Inventory of Przemyśl Fond 1657

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FondFileLocalityType / Description of recordYear(s)CommentsIndexed and online by
16571TarnopolCash book1913-1914
16572TarnopolBook of resolutions of the community council1932-1939
16573TarnopolCash book1927-1930
16574TarnopolBook of invitations of the community1927-1939
16575TarnopolMinutes book of the kehilla1908-1918
16576TarnopolTax register1918-1939
16577TarnopolLand register concerning new synagogue1863
16578TarnopolCash book1911-1912
16579TarnopolAlphabetical listing of certificates and other loose records relating to particular individuals1882-1913
165710TarnopolCash book1914-1920
165711TarnopolAccounts book1929-1930
165712TarnopolAccounts book1930-1931
165713TarnopolMinutes of the meetings of the kehilla1919-1927
165714TarnopolBook of enquiries to Jewish community about records1918-1931
165715TarnopolMinutes from plenary meetings of the kehilla1902-1908
165716TarnopolBook of resolutions1925-1926
165717TarnopolMinutes from meetings1888-1902
165718TarnopolSynagogue seats book of the 17th century "Old Synagogue" in Tarnopol1860
165719TarnopolCash book1907-1913
165720TarnopolSynagogue seats book of the “Winterschul”, in the 17th century “Old Synagogue” in Tarnopol1843
165721TarnopolList of residents1918-1939
165723TarnopolTax ruling1934-1935
165724TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1933-1934
165725TarnopolRegister of certifications issued and other documents1934-1935From May 27, 1934 onwards
165726TarnopolLocal taxes1934
165727TarnopolCharitable foundation1914-1939Fleischman’s charitable foundation
165728TarnopolDescription and assessment of property owned by Jewish community1936Nos. 1-36, original
165729TarnopolDescription and assessment of property owned by Jewish community1936Nos. 1-36, copy
165731TarnopolReminder letters and enforcement orders1934-1939
165732TarnopolAid committee for refugees from Germany1939
165733TarnopolOther social assistance initiatives (aid committee for refugees from Germany)1938
165734TarnopolRegister of deportees from Germany1938-1939
165735TarnopolPrayer houses and associations (elections to administrative bodies)1925
165736TarnopolList of candidates to the synagogue council, list of synagogue members, correspondence regarding elections1924
165737TarnopolAdministrative matters1933-1938
165739TarnopolMembers of synagogue body; rules of admission1933-1937
165740TarnopolPrayer houses and associations1927
165742TarnopolOrganizational regulations1932-1935
165743TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1938
165744TarnopolRitual slaughter1938
165745TarnopolSocial insurance1938
165746TarnopolAir and Chemical Defense League, National Defense Fund1925, 1936-1938
165747TarnopolSynagogue seats book1922, 1925Uscher Terkel’s prayer house
165748TarnopolConstruction of new poultry slaughterhouse – designs and correspondence1933
165749TarnopolRenovation of Jewish hospital1936-1937
165751TarnopolCharitable foundations1938
165752TarnopolHouse for the elderly and disabled1938-1939
165753TarnopolOrdinances of supervisory authorities1936
165755TarnopolLists of payments1939
165756TarnopolReport on the handover of administrative community duties to newly-appointed subcommittee1925May 17, 1925
165757TarnopolNotice1925September 10, 1925. Lwów tax office notice
165758TarnopolCommunity budget1932
165760TarnopolLocal tax1936-1938
165761TarnopolLoans, banks, accounting1934-1939
165762Tarnopol“National loan”1933-1935
165763TarnopolLocal tax1936-1939
165764TarnopolLocal tax, enforcement orders1938-1939
165765TarnopolClosing of accounts1937
165767TarnopolTax office – correspondence1933-1934
165768TarnopolMaritime and Colonial League (Tarnopol branch)1936
165769TarnopolHouse construction1934Construction of house of Józef Segadewicz
165770TarnopolReligious tax1921-1928
165771TarnopolElections1928List of people entitled to elect members of the Council and administrative body of the community
165772TarnopolElections1924Elections to Council and Administration of religious community
165773TarnopolElections1894-1905Elections to Council and Administration of religious community
165774TarnopolLocal tax list1935
165775TarnopolLocal tax list1939
165776TarnopolTaxes1936-1937Setting the tax rate for 1937
165777TarnopolElections to the Sejm1935
165779TarnopolBalance sheet1926Balance sheet of the community
165780TarnopolClosing of accounts1931Closing of accounts for the period from January 1, 1930 to December 31, 1931
165781TarnopolJewish citizens’ committee for arming the local regiment1939
165782TarnopolPublicity of the Maritime and Colonial League (Tarnopol branch)1933-1934
