Inventory of Przemyśl Archive Fond 154

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updated July 25, 2019

Key: B = births, M = marriages, D = deaths

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FondSeriesFileLocalityType / Description of recordYear(s)CommentsIndexed and online by
15411Berdyczów NowyD (index book)1890
15421Biały KamieńB (index book)1894-1905
15431BolechówB1877Fragments only
15441BorszczówD1929Fragments only
15451BorysławD (index book)1891
15452BorysławD (index book)1886
15453BorysławB1903Gesher Galicia
15454BorysławB1890, 1891, 1899, 1903, 1904, 1936Fragments onlyGesher Galicia
15455BorysławM1926Gesher Galicia, JRI Poland
15456BorysławD (index book)1885
15462BóbrkaB1830, 1835, 1839, 1875-1876
15471BrodyMilitary conscription register1850, 1857Letters A-L
15472BrodyMilitary conscription register1850, 1857Letters L-Z
15473BrodyMilitary conscription register1857
15474BrodyB1942Fragments onlyGesher Galicia
15475BrodyB1928, 1937-1938
15476BrodyAffairs of charitable foundation1928
15477BrodyCertificate1942Certificate of employment in dental clinic
15478BrodyM1911, 1923
15479BrodyCircular1928Circular of local district regarding chickenpox vaccinations
15481BukowskoStatutes of Jewish community1897
15482BukowskoB1913-1939Births certificates from: Baligród, Bircza, Brzozów, Budapest, Bukowsko, Cieszanów, Dynów, Eperjes, Humenné, Jasienica, Jasło, Lutowiska, Medzilaborce, Myślenice, Nagymihály, Nowotaniec, Radomyśl nad Sanem, Ryglice, Rymanów, Sanok, Starina, Tyrawa Wołoska, Ustrzyki Dolne, Wielopole Skrzyńskie, Wola Michowa
15483BukowskoM (banns)1922, 1927-1939Marriage banns certificates from Baligród, Brzozów, Bukowsko, Jasienica, Jasło, Korczyna, Krosno, Lesko, Lutowiska, Przemyśl, Rymanów, Sanok, Tyrawa Wołoska
15484BukowskoM1922-1939Certificates of marriage, certificates and extracts from marriage registers
15485BukowskoB, M, D (extracts)1919, 1924-1939
15486BukowskoCorrespondence1920-1941Correspondence regarding vital records
15491BursztynD (index book)1877-1887
154101ChorostkówCorrespondence1894, 1900Correspondence of local district office regarding vital records
154111CzortkówList of persons subject to compulsory military service who received foreign passports1930-1939
154121DrohobyczB (index book)1892
154122DrohobyczD (index book)1883
154123DrohobyczD (index book)1877
154124DrohobyczB (index book)1921-1938Gesher Galicia
154125DrohobyczD1888Gesher Galicia
154126DrohobyczM1935Gesher Galicia
154127DrohobyczM (banns)1929
154128DrohobyczD (index book)1878
154129DrohobyczD (index book)1879
1541210DrohobyczD (index book)1880
1541211DrohobyczD (index book)1881
1541212DrohobyczD (index book)1882
1541213DrohobyczD (index book)1888
1541214DrohobyczD (index book)1890
1541215DrohobyczD (index book)1891
1541216DrohobyczD (index book)1893
1541217DrohobyczD (index book)1889
1541218DrohobyczD (index book)1892
1541219DrohobyczD (index book)1885
1541220DrohobyczD (index book)1896-1909Register of people born in Drohobycz who died in Hungary
154131GlinianyRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1927-1930
154132GlinianyB (index book)1860-1895
154133GlinianyB (index book)1896-1933
154141GołogóryB (index book)1924-1942CopyGesher Galicia
154142GołogóryM (index book)1924-1942CopyGesher Galicia
154143GołogóryD (index book)1924-1942Gesher Galicia
154151GródekB1893Fragments only
154152GródekB (index book)1870-1903
154153GródekM (banns)1929, 1931
154154GródekOfficial letter1942Offical letter on issuing of certificate
154155GródekD1915Fragments only
154161GwoździecB (index book)1938Gesher Galicia
154162GwoździecB (index book)1937Gesher Galicia
154163GwoździecB (index book)1920-1935Gesher Galicia
154164GwoździecM (index book)1938Gesher Galicia
154165GwoździecM (index book)1937Gesher Galicia
154166GwoździecM (index book)1936Gesher Galicia
154167GwoździecD (index book)1937Gesher Galicia
154169GwoździecD (certificates)1920, 1922, 1925Gesher Galicia
1541611GwoździecCorrespondence1925-1926, 1935, 1938Correspondence on vital records
154172HorodenkaRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1877-1900
154173HorodenkaRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1916-1925
154174HorodenkaRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1910-1931
154175HorodenkaB, M, D (extracts)1922-1929, 1935, 1937-1939Gesher Galicia
154176HorodenkaB, M, D (extracts)1935-1939Gesher Galicia
154177HorodenkaM1942Certificates of marriage issued by the Judenrat
154178HorodenkaM, banns (certifications)1925-1929Gesher Galicia
154179HorodenkaVital records1917-1932Information on people who died outside Galicia – in Czerniowce (Czernowitz, Chernivtsi) and Vienna; translations of documents; marriage certificates and death cards sent by post
1541710HorodenkaB1904Fragments only
1541711HorodenkaB (certifications, certificates)1927-1928
1541712HorodenkaDivorce (certificate)1932
1541713HorodenkaCorrespondence1927-1928Correspondence regarding vital records
1541714HorodenkaRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1933-1940
154181JagielnicaB (index book)1896
154183JagielnicaCorrespondence1942Letter from registrar in Jagielnica to local district in Czortków
154191Janowiec (near Trembowla)B, B (index book)1858-1876
154201JanówM (index book)1894-1939Gesher Galicia
154221JeziernaRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1924-1939
154222JeziernaM (bann) certificate1933
154231KołomyjaTitle page of death register; last page of birth register1865, 1934Title page of 1865 death register; last page of birth register with one entry and stamp of local district head of Kołomyja
154232KołomyjaCorrespondence1923-1935Correspondence regarding vital records
154233KołomyjaB (certificates)1919-1921, 1939
154234KołomyjaB, M, D (extracts)1924Family of Nuchim Ballan
154241KopyczyńceB (index book)1877-1894
154243KopyczyńceB1904-1905, 1910Fragments only
154244KopyczyńceOfficial letter1939Official letter by local district head of Kopyczyńce on making corrections in birth register
154251KorczynaB (index book)1877-1924Also, index of births for 1877
154261KrakowiecD (index book)1915-1941
154262KrakowiecD (index book)1878-1942
154263KrakowiecB certificate, M certificate1910, 1939
