I Remember Jewish Drohobycz with David Einsiedler

I Remember Jewish Drohobycz with David Einsiedler

In this portrait of the vanished world of Eastern European Jewry, Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles founding member, and rabbinical scholar, the late David Einsiedler, born in Drohobycz in 1919, recounts the heart and soul of shtetl life between the two World Wars. Through personal reminiscences, both humorous and heart-wrenching, he leads us through the streets and into the homes and schools of this Galician town. David describes moving to Lvov, then to the university in Pisa, Italy, and on to America in the late 1930s as the threat of war looms over his beloved home and the lives of his loved ones. (Produced by Pamela Weisberger in 2005.) David attended the King Wladyslaw Jagiello Gymnasium in Drohobycz. The artist, poet and author, Bruno Schulz (1892-1942,) was one of his teachers. In the school photo below, taken on the 25th anniversary of the Gymnasium in 1934, their faces are highlighted in red. Also pictured below is the reverse side of the school photograph where David recorded the names of his fellow students. Bruno Schulz did a very special pencil drawing of David’s fiancée, Stella Bartischan, who also resided in Drohobycz, shown below. Finally, there is the photo taken in 1937 just before David left home, with his parents (Jozef Joel Einsiedler, Estera nee Selinger) and sisters, Pepka (Pearl/Perel) and Marjanka (Miriam.) They lived at Rynek 25 in the center of town. David believed that Pepka married Marek Berman in 1940 and had a daughter in 1941, name unknown, who was given away to a Polish family for safekeeping when war approached and Pepka was forced to enter the Drohobycz labor camp in 1941. David’s entire family perished in the Holocaust, and to this date no one has found news of what happened to this child. To read David’s story about life in Drohobycz, which was recently republished in “The Galitzianer,” click here.

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King Wladyslaw Jagiello Gymnasium Annotated

Reverse-Gymnasium Photo-Einsiedler Names#1

Einsiedler Family -1937


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