Inventory of Przemyśl Fond 395

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updated July 26, 2019

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FondFileLocalityType / Description of recordYear(s)Comments
3951CieszanówSchool certificates1926-1928
3952CieszanówDocuments from final exam, school year 1930-311931
3953CieszanówDocuments from final exam, school year 1931-321932
3954KematenGrade book for the school year 1914-151914-1915
3955KrosnoTeachers’ professional opinions1935
3956KrosnoDistribution of duties, school year 1939/401939
3957NadwórnaSchedules of classes, reports and correspondence concerning school activities1811-1831
3958NadwórnaStudents’ results1819-1820
3959NadwórnaSchool diplomas1816-1852
39510PrzemyślGrades of students of classes I-V, for the second semester of the year 1864-651865
39511PrzemyślIncome and expenses, school year 1875-761877
39512PrzemyślMinutes of teachers’ meetings1877-1878
39513PrzemyślGrade book of class II, school year 1900-011900-1901
39514PrzemyślGrade book of class III, school year 1900-011900-1901
39515PrzemyślEnd-of-course certificates1917-1919
39516PrzemyślSchool statutes1937
39517PrzemyślLetter to the Sisters of the Order of St Basil, replying to a letter addressed to the school1937
39518PrzemyślRegister of grades for the school years 1937-38 and 1938-391937-1939
39519PrzemyślList of staff positions, estimates of salaries and income1940-1941
39520PrzemyślList of staff who graduated from a teachers’ training college1940
39521PrzemyślSchedule of activities for pre-school seminar1943
39522PrzemyślCurriculum of pre-school seminar1944
39523PrzemyślClassification report of class I, school year 1941-421941-1942
39524PrzemyślClassification report of class I, school year 1942-431942-1943
39525PrzemyślClassification report of classes IB and IC, school year 1943-441943-1944
39526PrzemyślGradebook of class IA, school year 1942-431942-1943
39527PrzemyślSchool diplomas1942-1944
39528PrzemyślSchool diplomas, first semester of school year 1944-451945
39529PrzeworskRegister of the Association of the Private Technical High School in Przeworsk1911-1926
39530PrzeworskIncome and expenses1921-1926
39531PrzeworskTeachers’ payroll1925-1926
39532PrzeworskMinutes of meetings of Parents’ Committee1944-1949
39533PrzeworskReports and correspondence relating to activities of the Parents’ Committee, and invitations to its meetings1949-1951
39534PrzeworskFinances of Parents’ Committee1948-1950
39535SzklaryCirculars and instructions issued by the District School Office in Sanok1940-1941
39536SzklaryCirculars and instructions issued by the District School Office in Krosno1941-1943
39537SzklaryCirculars sent to the school by various authorities1942-1943
39538SzklaryOrganizational and administrative matters of the school1942-1944
39539SzklaryInformation on religious education at the school1941-1943
39540WapowceRegister of students from the yearbooks 1919-1937 and 1925-19451919-1937, 1925-1945
39541PrzemyślList of grades for class VII of the boys' public school, school year 1922-231922-1923
39542PrzemyślSet of primary and secondary school diplomas1899-1944
39543Various townsSet of primary school diplomas1917-1945Schools located in the Przemyśl administrative area
39544Various townsSet of school diplomas1902-1944Schools located in Lesser Poland (Małopolska)
39545PrzemyślMinutes book of Teachers’ Council1949
39546PrzemyślReport of class I1948-1949
39547PrzemyślClass register1949-1950
39548JarosławSet of school diplomas from primary and secondary schools1913-1944From the town of Jarosław and the Jarosław administrative area

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