154264KrakowiecCertificate of release from military service1910
154271LeskoB1926-1927, 1941Fragments only
154272LeskoD1940-1941Gesher Galicia
154273LeskoB (certificates)1914, 1919-1920, 1923, 1926-1927
154274LeskoCopy of circular1926Copy of circular from voivodeship office in Lwów, on barring rabbis from celebrating marriage ceremonies without evidence from birth certificates
154275LeskoD1941Records kept by Soviet authorities during the period of Soviet occupation of eastern Poland, September 1939 – June 1941
154281LeżajskD1827-1866Gesher Galicia
154282LeżajskB (index book)1881-1890Gesher Galicia
154283LeżajskM (index book)1887-1938Gesher Galicia
154284LeżajskB (certificates)1900, 1906, 1924
154291Lubycza WielkaB1930-1933Fragments only
154292Lubycza WielkaM1878-1880Fragments only (3 pages)
154293Lubycza WielkaD1847-1852, 1920-1924Fragments only
154301LwówB (index book)1912-1913
154302LwówB (index book)1923-1926Gesher Galicia
154303LwówB (index book)1911-1912
154304LwówB (index book)1910-1912
154305LwówB (index book)1908-1909
154306LwówB (index book)1891-1897
154307LwówB (index book)1910-1911
154308LwówB (index book)1881-1886
154309LwówB (index book)1899-1901
1543010LwówB (index book)1932-1934
1543011LwówB (index book)1841-1876Letters A-J
1543012LwówB (index book)1841-1876Letters R-Z
1543013LwówB (index book)1895-1898
1543014LwówB (index book)1927-1931
1543015LwówB (index book)1905-1939
1543016LwówB (index book)1914-1916
1543017LwówB (index book)1905-1907
1543018LwówB (index book)1889
1543019LwówB (index book)1841-1876
1543020LwówM (index book)1935-1937
1543021LwówM (index book)1877-1900
1543022LwówM (index book)1911-1914
1543023LwówM (index book)1934
1543024LwówM (index book)1901-1910
1543025LwówM (index book)1915-1919
1543026LwówM (index book)1930-1931
1543027LwówM (index book)1920-1923
1543028LwówD (index book)1891-1894
1543029LwówD (index book)1885
1543030LwówD (index book)1888
1543031LwówD (index book)1929-1934
1543032LwówD (index book)1886
1543033LwówD (index book)1883
1543034LwówD (index book)1879
1543035LwówD (index book)1877
1543036LwówD (index book)1910-1912
1543037LwówD (index book)1884
1543038LwówM1884-1886Lwów-Zniesienie; no records, title pages only
1543040LwówD (index book)1878Letters A and Z only
1543042LwówB (index book)1805-1840
1543043LwówB1889-1900, 1913, 1931Fragments only
1543044LwówM1919Fragments only
1543045LwówD1913, 1919, 1921-1922, 1926Fragments only
1543046LwówB, Banns, M (certificates)1828, 1894, 1911, 1919, 1930
1543047LwówCertificate of age of majority1914
1543048LwówB (index book)1877-1902
1543049LwówD1877Fragments only
1543050LwówB1880No entries in the blank pages
154311MonasterzyskaD, B1939-1942Gesher Galicia
154321NadwórnaM1932Marriage register kept by the rabbisGesher Galicia
154341NiemirówCensus1940-1941Copy of Jewish census
154351ObertynB (index book)1848-1901
154352ObertynB (index book)1861-1938
154353ObertynB, Banns (certificates)1920, 1927-1928
154361OleskoB (index book)1877-1895
154362OleskoB (index book)1924-1937Gesher Galicia
154363OleskoB (index book)1881
154364OleskoD (index book)1823-1876
154371PodkamieńB (index book)1900-1942Gesher Galicia
154372Strzeliska NoweB1841-1874Gesher Galicia
154373PodkamieńD1905, 1939
154381PodwołoczyskaM (index book)1881-1909
154391PrzemyślanyRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1923-1926
154392PrzemyślanyRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1925-1928
154393PrzemyślanyRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1927-1929
154394PrzemyślanyRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1933-1935
154395PrzemyślanyD (certifications)1915
154396PrzemyślanyRegister of filings1930-1932
154401PrzeworskB (certificates)1895, 1904, 1910, 1925
154402PrzeworskBanns (certificate)1895
154403PrzeworskM (certificate)1887
154404PrzeworskM1932Extract only
154405PrzeworskRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1926-1933
154411Rawa RuskaB1909Fragments only
154412Rawa RuskaB (certificate)1921
154421RohatynB (index book)1886-1890Gesher Galicia
154422RohatynM (index book)1935-1937Gesher Galicia
154423RohatynB (index book)1859-1875
154431RudkiB (index book)1877-1891Gesher Galicia
154432RudkiM (index book)1878-1939
154433RudkiD (index book)1910-1940Gesher Galicia
154434RudkiD (index book)1877-1909Gesher Galicia
154435RudkiB (certificates)1919-1920, 1928-1930
154436RudkiBanns (certificates)1915-1932
154437RudkiM (certificates)1915-1932
154438RudkiD (certificates)1934
154439RudkiCorrespondence1934Correspondence with Office of Vital Records in Rudki
1544310RudkiRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1907-1920
1544311RudkiCorrespondence1910, 1912, 1914, 1917Correspondence with local Imperial-Royal district office in Rudki
1544312RudkiRegister of filings1924-1930
1544313RudkiRegister of filings1930-1939
1544314RudkiB1903, 1939Only lower part of register from 1903
1544315RudkiM1886, 1890
1544316RudkiB (certificate)1932
154441RzeszówB (index book)1842-1899
154442RzeszówB (index book)1900-1937
154444RzeszówRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1925-1935
154445RzeszówD (index book)1843-1942
154446RzeszówB, M, D (certificates)1900-1942
154447RzeszówVital information on Jewish population; death certificates (Feb-Mar 1943)1941-1943
154448RzeszówB (certificates)1907-1908, 1924
154449RzeszówBanns (certificates), M (certificates), D (certificate)1902, 1909, 1925, 1926, 1931Banns from 1902, 1909, 1931; marriages from 1926, 1931; death from 1925
1544410RzeszówCertificate of a person having performed military service1910
1544411RzeszówRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1936-1937Fragments only
1544412RzeszówPersonal ID card1938Personal ID card of Ozjasz Birnbaum
154451SamborB1914, 1920From 1914, entries from January and February. From 1920, only a single page, with entries from April and May
154452SamborD1936Entries from November and December only
154453SamborBann (certificate)1922
154461SanokB (index book)1914-1939Gesher Galicia
154462SanokM (index book)1916-1939Gesher Galicia
154463SanokD (index book)1914-1942Gesher Galicia
154464SanokB (index book)1860-1889
154465SanokB (index book)1906-1913
154466SanokRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1931-1935