165783TarnopolAir and Chemical Defense League1934-1939
165784TarnopolRegional Sobieski Celebration committee in Tarnopol1933
165785TarnopolSupport for people in economic need; certificates proving economic need1938-1935
165786TarnopolSupport for people in economic need; certificates proving economic need1936
165787TarnopolSupport for people in economic need; certificates proving economic need1939
165788TarnopolCorrespondence on exhibition of Jewish historical artifacts1933
165789TarnopolDistribution of costs of exhibition of Jewish historical artifacts1931
165790TarnopolInsurance of exhibits of Jewish historical artifacts1931
165791TarnopolAcknowledgements of receipt of exhibits of Jewish historical artifacts1931
165792TarnopolLists of exhibits of Jewish historical artifacts1931
165793TarnopolCorrespondence regarding exhibition of Jewish historical artifacts1931-1932
165794TarnopolCorrespondence regarding exhibition of Jewish historical artifacts1931
165795TarnopolDelegates to conference of Jewish communities1931Conference of Jewish communities organized on June 28, 1931
165796TarnopolQuestionnaires on gravestones with artistic value, and known figures and rabbis buried in Jewish cemeteries1931
165797TarnopolCorrespondence regarding exhibition of Jewish historical artifacts1931
165798TarnopolQuestionnaires on photographs of historical artifacts owned by Jewish communities1931
165799TarnopolQuestionnaires regarding companies belonging to members of Jewish community1931
1657100TarnopolQuestionnaires on the Jewish communities1931
1657101TarnopolCircular from the community council regarding exhibition1931
1657102TarnopolSocial welfare1935
1657103TarnopolReports on ritual slaughter from municipal slaughterhouse1938
1657104TarnopolConstruction of new poultry slaughterhouse1935Slaughter house to be located at Baron Hirsch street; including construction plans and logbook
1657105TarnopolSocial welfare1938
1657106TarnopolCertificates of economic need; certificates of residence1938
1657107TarnopolMatters relating to: a) the rabbinate, b) other community officers, c) individuals, d) pensioners, e) voluntary donations1938Including payrolls
1657108TarnopolOfficial and non-official publications1935-1938
1657109TarnopolJewish citizen's committee for arming the local regiment1939
1657110TarnopolRenovation of Jewish hospital1935-1937
1657111TarnopolList of deductions from salaries, pensions, remunerations for contract work – for state tax and special tax1939
1657112TarnopolInternal affairs1926
1657113TarnopolInternal affairs1927
1657114TarnopolReport from the aid committee for people in economic need1927
1657115TarnopolAdministrative budget1931-1935
1657116TarnopolAdministrative budget1931Administrative budget for 1931 and 1932
1657117TarnopolLocal taxes list1934
1657118TarnopolAdministrative budget1937
1657119TarnopolLocal taxes list1937
1657120TarnopolLocal taxes list1934
1657121TarnopolPayroll1933Payroll for November 1933
1657122TarnopolPayrolls1934Payrolls for 1934
1657123TarnopolLocal taxes list1939
1657124TarnopolLocal taxes list1934
1657125TarnopolLocal taxes list1938
1657126TarnopolStatement of accounts1925Accounts statement for 1924
1657127TarnopolLocal taxes list1938
1657128TarnopolLocal taxes list1937
1657129TarnopolLocal taxes (index book)1936-1939
1657130TarnopolList of residents[1918-1939]Fragments only; includes lists of Jewish residents in some streets in Tarnopol
1657131TarnopolLocal taxes list1936
1657132TarnopolList of debts of Jewish community; justification for draft budget1931
1657133TarnopolEnforcement of local tax1935
1657134TarnopolLocal tax1934Letters A-K
1657135TarnopolLocal tax – appeals1939
1657136TarnopolCommunity administration – Settlement of Accounts Division1935
1657137TarnopolAccounting1936-1939Closing of accounts of community for 1936
1657138TarnopolPayroll (extracts)1938
1657140TarnopolRecords of transfer and receipts1933
1657141TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1935
1657142TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1932-1933
1657143TarnopolBalance of accounts of Jewish community (from January 1, 1933 to November 30, 1933); closing accounts for 19331933
1657144TarnopolDraft administrative budget1933
1657145TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1933
1657146TarnopolAdministrative budget1933
1657147TarnopolAdministrative budget1937
1657148TarnopolPoultry slaughterhouse inventory1936 in Baron Hirsch street
1657149TarnopolRitual bath inventory1936
1657150TarnopolJewish hospital inventory1933, 1936
1657151TarnopolHealth insurance fund – payrolls, payment orders1933
