shtetls to Cities and Overseas [H]
  • Dr. Sergey Kravtzov – Synagogues Architecture in Lwow [En]
  • Dr. Eli Brauner – Presenting the Association for the Commemoration of Lwow Jewish Heritage and Sites

Closing Remarks– Dr. Eli Brauner [H]

All lectures and presentations will be accompanied by translation subtitles to the second language, screened on a separate screen.

Entrance fee: 30 NIS – Refreshments will be served We recommend early registration to reserve your your place. For registration send your name/s and e-mail address to

This program also will be hosting the Association of Former Jewish Residents and Descendants of Lwow and the ACLS – the Association for the Commemoration of Lwow Jewish Heritage and Sites.

One of the goals of this symposium is to bring news of the efforts of the ACLS to restore and rebuild monuments of Jewish heritage in the city and to ensure that the remains of the Golden Rose Synagogue and other functioning buildings used by the Jewish residents still there are preserved for all time. They also plan to create lasting memorials on the site of the Janowska labor camp and the grounds of the former Jewish cemetery of Lwow.

Dr. Eli Brauner has worked diligently for a long time to create the ACLS as a formal organization so that it can start collecting the needed funds to rebuild and rededicate Jewish Lwow

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