154467SanokM1906, 1912, 1939Fragments only
154468SanokB (certificates), certificates of residence, Banns (certificates)1907, 1910, 1927B (certificates) from 1907; certificates of residence from 1910, 1927; Banns (certificates) from 1927
154469SanokForeign passport and certificate of residence1919, 1927Foreign passport (incl. photograph) and certificate of residence issued for Regina April by Office of Vital Records in Lesko and local district office in Sanok
154471SkałaB (index book)1872-1876Gesher Galicia
154472SkałaCertificates and letters regarding marriage1942Certificates and letters regarding marriage between Abraham Feuerberg and Sosie Brane Hecht
154481SokalB (index book)1831-1858
154491Sokołów MałopolskiB (index book)1887-1890
154492Sokołów MałopolskiB (index book)1891-1899
154493Sokołów MałopolskiB (index book)1900-1911
154494Sokołów MałopolskiB (index book)1912-1923Gesher Galicia
154495Sokołów MałopolskiB (index book)1928-1931Gesher Galicia
154496Sokołów MałopolskiB (index book)1932-1936Gesher Galicia
154497Sokołów MałopolskiM (index book)1850-1875
154498Sokołów MałopolskiM (index book)1878-1927
154499Sokołów MałopolskiD (index book)1932-1936Gesher Galicia
1544910Sokołów MałopolskiCorrespondence1931-1932
1544911Sokołów MałopolskiB (certificates), B (extract), Banns (certificates), M (certificates)1880, 1895, 1898, 1900-1901, 1904-1910, 1918-1928, 1932
1544912Sokołów MałopolskiCorrespondence1928-1938Correspondence of registrar
154502StanisławówD1939-1942Gesher Galicia
154503StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letter BGesher Galicia
154504StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letters F-GGesher Galicia
154505StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letter GGesher Galicia
154506StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letters G-HGesher Galicia
154507StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letter HGesher Galicia
154508StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letter HGesher Galicia
154509StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letter KGesher Galicia
1545010StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letters M-PGesher Galicia
1545011StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letters P-SGesher Galicia
1545012StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letter SGesher Galicia
1545013StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letter TGesher Galicia
1545014StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letters U-WGesher Galicia
1545015StanisławówGhetto census cards by household1941-1943Street names – letters Z, V [Zarwanitzer, Vertrags]Gesher Galicia
1545016StanisławówRegister of sick people1941-1942Information on type of illness and treatment methodGesher Galicia
1545017StanisławówJewish Residents1941 (second half of year)Surnames starting with C, N, R, U, V and Z are missing. Some surnames with S are missing, though those starting with SCH- are included.Gesher Galicia
1545018StanisławówFood ration cards1942
1545019StanisławówD (index book)1845-1876
1545020StanisławówObstetricians’ register (for birth notifications)1932-1937
1545021StanisławówB (index book)1921-1939Gesher Galicia (for 1921-23, 1935-37, 1939)
1545022StanisławówB (index book)1868-1933Selected births only, possibly additional records or delayed registrations
1545023StanisławówD1888Gesher Galicia
1545025StanisławówM (certificate)1927
1545026StanisławówRegister of filing of letters1941-1942
1545027StanisławówCertificates of employment (copies)1942Certified copies of certificates of employment of Moses Bartfeld (dental technician)
1545028StanisławówB (index book)1900-1905
154511StrusówB (index book)1878-1933
154512StrusówM (index book)1870-1939
154521Strzeliska NoweB1879-1885, 1887-1890
154522Strzeliska NoweM1920
154523Strzeliska NoweB (certificate)1939
154524Strzeliska NoweNotes1925
154525Strzeliska NoweIndustrial certificate1924Issued for Marjem Azerbach
154526Strzeliska NoweB (index book)1906-1940
154531SzczerzecD (index book)1915
154533SzczerzecB (certificate)1911
154541ŚniatynB, B (index book)1874-1876
154542ŚniatynBann (certificates)1927
154543ŚniatynCertificate of residence1927
154552TartakówB1908Fragments only (a single page)
154553TartakówM1933-1934Fragments only
154554TartakówD, D (index book)1913
154561TrembowlaD (index book)1914-1924Gesher Galicia
154571TyczynB (certificates), Banns (certificates)1900, 1924, 1927, 1938
154572TyczynD (certificates)1942Gesher Galicia
154573TyczynCertificate proving economic need1934
154574TyczynLetter1942Letter sent to family, February 17, 1942
154581Tyrawa WołoskaInventory of Jewish Community1937
154591UłaszkowceB1891Gesher Galicia
154592UłaszkowceD1897Gesher Galicia
154601WinnikiM1916No entries in book, only the title on the cover
154602WinnikiM (index book)1884No entries in book, only the title on the cover
154603WinnikiM1939No entries in book, only the title on the cover
154611ZabłotówB (index book)1850-1876Pages with letters C-K torn out
154612ZabłotówB (certification), B (certificates)1922-1923, 1926
154621ZałoźceB (certificate)1928
154622ZałoźceRegister of enquiries to Jewish community about records1934-1937
154623ZałoźceCorrespondence1936Letter by local district head
154631ZborówB1819-1838Gesher Galicia
154642ŻołyniaBann (certificate)1900
154643ŻołyniaB (certificate)1927
154644ŻołyniaCorrespondence1939Correspondence between voivodship office in Lwów and local district head in Łańcut
154652ŻółkiewD (index book)1877-1892
154653ŻółkiewD (index book)1894-1899
154654ŻółkiewD (index book)1900-1914
154657ŻółkiewCertificate of release from military service1907
154658ŻółkiewD (certificate)1942Copy of death certificate
154661ŻurawnoM (index book)1841-1876Gesher Galicia
154662ŻurawnoM (index book)1901-1936Gesher Galicia
154663ŻurawnoB, M, D (certificates)1921
154681KosówM1899Fragments only (a single page)
154691NawariaM1909-1910Cover page only
154701Unknown townIndex book1817-1845
154702Unknown townIndex book1827-1884
154703Unknown townM (index book)1885
154704Unknown townB (index book)1889
154705Unknown townB (index book)1897
154706Unknown townList of reserved cemetery graves1898-1939
