Records of the Dank family in the All Galicia Database

There are currently 16 records for the surname Dank (including soundalike names and spelling variants) in the All Galicia Database (the AGD), Gesher Galicia's free searchable collection of genealogical and historical records from the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, which is now eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Here is a sampling of some of the results you can find there:

  • Ahron DANK
    1858 death record from Tarnopol Jewish Deaths (1845-1869)
  • Süssel SCHAPIRA, daughter of Zallel and Chane Leia DANK
    1864 birth record from Zbaraż Jewish Births (1815-1876, 1897, 1899, 1906-1912)
  • Chaje Reisel SCHAPIRA, daughter of Zallel and Chane DANK
    1867 birth record from Zbaraż Jewish Births (1815-1876, 1897, 1899, 1906-1912)
  • Freude DANK, daughter of and Chaje Sara
    1867 death record from Tarnopol Jewish Deaths (1845-1869)
  • Mendel SCHAPIRA, son of Zallel and Chana Lea DANK
    1870 birth record from Zbaraż Jewish Births (1815-1876, 1897, 1899, 1906-1912)
  • Frime Pesie SCHAPIRA, daughter of Callel and Chane Lea DANK
    1875 birth record from Zbaraż Jewish Births (1815-1876, 1897, 1899, 1906-1912)
  • Jakob Mojżesz DANK, son of and
    and , daughter of and
    1879 marriage record from Leżajsk Jewish Marriages (index book, grooms only) (1877-1938)
  • Etka DANK
    1902 birth record from Sanok Jewish Births (index book) (1864-1939)
  • Sala DANK
    1905 birth record from Sanok Jewish Births (index book) (1864-1939)
  • Berta DANK
    1906 birth record from Sanok Jewish Births (index book) (1864-1939)

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Nienadowa, Poland
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Apr 19, 2020
Bircza, Poland
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Apr 19, 2020
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Apr 19, 2020

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Records of the Dank family in Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website

There are 175 search results for the surname Dank at Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website, a few of which are listed below. Note that results listed below are limited to purely Galician sources, such as telephone and business directories from Galician cities, or school records, but they do not include the many other sources available on his website that span all of pre-war Poland. You may need the free .DjVu web browser plugin to view these files.

  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 543 {y94}
    ... vestiges of humanity and tried to help the wretched victims, had to be particularly careful of their co-religionists if they wished to avoid sharing a fate similar to that of the Jews. The Church — that was the source of this evil, the fountain-head that nourished it all. post office, where the operator would connect them. One was easily confused when the instrument rang in the closed, dank booths, and the conversation usually turned into some cries of "Hello, hello !" and some opening remarks, very loudly repeated. Finally one emerged, hoarse and with ringing ears, depairing of this doubtful development of technology. During the evening, when the government offices and institutions were closed, no Jew was to be seen here — for them the place was out of bounds. Beyond ...
  • Jezierna Yizkor Book (1971), image 352 {y210}
     Jerusalem,!1*, 2.1960 An die Staatsanwaltschaft bel dem Landgerleht Waldshut z,Hd. Dr. !vugelberger Oberstaatsanwalt Ilnschralben Bisaarckstr. 23 Sehr geehrter Herr Dr, Angelberger, B«tr.1 Kx1.1fL? Picard P-J c. .A,» Wlr bestatigen alt Dank don Erhalt Ihres werten Schrelbens worn 27.1,1960 und der beigelgegten Photograhpien des Krlegsver-brechers Rlehard D I G A. Ebenso danken vir Ihnen filr die Mlttellung uber die Xonfrontierung DYGAS alt Herrn Dipl.-Ir.g. Simon V.'iesenthal. Vir becc&hen uns, velteres Belastungsmaterlal gegen Dyga zu ...
  • Kolbuszowa Yizkor Book (1971), image 843 {y239}
    ... the officers shouting that demolishing the big warehouses filled with Jewish-owned merchandise was their duty so as to prevent its falling into the Germans’ hands—thus bestowing on the looting the cloak of a dutiful national deed. Very few Jews fled from Kolbuszowa. They were warned against flight by the refugees who after traversing hundreds of miles on foot were caught by the enemy. The local Jews witnessed this, for when the Germans entered Kolbuszowa, there were tens of thousands of Jewish refugees in the town. On Friday, September 8, the first German tank rolled into town. That night the Polish soldiers vanished, and on Saturday morning
  • Krakow Yizkor Book (1967), image 42 {y258}
    ... from Radom WITTENBERG. IZIEK WORTSMAN. GF.NIA Akiba WODZISLAWSKI. HILLEL "Antoni l.udwikowskt"— The last Chief of Stall WOLF. MOSZE MONIEK WULF. JOSEF Jewish Literary Circle ZELLMEISTER. DANKA Hashomcr Hazair. from Warsaw ZLCKERMAN. MONIEK The following persons, relatives of the Jewish Underground Fighters have been listed by Shimon Draenger in — 29 of "Hechalutz Halochejm’ as killed or deported, victims ...
  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 421 {y94}
    ... are A LETTER and her two sons were hidden by a brave and noble Polish woman. Zophia Gorgasch. A local doctor, called upon for help, informed on them and the whole family was killed. I also lost my brother. Hcrsch-Zvi Stiglitz and his wife in the shtetl of Kolbashov. A total of one hundred members of my family were lost in the Holocaust. It is my wish to thank Mr. Ha’im Bank for taking upon himself the great task of perpetuating the me-mory of our martyrs. New York. 19.10.81 Betty Berglass My name is Betty Berglass, formerly Bluma Stiglitz. I was born in Brzozow and was the youngest of seven children in my family. My father’s name was Ephraim Stiglitz and dur-ing the last few years he lived in Reishe. He and my step-mother were killed ...

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