Inventory of Przemyśl Fond 2001

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updated July 30, 2019

Key: B = births, M = marriages, D = deaths

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FondFileLocalityType / Description of recordYear(s)Links to page imagsComments
20011SieniawaB1869-1887, 1899page images
20012SieniawaB1891-1900page images
20013SieniawaM (duplicate)1878page images
20014SieniawaM (index book)1878page images
20015SieniawaM (duplicate)1879page images
20016SieniawaM (index book)1879page images
20017SieniawaM1891page images
20018SieniawaM (index book)1891page images
20019SieniawaM1893page images
200110SieniawaM (index book)1893page images
200111SieniawaM (duplicate)1894page images
200112SieniawaM (index book)1894page images
200113SieniawaM1896page images
200114SieniawaM (index book)1896page images
200115SieniawaM1897page images
200116SieniawaM (index book)1897page images
200117SieniawaM1898page images
200118SieniawaM (index book)1898page images
200119SieniawaM1899page images
200120SieniawaM (index book)1900page images
200121SieniawaB (duplicate)1869-1872page images
200122SieniawaB (duplicate)1891page images
200123SieniawaB (duplicate)1894page images
200124SieniawaB (index book)1894page images
200125SieniawaB (duplicate)1896page images
200126SieniawaB (index book)1896page images
200127SieniawaB1897page images
200128SieniawaB (index book)1897page images
200129SieniawaB (duplicate)1898page images
200130SieniawaB1901-1912Volume III
200131SieniawaB (index book)1901-1912
200132SieniawaM1873-1881, 1887-1912
200133SieniawaB (duplicate)1901Fragments only (one page from January 1901)
200134SieniawaB (index book)1901
200135SieniawaB (duplicate)1902, 1924
200136SieniawaB (duplicate)1903
200137SieniawaB (index book)1903
200138SieniawaB (duplicate)1904
200139SieniawaB (index book)1904
200140SieniawaB (duplicate)1905, 1923, 1936
200141SieniawaB (index book)1905
200142SieniawaB (duplicate)1906
200143SieniawaB (index book)1906
200144SieniawaB (duplicate)1907
200145SieniawaB (index book)1907
200146SieniawaB (duplicate)1908
200147SieniawaB (index book)1908
200148SieniawaB (duplicate)1909
200149SieniawaB (duplicate)1911
200150SieniawaB (duplicate) (index book)1911
200151SieniawaB (duplicate)1912
200152SieniawaB (index book)1912
200153SieniawaM (duplicate)1901
200154SieniawaM (index book)1901
200155SieniawaM (duplicate)1902
200156SieniawaM (index book)1902
200157SieniawaM (index book)1902
200158SieniawaM (duplicate)1903
200159SieniawaM (index book)1903
200160SieniawaM (duplicate)1904
200161SieniawaM (index book)1904
200162SieniawaM (duplicate)1905
200163SieniawaM (duplicate)1906
200164SieniawaM (index book)1906
200165SieniawaM (duplicate)1907
200166SieniawaM (duplicate)1908
200167SieniawaM (index book)1908
200168SieniawaM (duplicate)1910
200169SieniawaM (index book)1910
200170SieniawaM (duplicate)1912, 1923
200171SieniawaD (duplicate)1878
200173SieniawaD (index book)1881
200174SieniawaD (duplicate)1882
200175SieniawaD (index book)1882
200177SieniawaD1893Volume I
200178SieniawaD (index book)1893
200179SieniawaD (duplicate)1894
200180SieniawaD (duplicate) (index book)1894
200182SieniawaD (index book)1895
200184SieniawaD (index book)1896
200186SieniawaD (index book)1897
200188SieniawaD (index book)1898
200189SieniawaD (duplicate)1901
200190SieniawaD (index book)1901
200191SieniawaD (index book)1902
200192SieniawaD (duplicate)1903
200193SieniawaD (index book)1903
200194SieniawaD (duplicate)1904
200195SieniawaD (index book)1904
200196SieniawaD (duplicate)1905
200197SieniawaD (index book)1905
200198SieniawaD (duplicate)1906
200199SieniawaD (index book)1906
2001100SieniawaD (duplicate)1907
2001101SieniawaD (index book)1907
2001102SieniawaD (duplicate)1908
2001103SieniawaD (index book)1908
2001104SieniawaD (duplicate)1909
2001105SieniawaD (index book)1909
2001106SieniawaD (duplicate)1910
2001107SieniawaD (duplicate) (index book)1911
2001108SieniawaD (duplicate)1912

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