154707Unknown townIndex book1900
154708Unknown townM (index books)1900-1915
154709Unknown townIndex book1911-1921
1547010Unknown townIndex book1921
1547011Unknown townCash book1935-1937
1547012Unknown townB (index book)1901
1547013Unknown townB (index book)1909-1941
1547014Unknown townB (index book)1921
1547015Unknown townB (index book)1918-1919
1547016Unknown townB (index book)1877-1898
1547017Unknown townB (index book)1890
1547018Unknown townB (index book)1896
1547019Unknown townB (index book)1920-1941
1547020Unknown townB (index book)1920-1935Sorted by fathers’ surnames
1547021Unknown townB (index book)1915-1916
1547022Unknown townB (index book)1914
1547023Unknown townB (index book)1896-1907
1547024Unknown townB (index book)1934
1547025Unknown townB (index book)1910
1547026KopyczyńceB (index book), M (index book)1895-1942This file contains 404 marriage records (1920-1938)Gesher Galicia
1547027Unknown townB (index book)1907
1547028Unknown townB (index book)1911
1547029Unknown townB (index book)1904
1547030Unknown townB (index book)1893
1547031Unknown townB (index book)1932
1547032Unknown townB (index book)1916-1918
1547033BochniaB (index book)1938-1942Gesher Galicia
1547034Unknown townB (index book)1927
1547035Unknown townB (index book)1906-1907
1547036Unknown townB (index book)1885
1547037Unknown townB (index book)1912-1922
1547038Unknown townB (index book)1901-1919Sorted by fathers’ surnames
1547039Unknown townB (index book)1909
1547040Unknown townB (index book)1901
1547041Unknown townB (index book)1927
1547042Unknown townB (index book)1930
1547043Unknown townB (index book)1934
1547044Sądowa WiszniaB (index book)1935-1942Gesher Galicia
1547045Unknown townB (index book)1897
1547046Unknown townB (index book)1899
1547047Unknown townB (index book)1901
1547048Unknown townB (index book)1935
1547049Unknown townB (index book)1877-1882
1547050Unknown townB (index book)1899
1547051Unknown townB (index book)1937
1547052Unknown townB (index book)1922-1923
1547053Unknown townB (index book)1937
1547054Unknown townB (index book)1938
1547055Unknown townB (index book)1879
1547056Unknown townB (index book)1905-1942
1547057Unknown townB (index book)1916
1547058Unknown townB (index book)1921-1923
1547059Unknown townB (index book)1884
1547060Unknown townB (index book)1899
1547061TyczynB (index book)1867-1941Also includes a list of selected Jewish men, 1941-1943 with town names appearing in this list: Domaradz, Jasienica, Posada Olchowska, Siedliska, Rakszawa, Straszydle, Sanok, Sieniawa, Stany, Żarnowiec, Czudec.Gesher Galicia
1547062Unknown townB (index book)1931-1932
1547063Unknown townB (index book)1881
1547064Unknown townB (index book)1894-1904
1547065Unknown townB (index book)1877-1897
1547066Unknown townB (index book)1889
1547067Unknown townB (index book)1885
1547068Unknown townB (index book)1914-1938
1547069Unknown townB (index book)1914-1918
1547070Unknown townB (index book)1912
1547071Unknown townB (index book)1898
1547072Unknown townB (index book)1909
1547073Unknown townB (index book)1877-1886
1547074Unknown townB (index book)1923
1547075Unknown townB (index book)1938
1547076Unknown townB (index book)1883
1547077Unknown townB (index book)1890-1906
1547078Unknown townB (index book)1931-1942
1547079Unknown townB (index book)1882-1900Sorted by mothers’ surnames
1547080Unknown townB (index book)1900-1930
1547081Nowy SączB (index book)1938-1940Gesher Galicia
1547082Unknown townB (index book)1898-1909
1547083Unknown townB (index book)1931
1547084Unknown townB (index book)1891-1900
1547085Unknown townB (index book)1917
1547086Unknown townB (index book)1910-1941
1547087Unknown townB (index book)1921
1547088Unknown townB (index book)1929
1547089Unknown townB (index book)1903-1915
1547090Unknown townB (index book)1902
1547091Unknown townB (index book)1901-1940
1547092Unknown townB (index book)1899
1547093Unknown townB (index book)1933
1547094Unknown townB (index book)1929
1547095Unknown townB (index book)1877-1895
1547096Unknown townB (index book)1929
1547097Unknown townB (index book)1893-1902
1547098Unknown townB (index book)1878
1547099Unknown townB (index book)1886
15470100Unknown townB (index book)1893
15470101Unknown townB (index book)1891
15470102Unknown townB (index book)1890
15470103Unknown townB (index book)1889
15470104Unknown townB (index book)1887
15470105Unknown townB (index book)1885
15470106Unknown townB (index book)1888
15470107Unknown townB (index book)1883
15470108Unknown townB (index book)1897
15470109Unknown townB (index book)1935-1942Sorted by fathers’ surnames
15470110Unknown townB (index book)1915-1919Sorted by fathers’ surnames
15470111Unknown townB (index book)1915-1919Sorted by mothers’ surnames
15470112Unknown townB (index book)1880
15470113Unknown townB (index book)1896
15470114Unknown townB (index book)1908
15470115Unknown townB (index book)1877-1893
15470116Unknown townB (index book)1900
15470117Unknown townB (index book)1920
15470118Unknown townB (index book)1918
15470119Unknown townB (index book)1895
15470120Unknown townB (index book)1934-1935
15470121Unknown townB (index book)1931
15470122Unknown townB (index book)1894
15470123Unknown townB (index book)1925-1942
15470124Unknown townB (index book)1848-1876
15470125Unknown townB (index book)1915-1942
15470126Unknown townB (index book)1935-1938
15470127Unknown townB (index book)1912
15470128Unknown townB (index book)1937
15470129Unknown townB (index book)1903-1939
15470130Unknown townB (index book)1882
15470131Unknown townB (index book)1884
15470132Unknown townB (index book)1929
15470133Unknown townB (index book)1933
15470134Unknown townB (index book)1917
15470135Unknown townB (index book)1936
15470136Unknown townB (index book)1932
15470137Unknown townB (index book)1908-1924
15470138Unknown townB (index book)1891
15470139Unknown townB (index book)1936-1938
15470140Unknown townB (index book)1933
15470141Unknown townB (index book)1890
15470142Unknown townB (index book)1907
15470143Unknown townB (index book)1911
15470144Unknown townB (index book)1910-1923
15470145Unknown townB (index book)1925
15470146Unknown townB (index book)1825-1876
15470147Unknown townB (index book)1920
15470148Unknown townB (index book)1907
15470149Unknown townB (index book)1896
