Inventory of Przemyśl Fond 2254

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updated July 31, 2019

Key: B = births, M = marriages, D = deaths

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FondFileLocalityType / Description of recordYear(s)CommentsIndexed and online by
22541SkałatM (index book)1877
22542SkałatM (index book)1878
22543SkałatD (index book)1880
22544SkałatD (index book)1879
22545SkałatD (index book)1877
22546SkałatD (index book)1882
22547SkałatD (index book)1883
22548SkałatB (index book)1879
22549SkałatB (index book)1880
225410SkałatB (index book)1881
225411SkałatB (index book)1882
225412SkałatB (index book)1892
225413SkałatD (index book)
225414SkałatD (index book)
225415SkałatD (index book)
225416SkałatD (index book)
225417SkałatD (index book)1934-1940Gesher Galicia
225418SkałatM (cover page)1870-1876Cover page only

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