1657152TarnopolSynagogue list from Uscher Terkel's synagogue at ul. Srebrna 9 in Tarnopol1922
1657153TarnopolAdministration of synagogues1933-1939Predominantly matters relating to elections to administrative bodies. Rabbi Jakub Klans, Uscher Terkel, Bet-Israel, Sfard, the Butchers’ Synagogue, the Old Beit Midrash, Gomel-Chesed, and the hospital prayer room
1657154TarnopolForeign institutions and charitable organizations for helping disadvantaged Jews in Tarnopol1933-1938
1657156TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1937-1938
1657157TarnopolElections to the Sejm and the Senate1938
1657158TarnopolJewish holidays, anniversaries1937
1657160TarnopolList of participants in conferences1936, 1938
1657161TarnopolRitual slaughter1936
1657162TarnopolAffairs of the Lewi Izaak Manschen synagogue, Jezierna1929
1657163TarnopolCorrespondence on the issuing of Torah scrolls and the conduct of ritual ceremonies1936, 1938
1657164TarnopolSocial insurance company1939
1657165TarnopolDocuments relating to community’s activities1930
1657166TarnopolJewish citizen's committee for arming the local regiment1939
1657167TarnopolSynagogues and their associations1923
1657168TarnopolSynagogues and their associations1909, 1921
1657169TarnopolSynagogues and their associations1924
1657170TarnopolSynagogues and their associations1922
1657171TarnopolRenovation of electrical systems in houses1938
1657172TarnopolBuilding that housed poultry slaughterhouse; parcels of land1937Address: Miodowa street
1657173TarnopolClosing of accounts1931Period from April 1, 1931 to December 31, 1931
1657174TarnopolInsurance; insurance policies1923, 1936-1938
1657175TarnopolElectricity power plant1933-1936
1657176TarnopolInsurance, social assistance1938
1657177TarnopolSupport for people in economic need; cooperation with foreign and charitable organizations1937
1657178TarnopolAdministrative matters1938-1939
1657179TarnopolPrayer houses and associations1926
1657181TarnopolDebt collection1938Correspondence with courts in Tarnopol, Zbaraż
1657182TarnopolTrade union of people in the offices of Jewish community1937
1657183TarnopolCorrespondence1925-1929Correspondence with Jewish communities
1657184TarnopolCorrespondence1933-1935Correspondence with district office in Tarnopol, voievodship office in Tarnopol
1657185TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1935
1657186TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1934
1657187TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1935
1657188TarnopolList of deductions from salaries, pensions, remunerations for contract work – for state tax and special taxes1938
1657189TarnopolExpenses of the kosher kitchen for Jewish soldiers1938
1657190TarnopolMembers of the association for supporting the Jewish hospital and home for elders and people with disabilities1933
1657191TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1931
1657192TarnopolSubventions for education1933
1657193TarnopolCorrespondence1927-1939Correspondence with district office in Tarnopol
1657194TarnopolCorrespondence1929-1939Correspondence with voievodship office in Tarnopol
1657195TarnopolRegulations on keys and food rations1933
1657196TarnopolMatters of charitable organizations1933
1657197TarnopolMatters of shelter1933
1657198TarnopolSocial insurance company1942
1657199TarnopolMatters of ritual butchers1933-1934
1657200TarnopolResolution of Orthodox Jews regarding the Air and Chemical Defense League1933
1657201TarnopolHousehold registration cards1918-1939Six evidence cards preserved
1657202TarnopolJewish associations1938-1939
1657203TarnopolList of deductions from salaries, pensions, remunerations for contract work – for state tax and special taxespublic funds1937
1657204TarnopolList of members of Jewish communityn.d.; 1918-1939
1657205TarnopolList of votersn.d.; 1918-1939
1657206TarnopolFinancial and property affairs of community1933-1936
1657207TarnopolElections to community council1907-1939Including voters’ lists
1657208TarnopolMilitary affairs1931
1657209TarnopolPetitions regarding subventions for the purchase of patents for 19321930-1931
1657210TarnopolStatutes of Jewish community1900, 1924Including amendments
1657211TarnopolElections to the parliament – poster; plea to Jews in Tarnopol1938
1657212TarnopolCorrespondence1925Correspondence with administration of the unemployment fund
1657213TarnopolAffairs of mohelim (ritual circumcisers)1925
1657214TarnopolElections to the community council; installation in office; rules of administrative duties1928-1931
1657215TarnopolElections to councils and administrative bodies of the community1925
1657216TarnopolInstitutions taking care of Jewish artifacts in Lwów – report for 19251926Report to the community in Tarnopol