15470150Unknown townB (index book)1898
15470151Unknown townB (index book)1877-1887
15470152Unknown townB (index book)1929
15470153Unknown townB (index book)1914-1915
15470154Unknown townB (index book)1932
15470155Unknown townB (index book)1913
15470156Unknown townB (index book)1904
15470157Unknown townB (index book)1900
15470158Unknown townB (index book)1903
15470159Unknown townB (index book)1888-1892
15470160Unknown townB (index book)1925
15470161Unknown townB (index book)1915
15470162Unknown townB (index book)1836-1880, 1900-1929
15470163Unknown townB (index book)1843-1943
15470164Unknown townB (index book)1915
15470165Unknown townB (index book)1890
15470166Unknown townB (index book)1923
15470167Unknown townB (index book)1923
15470168Unknown townB (index book)1919-1920
15470169Unknown townB (index book)1910
15470170Unknown townB (index book)1910
15470171Unknown townB (index book)1833-1942
15470172Unknown townB (index book)1936-1937
15470173Unknown townB (index book)1924
15470174Unknown townB (index book)1914-1916
15470175Unknown townB (index book)1891
15470176Unknown townB (index book)1906
15470177Unknown townB (index book)1869-1887
15470178Unknown townB (index book)1882
15470179Unknown townB (index book)1912
15470180ŻołyniaB (index book)1915-1942Gesher Galicia
15470181Unknown townB (index book)1935
15470182Unknown townB (index book)1936
15470183Unknown townB (index book)1914
15470184Unknown townB (index book)1905
15470185Unknown townB (index book)1909
15470186Unknown townB (index book)1916
15470187Unknown townB (index book)1903-1941
15470188Unknown townB (index book)1850-1939
15470189Unknown townB (index book)1895-1897
15470190Unknown townB (index book)1864-1865
15470191Unknown townB (index book)1864-1865
15470192Unknown townB (index book)1904
15470193Unknown townB (index book)1893
15470194Unknown townB (index book)1908
15470195Unknown townB (index book)1877-1939
15470196Unknown townB (index book)1877-1890
15470197Unknown townB (index book)1920-1939
15470198Unknown townB (index book)1899
15470199Unknown townB (index book)1910
15470200Unknown townB (index book)1904
15470201Unknown townB (index book)1905
15470202Unknown townB (index book)1906
15470203Unknown townB (index book)1907
15470204Unknown townB (index book)1908
15470205Unknown townB (index book)1909
15470206Unknown townB (index book)1904
15470207KozowaB (index book)1877-1927GG
15470208Unknown townB (index book)1826-1853
15470209Unknown townB (index book)1868-1938
15470210Unknown townB (index book)1876-1877
15470211Unknown townB (index book)1924-1942
15470212Unknown townB (index book)1909-1923
15470213Unknown townB (index book)1877-1900Sorted by fathers’ surnames
15470214Unknown townB (index book)1825-1876
15470215Unknown townB (index book)1877-1937
15470216Unknown townB (index book)1901-1919
15470217Unknown townB (index book)1898
15470218Unknown townB (index book)1909-1910
15470219Unknown townB (index book)1877-1881
15470220Unknown townB (index book)1938
15470221Unknown townB (index book)1886-1942
15470222Unknown townB (index book)1887-1906
15470223Unknown townB (index book)1877-1900
15470224Unknown townB (index book)1882
15470225Unknown townB (index book)1905-1912
15470226Unknown townB (index book)1900
15470227Unknown townB (index book)1904
15470228Unknown townB (index book)1899
15470229Unknown townB (index book)1901-1917
15470230Unknown townB (index book)1892-1899
15470231Unknown townB (index book)1906-1920
15470232Unknown townB (index book)1844-1900
15470233Unknown townB (index book)1887
15470234Unknown townB (index book)1845-1876
15470235Unknown townB (index book)1877-1891
15470236Unknown townB (index book)1935-1937
15470237Unknown townB (index book)1901
15470238Unknown townB (index book)1882-1929
15470239Unknown townB (index book)1917-1919
15470240Unknown townB (index book)1826-1850
15470241Unknown townB (index book)1898
15470242Unknown townB (index book)1888-1892
15470243Unknown townB (index book)1893-1905
15470244Unknown townB (index book)1877-1880
15470245Unknown townB (index book)1870
15470246Unknown townB (index book)1871-1872
15470247Unknown townB (index book)1873-1874
15470248Unknown townB (index book)1827-1858
15470249Unknown townB (index book)1859-1876
15470250Unknown townB (index book)1937
15470251Unknown townB (index book)1891
15470252Unknown townM (index book)1913
15470253Unknown townM (index book)1874-1935
15470254Unknown townM (index book)1915
15470255Unknown townM (index book)1938
15470256Unknown townM (index book)1935
15470257Unknown townM (index book)1909
15470258Unknown townM (index book)1925
15470259Unknown townM (index book)1873-1939
15470260Unknown townM (index book)1911
15470261Unknown townM (index book)1928
15470262Unknown townM (index book)1934-1935
15470263Unknown townM (index book)1882
15470264Unknown townM (index book)1915
15470265Unknown townM (index book)1916
15470266Unknown townM (index book)1927
15470267Unknown townM (index book)1923-1925
15470268Unknown townM (index book)1910
15470269Unknown townM (index book)1933
15470270Unknown townM (index book)1922-1938
15470271Unknown townM (index book)1917
15470272Unknown townM (index book)1938
15470273Unknown townM (index book)1919
15470274Unknown townM (index book)1899
15470275Unknown townM (index book)1914-1934
15470276Unknown townM (index book)1861-1921
15470277Unknown townM (index book)1920
15470278Unknown townM (index book)1853-1902
15470279Unknown townM (index book)1917-1921
15470280Unknown townM (index book)1916
15470281Unknown townM (index book)1931-1932
15470282Unknown townM (index book)1884-1897
15470283Unknown townM (index book)1910
15470284Unknown townM (index book)1910
15470285Unknown townM (index book)1922
15470286Unknown townM (index book)1921
15470287Unknown townM (index book)1910
15470288Unknown townM (index book)1878-1890
15470289Unknown townM (index book)1878-1890
15470290Unknown townM (index book)1916-1939
15470291Unknown townM (index book)1872-1931
15470292Unknown townM (index book)1906
15470293Unknown townM (index book)1906
15470294Unknown townM (index book)1936
15470295Unknown townM (index book)1877-1939
15470296Unknown townM (index book)1897-1914
15470297Unknown townM (index book)1892
