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Spring, 2013 Special Program — London

“Unique & Unusual Resources in Galician Genealogy”

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
The Wiener Library
29 Russell Square, London

Are you researching relatives who once lived in Galicia, a former province of the Austrian Empire, today in Eastern Poland and Western Ukraine? There are treasures available in repositories in Vienna, Ternopil, Lviv and Krakow, but many records can also be found online in the All Galicia Database and other online resources.

This presentation will cover a range of documents from the late 1700s through the interwar years, such as the Lviv family registration books, 1920s and 30s voter lists, and Jewish taxpayer and student records to magnate landowner records (like a 1801 list of “Jewish Tavern Owners in Kalusz.”)  Take a tour of the Galician holdings in the Vienna State Archives, including kahal and court cases and province-wide inventories listing rabbis and teachers assigned to Jewish schools in every shtetl in 1788 – the point when Jews were required to adopt family surnames. Learn about cadastral land maps and Holocaust-era census records and passport applications from Stanislawow and Lviv and come away with innovative ideas about how to approach your family research.

Admission is free, but booking is essential as space is very limited.  Click on this link to be taken to the reservation page:

Gesher Galicia is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people research their Jewish family roots in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire province of Galicia, which is today southeastern Poland and southwestern Ukraine. Our organization's primary focus is researching Jewish roots in Galicia, but the diverse community records in our databases contain names that span all the ethnic and religious groups who once lived in this region.

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