1657217TarnopolInventory of poultry slaughterhouse; publications in library1935-1938
1657218TarnopolBidding for the right to collect charges from ritual slaughterhouse1926
1657219TarnopolLocal taxes1936-1939
1657221TarnopolLocal tax collection1936
1657222TarnopolElections to community council and administrative bodies – electing kahal administration, minutes, announcements, vote counts1925
1657223TarnopolQuestionnaires regarding the territorial division of Jewish communitiesn.d., c. 1918-1925Only blank questionnaire forms, with no entries
1657224TarnopolQuestionnaires regarding healthcare and shelters for elders1931
1657225TarnopolQuestionnaires regarding humanitarian and social institutions1931
1657226TarnopolJewish hospital1934-1938
1657227TarnopolSocial insurance company1935-1938
1657228TarnopolExpansion of ritual poultry slaughterhouse1934-1935
1657229TarnopolThe production of matzo1938
1657230TarnopolSchools and education1926
1657231TarnopolVacations and subventions1926
1657232TarnopolCorrespondence regarding a foundation1926Perl’s Foundation
1657233TarnopolMilitary affairs; preparation of meals in the garrison during Passover1934, 1937
1657234TarnopolErection of eruv1935
1657235TarnopolBathhouse – conditions of insurance, renovations, requests to use baths1931-1938
1657236TarnopolPayrolls – payments of salaries to Community officers1937
1657237TarnopolPayrolls – payments of salaries to Community officers1934-1935
1657238TarnopolCemetery – gravestones and planned grave locations1933-1939
1657239TarnopolBudget, closing of accounts1927, 1929, 1931
1657240TarnopolAdministrative budget1934
1657241TarnopolInternal affairs1925
1657242TarnopolInternal affairs1925-1929
1657243TarnopolSchool affairs1927
1657244TarnopolOld synagogue1934-1936Synagogue located at 1 Staroszkolna street
1657245TarnopolAdministrative budget1937
1657246TarnopolSchool affairs1926
1657247TarnopolSchool affairs1937
1657248TarnopolElections1938Elections to Council and Administrative bodies
1657249TarnopolSubventions for educational and religious causes1938
1657250TarnopolInternal ordinances1938
1657251TarnopolSupport for people in economic need – financial report, list of institutions and people collecting rations, lists of contributions, correspondence1933-1939
1657252TarnopolCommunity budgets1931
1657253TarnopolEducation – Talmud Tora school, subventions for education, seminars1925-1939
1657254TarnopolSocial initiatives – aid for soldiers in economic need, requests for aid1928-1929, 1932-1933, 1936-1939
1657255TarnopolAssociations, committees, societies1925-1938
1657256TarnopolInstitutions and associations (Polish and foreign) providing help to Jews in Tarnopol1928-1936
1657257TarnopolSupport for people in economic need1934-1935
1657258TarnopolSubventions for charitable and social causes1939
1657259TarnopolAid committee for refugees from Germany – correspondence, letters of the National Polish Committee and its branch in Tarnopol, matters concerning baggage free of customs duties, enquiries regarding emigration, pleas for financial aid1938-1939
1657260TarnopolCertifications of ownership1923-1933
1657261TarnopolInvitation to conference relating to the elections to the Municipal Council1933
1657262TarnopolCharitable associations and schools1922-1933
1657263TarnopolRitual slaughter – various matters1938-1939
1657264TarnopolJewish hospital – protocols, matters connected with specific people, Citizens’ Committee for the Reconstruction of the Hospital, balance sheets, Association to Support the Hospital and Home1928-1938
1657265TarnopolHolidays and anniversaries1925-1938May 3rd celebrations, Independence Day, celebrations of Marshal Józef Piłsudski’s nameday and birthday, celebration of nameday of President Mościcki, celebration of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, opening of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Sea celebrations, anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw, John III Sobieski Year, celebrations commemmorating General Gustaw Orlicz-Dreszer, Bronisław Pieracki, Meir Shapiro
1657267TarnopolRitual slaughterhouse (reports)1939
1657268TarnopolAnnouncement concerning taxes on ritual slaughter1931
1657269TarnopolCommunity administrative budget1931
1657270TarnopolCommunity administrative budget1935
1657273TarnopolCharitable foundations and related matters1925-1939Charitable foundations including those of: Perl, Chaja Feiga Konigsberg, Majer and Gittla Steinschneider, Maurycy Sommerstein, Bernard Weisglass, Dawid Hindes
1657274TarnopolQuestionnaires concerning statistics on the Jewish population1931