15470298Nowy SączM (index book)1938-1940Gesher Galicia
15470299Unknown townM (index book)1911
15470300Unknown townM (index book)1914
15470301Unknown townM (index book)1918-1922
15470302Unknown townM (index book)1931
15470303Unknown townM (index book)1936
15470304Unknown townM (index book)1930
15470305Unknown townM (index book)1930
15470306Unknown townM (index book)1926
15470307Unknown townM (index book)1912
15470308Unknown townM (index book)1913
15470309Unknown townM (index book)1939
15470310Unknown townM (index book)1938-1940
15470311Unknown townM (index book)1929-1942
15470312Unknown townM (index book)1905
15470313Unknown townM (index book)1877-1907
15470314Unknown townM (index book)1940
15470315Unknown townM (index book)1840-1939
15470316Unknown townM (index book)1918-1942
15470317Unknown townM (index book)1898
15470318Unknown townM (index book)1894-1919
15470319Unknown townM (index book)1918-1919
15470320Unknown townM (index book)1897-1927
15470321Unknown townM (index book)1920-1932
15470322Unknown townM (index book)1877-1920
15470323Unknown townM (index book)1909
15470324Unknown townM (index book)1907
15470325Unknown townM (index book)1908
15470326Unknown townM (index book)1908
15470327Unknown townM (index book)1881-1898
15470328Unknown townM (index book)1879-1920
15470329Unknown townM (index book)1922
15470330Unknown townM (index book)1926
15470331Unknown townM (index book)1884-1897
15470332Unknown townM (index book)1880-1903
15470333Unknown townM (index book)1923
15470334Unknown townM (index book)1897
15470335Unknown townM (index book)1898
15470336Unknown townM (index book)1916
15470337Unknown townM (index book)1891
15470338Unknown townM (index book)1882
15470339Unknown townM (index book)1854-1876
15470340Unknown townM (index book)1908-1913
15470341Unknown townM (index book)1898
15470342Unknown townM (index book)1900-1938
15470343Unknown townM (index book)1904-1907
15470344Unknown townM (index book)1877-1900
15470345Unknown townM (index book)1895-1898
15470346Unknown townM (index book)1801-1854
15470347Unknown townM (index book)1899-1900
15470348Unknown townM (index book)1897
15470349Unknown townM (index book)1889
15470350Unknown townM (index book)1931
15470351Unknown townM (index book)1882-1896
15470352Unknown townD (index book)1898
15470353TarnopolD (index book)1893Gesher Galicia
15470354Unknown townD (index book)1897-1929
15470355Unknown townD (index book)1935
15470356Unknown townD (index book)1882
15470357Unknown townD (index book)1877
15470358Unknown townD (index book)1910
15470359Unknown townD (index book)1901-1926
15470360Unknown townD (index book)1877-1911
15470361Unknown townD (index book)1904
15470362Unknown townD (index book)1937
15470363Unknown townD (index book)1909
15470364Unknown townB (index book)1916-1918
15470365Unknown townD (index book)1912
15470366Unknown townD (index book)1910
15470367Unknown townD (index book)1911
15470368Unknown townD (index book)1918-1922
15470369Unknown townD (index book)1889
15470370Unknown townD (index book)1895
15470371Unknown townD (index book)1898
15470372Unknown townD (index book)1899
15470373Unknown townD (index book)1877-1899
15470374Unknown townD (index book)1887
15470375Unknown townD (index book)1884
15470376Unknown townD (index book)1880
15470377Unknown townD (index book)1918
15470378Unknown townD (index book)1909
15470379Unknown townD (index book)1905
15470380Unknown townD (index book)1877-1900
15470381Unknown townD (index book)1934-1935
15470382Unknown townD (index book)1826-1876
15470383Unknown townD (index book)1919
15470384Unknown townD (index book)1924
15470385Unknown townD (index book)1889
15470386Unknown townD (index book)1898-1939
15470387Unknown townD (index book)1904
15470388Unknown townD (index book)1914-1915
15470389Unknown townD (index book)1885
15470390Unknown townD (index book)1888-1892
15470391Unknown townD (index book)1904
15470392Unknown townD (index book)1891
15470393Unknown townD (index book)1914-1937
15470394Unknown townD (index book)1912-1941
15470395Unknown townD (index book)1915
15470396Unknown townD (index book)1928
15470397Unknown townD (index book)1926
15470398Unknown townD (index book)1922-1923
15470399Unknown townD (index book)1922-1923
15470400Unknown townD (index book)1933
15470401Unknown townD (index book)1913
15470402Unknown townD (index book)1898
15470403Unknown townD (index book)1826-1912
15470404Unknown townD (index book)1922
15470405Unknown townD (index book)1922
15470406Unknown townD (index book)1910
15470407Unknown townD (index book)1918-1919
15470408Unknown townD (index book)1877-1903
15470409Unknown townD (index book)1877-1903
15470410KołomyjaD (index book)1920-1942Gesher Galicia has indexed a subset of records from this book, spanning 1941 and 1942Gesher Galicia
15470411Unknown townD (index book)1893
15470412Unknown townD (index book)1921
15470413Unknown townD (index book)1923
15470414Unknown townD (index book)1919
15470415Unknown townD (index book)1917
15470416Unknown townD (index book)1902
15470417Unknown townD (index book)1903
15470418Unknown townD (index book)1877-1914
15470419Unknown townD (index book)1905
15470420Unknown townD (index book)1877
15470421Unknown townD (index book)1903-1915
15470422Unknown townD (index book)1908-1942
15470423Unknown townD (index book)1925
15470424Unknown townD (index book)1916
15470425Unknown townD (index book)1927
15470426Unknown townD (index book)1877-1893
15470427Unknown townD (index book)1931-1942
15470428Unknown townD (index book)1888
15470429BochniaD (index book)1940-1942Gesher Galicia
15470430Unknown townD (index book)1918-1942
15470431Unknown townD (index book)1920
15470432Unknown townD (index book)1894
15470433Unknown townD (index book)1918
15470434Unknown townD (index book)1916
15470435Unknown townD (index book)1925
15470436Unknown townD (index book)1915-1937
15470437Unknown townD (index book)1901-1919
15470438Unknown townD (index book)1903
15470439Unknown townD (index book)1907
15470440Unknown townD (index book)1906
15470441Unknown townD (index book)1913
15470442Unknown townD (index book)1909
15470443Unknown townD (index book)1920
15470444Unknown townD (index book)1930
15470445Unknown townD (index book)1901
15470446Unknown townD (index book)1925
