Sanok Archive Inventory

updated August 06, 2019

Key: B = births, M = marriages, D = deaths

Please note that the search is diacritics-sensitive.

FondFileLocalityType / Description of recordYear(s)Number of PagesComments
11161BieczB1850-187618page images
11162BieczB1877-1897122page images
11163BieczD1851-18767page images
11164BieczB1898-1907114page images
11111BobowaB1850-188923page images
11112BobowaB1877-1888316page images
11113BobowaB1889-1895185page images
11114BobowaD1877-1894195page images
11115BobowaD1894-1904123page images
11116BobowaB1903-1912190page images
11117BobowaM1877-191097page images
11551JasłoB1885-1892315page images
11101KorczynaD1877-1886180page images
11102KorczynaD1887-1894234page images
11141KrosnoB1900-1907139page images
4481LeskoD1888-1893232page images
4482LeskoB1877-1881297page images
4483LeskoB1882-1884176page images
4484LeskoD1877-1884291page images
4485LeskoD1893-1900304page images
4488LeskoM1913-1914, 1917-1937299
11091Nowy ŻmigródB1866-187628page images
11092Nowy ŻmigródB1877-1889476page images
11093Nowy ŻmigródB, D, M (index books)1866-1889124page images
4247SanokB1906-1913396page images
4248SanokB19146Contains only record numbers 78 to 107

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