1657275TarnopolLetters concerning statistics on the Jewish population1934
1657276TarnopolHome for the elderly and people with disabilities – requests for admission, financial matters1928-1939
1657277TarnopolMinutes from the community council and administrative bodies (certified copy)1931
1657278TarnopolCharitable foundations – property of the Sommerstein Foundation, income and expenses of the Byck Foundation, letter regarding the Gall family foundation1918, 1924-1925
1657279TarnopolSocial fund – sick people’s fund, capital accounts, cooperative bank, tax office1928-1933
1657280TarnopolMinutes of the community’s subcommittees (certified copy)1918-02-12
1657281TarnopolAdministrative budget1932
1657282TarnopolPersonal matters of the rabbinate1931-1937
1657283TarnopolPersonal matters of community officers1925-1934
1657284TarnopolCommunity correspondence1934-1938Financial matters, participation in international conferences
1657285TarnopolSupport for people in economic need, lists of voters entitled to vote, correspondence regarding activities of charitable organizations, requests for aid1937-1938
1657286TarnopolInvoices, orders1935
1657287TarnopolCommunity correspondence1936-1939Associations, financial matters, social assistance, Community insurance and property
1657288TarnopolCash book1936-1937
1657289TarnopolCommunity correspondence1925-1938Associations, financial matters, social assistance, ritual slaughter, local tax
1657290TarnopolCommunity correspondence1925-1939Associations, holidays, celebrations
1657291TarnopolCommunity aid and supply of bread for prisoners1935
1657292TarnopolApplications to the Voluntary Fire Service1930s
1657293TarnopolReport of local district office in Tarnopol regarding specific tasks in the third quarter of the 1937/1938 budget year1938
1657294TarnopolVote count reportlate 19th century
1657295TarnopolB (index book)1816-1860Gesher Galicia
1657296SamborM (index book)1877-1937Identified by Gesher Galicia as an index book of marriages from Sambor, not Tarnopol.
1657297SamborB (index book)1901-1920Identified by Gesher Galicia as an index book of births from Sambor, not Tarnopol.
1657298TarnopolM (index book)1852-1875
1657299BukaczowceM, D, B (index book)1910-1942Identified by Gesher Galicia as an index book of marriages, deaths and births from Bukaczowce, not Tarnopol.
1657300TarnopolM (index book)1916-1938
1657301LublinM (index book)1939-1942This index book is wrongly described as being from Tarnopol. It was transferred to the Lublin State Archive in September 2019.
1657302TarnopolM (index book)1923
1657303TarnopolM (index book)1924
1657304TarnopolM (index book)1924
1657305TarnopolM (index book)1927
1657306TarnopolM (index book)1927
1657307TarnopolM (index book)1936
1657309TarnopolD (index book)1924
1657310TarnopolD (index book)1925
1657311TarnopolD (index book)1927
1657312Galician towns (mixed)B (certificates)1919-1938Certificates sent to the Jewish community in Tarnopol; the file also includes marriage certificates and marriage recordsGesher Galicia
1657313TarnopolCorrespondence regarding vital records1938Dispensations from the obligation to produce a birth certificate, registration of birth certificate, surname changes, divorces, acknowledgements of paternity, notifications concerning the abandonment of Jewish faith, corrections of vital records, registration of marriages
1657314TarnopolB1906Fragments only (pages 1, 21-54, 102-114)
1657315TarnopolB1942Fragments only (single sheet – pages 109-110 with entries from March 1942)
1657316TarnopolD1921Fragments only (pages 2-46)
1657317TarnopolB (certificates)1917-1939
1657318TarnopolM (certificates)1921
1657319TarnopolCorrespondence regarding metrical records1925-1934Petitions and formal requests to issue extracts of vital records; correspondence between offices
1657320TarnopolCensus[1918-1939]Fragments only (pages 43-120, 1439-4191); entries include the following fields: name, surname, house number, year of birth, employment
1657321TarnopolFinancial and property affairs of Community1923, 1933-1937Local tax, insurance
1657322TarnopolIndividual affairs of community officers1931-1935
1657323TarnopolElections1924-1925Elections to Council and Administration of religious community
1657324TarnopolStatutes of Mojżesz Kimelman’s foundation1929
1657325TarnopolHousehold registration cards[1918-1939]Two evidence cards preserved
1657326TarnopolLetter concerning the “Jezierna Klaus” prayer room1929
1657327TarnopolJewish holidays and prayer services1933-1934
1657328TarnopolConditions for submitting tenders to carry out works in community buildings1937

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