15470447Unknown townD (index book)1896-1942
15470448Unknown townD (index book)1899-1940
15470449Unknown townD (index book)1916
15470450Unknown townD (index book)1900
15470451Unknown townD (index book)1904
15470452Unknown townD (index book)1909
15470453Unknown townD (index book)1902
15470454Unknown townD (index book)1886
15470455Unknown townD (index book)1921
15470456Unknown townD (index book)1890
15470457Unknown townD (index book)1933
15470458Unknown townD (index book)1933
15470459Unknown townD (index book)1907
15470460Unknown townD (index book)1932
15470461Unknown townD (index book)1924
15470462Unknown townD (index book)1921-1926
15470463Unknown townD (index book)1898
15470464Unknown townD (index book)1898
15470465Unknown townD (index book)1907
15470466Unknown townD (index book)1926
15470467Unknown townD (index book)1884
15470468Unknown townD (index book)1918-1925
15470469Unknown townD (index book)1893
15470470Unknown townD (index book)1902-1913
15470471Unknown townD (index book)1908
15470472Unknown townD (index book)1894-1901
15470473Unknown townD (index book)1936
15470474Unknown townD (index book)1917
15470475Unknown townD (index book)1931
15470476Unknown townD (index book)1934
15470477Unknown townD (index book)1937
15470478Unknown townD (index book)1939
15470479Unknown townD (index book)1911
15470480Unknown townD (index book)1893
15470481Unknown townD (index book)1932
15470482Unknown townD (index book)1909
15470483Unknown townD (index book)1893
15470484Unknown townD (index book)1910
15470485Unknown townD (index book)1898-1915
15470486Unknown townD (index book)1904-1939
15470487Unknown townD (index book)1904-1939
15470488Unknown townD (index book)1929
15470489Unknown townD (index book)1877-1897
15470490Unknown townD (index book)1913-1938
15470491Unknown townD (index book)1906
15470492Unknown townD (index book)1893
15470493Unknown townD (index book)1914
15470494Unknown townD (index book)1908
15470495Unknown townD (index book)1902
15470496Unknown townD (index book)1888-1897
15470497Unknown townD (index book)1896
15470498Unknown townB (index book)1888
15470499Unknown townB (index book)1855-1876
15470500Unknown townIndex book1932-1939
15470501Unknown townIndex book1863-1912
15470502Unknown townIndex book1909
15470503Unknown townIndex book1897-1938
15470504Unknown townIndex book1890-1928
15470505Unknown townIndex book1855-1876
15470506Unknown townD (index book)1882
15470507Unknown townD (index book)1876-1942
15470508Unknown townD (index book)1890
15470509Unknown townD (index book)1923-1928
15470510Unknown townD (index book)1894-1908Upper part of the book only
15470511Unknown townD (index book)1880-1895
15470512Unknown townD (index book)1877
15470513Unknown townD (index book)1878
15470514Unknown townD (index book)1882-1896
15470515Unknown townD (index book)1826-1886
15470516Unknown townD (index book)1873
15470517Unknown townD (index book)1889
15470518Unknown townB (index book)1914-1939
15470519Unknown townD (index book)1927
15470520Unknown townD (index book)1899
15470521Unknown townD (index book)1841-1876
15470522Unknown townD (index book)1877-1913
15470523Unknown townD (index book)1901-1917
15470524Unknown townD (index book)1879
15470525Unknown townD (index book)1882
15470526Unknown townIndex book1918-1938
15470527Unknown townIndex book1850-1875
15470528Unknown townD (index book)1926-1938
15470529Unknown townD (index book)1877-1898
15470530Unknown townD (index book)1877-1938
15470531Unknown townD (index book)1938-1939
15470532Unknown townD (index book)1935
15470533Unknown townD (index book)1914-1915
15470534Unknown townD (index book)1929
15470535Unknown townD (index book)1922-1938
15470536KozowaD (index book)1877-1938GG
15470537Unknown townD (index book)1877-1907
15470538Unknown townD (index book)1923-1925
15470539Unknown townD (index book)1878
15470540Unknown townD (index book)1906-1936
15470541Unknown townD (index book)1920-1924
15470542Unknown townD (index book)1914-1919
15470543Unknown townD (index book)1925-1933
15470544Unknown townD (index book)1880-1892
15470545Unknown townD (index book)1940
15470546Unknown townD (index book)1909-1910
15470547Unknown townD (index book)1913
15470548Unknown townD (index book)1897
15470549Unknown townD (index book)1923
15470550StrusówD (index book)1934-1939Gesher Galicia
15470551Unknown townD (index book)1915
15470552Unknown townD (index book)1892
15470553Unknown townD (index book)1915-1942
15470554Unknown townD (index book)1881
15470555Unknown townD (index book)1879
15470556Unknown townD (index book)1911
15470557Unknown townD (index book)1884
15470558Unknown townD (index book)1912
15470559Unknown townD (index book)1893-1932
15470560Unknown townD (index book)1919-1922
15470561Unknown townD (index book)1880
15470562Unknown townD (index book)1881
15470563Unknown townD (index book)1805-1841
15470564Unknown townIndex book1920-1938
15470565Unknown townIndex book1881
15470566Unknown townIndex book1889-1890
15470567Unknown townIndex book1918Surnames: letters B-F only
15470568Unknown townIndex book1877-1887
15470569Unknown townM (index book)1892-1900
15470570Unknown townD (index book)1920-1923
15470571Unknown townIndex book1848-1863
15470572Unknown townIndex books (fragments)1882-1887, 1891, 1906-1939Some individual pages only
15470573Unknown townB1874Fragments only
15470574Unknown townIndex book1904
15470575Unknown townIndex book1906
15470576Unknown townIndex book1878Surnames: letters T-Z only
15470577Unknown townIndex book1894
15471.11BaligródBann (certificate)1910
15471.21BieczM (certification)1899
15471.22BieczM (certification)1899
15471.23BieczM (certification)1899
15471.24BieczM (certification)1899
15471.25BieczM (certification)1899
15471.26BieczM (certification)1899
15471.27BieczM (certification)1899
15471.28BieczM (certification)1899
15471.29BieczM (certification)1899
15471.210BieczM (certification)1899
15471.211BieczM (certification)1899
15471.212BieczM (certification)1899
15471.213BieczM (certification)1899
15471.214BieczM (certification)1899
15471.215BieczM (certification)1899
15471.216BieczM (certification)1906
15471.217BieczM (certification)1906
15471.218BieczM (certification)1906
15471.219BieczM (certification)1906
15471.220BieczM (certification)1906
15471.221BieczM (certification)1906
15471.222BieczM (certification)1906
15471.223BieczM (certification)1906
15471.224BieczM (certification)1906
15471.225BieczM (certification)1906
15471.226BieczM (certification)1906
15471.227BieczM (certification)1911
15471.228BieczM (certification)1912
15471.229BieczM (certification)1912
15471.230BieczM (certification)1912
15471.231BieczM (certification)1912
15471.232BieczM (certification)1912
15471.233BieczM (certification)1912
15471.234BieczM (certification)1912
15471.235BieczM (certification)1927
15471.236BieczM (certification)1927
15471.237BieczM (certification)1927
15471.238BieczM (certification)1927
15471.239BieczM (certification)1927
15471.240BieczM (certification)1927
15471.241BieczM (certification)1927
15471.242BieczM (certification)1914
15471.243BieczB, Bann, M (certificates)1906-1927
15471.244BieczCorrespondence1899Official permission for the marriage of a minor
15471.31BłażowaB (certificate)1910
15471.41BobowaB1911Only a single page (with entries from February and March)
15471.42BobowaB (certificate)1908
15471.51BrzeżanyM (certificate)1939
15471.52BrzeżanyPermission to change surname1942Certified copy of permission to change surname
15471.61BrzostekB (certificate), bann (certificates)1895, 1904, 1927
15471.71ChołojówB (certificate)1927
15471.81ChotelB (certificates)1920 ,1923, 1926Extracts
15471.91ChrzanówB (certificates)1910, 1927
15471.92ChrzanówCertificates of release from military service1886-1887
15471.101CzudecB (certificate), Bann (certificate)1903, 1910, 1937
15471.111DuklaBann (certificate)1905
15471.121DynówSchool certificate1935Issued for Mejem Fränkel
15471.131FrysztakBann (certificate), M (extracts), B (certificate)1931-1937
15471.141Głogów MałopolskiB (certificates)1908, 1928
15471.142Głogów MałopolskiCertificate proving economic need1935Issued for Markus Warenberg
15471.151GorliceB (certificates), bann (certificates), M (certificates)1895, 1907, 1911-1912, 1921-1923, 1925, 1933
15471.152GorliceCertificates of release from military service1910-1911
15471.153GorliceCover letter in the matter of granting dispensation for marriage1927Concerns Beila Lehrman
15471.161GrybówB (certificate)1911
15471.162GrybówCertificate of residence1859
15471.163GrybówCertificate of nationality1893
15471.171HussakówB (certificate), bann (certificate)1919, 1925, 1928
15471.181Janów LubelskiB (extract)1941Extract from birth certificate of Majer Beniamin Grunwald
15471.192JasienicaB (certificate)1907
15471.202JasłoB (certficates), bann (certificates)1907, 1914, 1919-1921, 1923, 1933
15471.211JodłowaB (certificate)1913
15471.221Kazimierza WielkaB (extract)1919Extract from birth certificate
15471.232KolbuszowaB (certificates), bann (certificates)1908, 1919
15471.241KońskowolaB (certificate)1928
15471.251KrosnoB (certificates), bann (certificates)1922, 1927, 1933, 1937
15471.262KrzywczaB (certificates)1903, 1927
15471.271KulikówB (certificate)1903
15471.281KutyB (certificate)1927
15471.291LimanowaB (certificate), bann (certificate)1924, 1930
15471.301ŁaskiCertificate of residence1920
15471.311ŁysiecCensus1942Census of Jewish population
15471.321MościskaB (certificates), bann (certificates)1882, 1887, 1919, 1926, 1932
15471.322MościskaCertificate of exemption from military service1926
15471.331MyśleniceBann (certificate)1910
15471.341NarolB (certificate)1935
15471.351NiebylecB (certificate), banns (certificates)1919, 1927, 1932
15471.361NiskoB (certificates)1911, 1922, 1926
15471.372NiżankowiceB (certificate), bann (certificate)1927, 1929
15471.381Nowe MiastoB (certification)1927
15471.391OżarówB (certificates)1924, 1928
15471.401PilznoB (certificate), bann (certificate)1916, 1932
15471.411Potok ZłotyB (certification)1928
15471.421ProszowiceB (certificates)1930, 1941
15471.431ProszówB (extract)1942 (1907)Extract (1942) from birth certificate (1907)
15471.441Radomyśl nad SanemB (certificate)1926
15471.451RopczyceB (certificates), bann (certificate)1905, 1921, 1926
15471.452RopczyceCertification of discharge from military service1906
15471.461RozwadówB (certificates)1920, 1923
15471.471Rudnik nad SanemB (certificates)1907, 1919, 1924-1925
15471.481RybotyczeB (certificate)1937
15471.491Sądowa WiszniaDivorce (certificate)1931
15471.492Sądowa WiszniaM (certificate)1928Certificate of marriage between Jozef Reif and Etla Scheer celebrated on August 11, 1927
15471.501SędziszówB (certificate)1897
15471.511SosnowiecB (certificate)1923
15471.521StanisławczykB (certificate)1909
15471.531StopnicaB (extracts)1900, 1923, 1933Extracts from birth certificates
15471.541StrzyżówBanns (certificates)1904, 1914, 1921, 1923
15471.551TarnobrzegB (certificate)1915
15471.561TuchówB (certificates)1921, 1930
15471.571TurkaB (certificate)1904Birth certificate of Witta, daughter of Rechla (born on December 13, 1890)
15471.581UlanówB (certificate)1920
15471.591Ustrzyki DolneB (certificate), Bann (certificate)1929, 1933
15471.601UścieczkoB (certificate)1925, 1931
15471.612WadowiceB (certificate), Bann (certificate)1903, 1911
15471.621Wielopole SkrzyńskieBanns (certificates)1903, 1925
15471.631Wólka SokołowskaB (certificate)1898
15471.641ZaleszczykiBann (certificate)1932
15471.651ŻmigródB (certificate)1922
15471.652ŻmigródBanns (certificates)1902, 1906
15471.653ŻmigródCertificate of residence1901
15471.661ŻydaczówCertificate of someone having performed military service1911
15471.671Various townsCertificates and certifications from Hungary and Romania1902-1934

Gesher Galicia is a non-profit organization carrying out Jewish genealogical and historical research on Galicia, formerly a province of Austria-Hungary and today divided between southeastern Poland and western Ukraine. The research work includes the indexing of archival vital records and census books, Holocaust-period records, Josephine and Franciscan cadastral surveys, lists of Jewish taxpayers, and records of Galician medical students and doctors - all added to our searchable online database. In addition, we reproduce regional and cadastral maps for our online Map Room. We conduct educational research and publish a quarterly research journal, the Galitzianer.

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