Jewish Galician Records in Ukrainian State Archives

Lviv state archives, in a former Bernadine monastery

Lviv state archives, in a former Bernadine monastery

The specifically Jewish archival material from the former Galicia held in Ukrainian state archives are to be found in three archives in western Ukraine (the area of the eastern part of the former Galicia). They are :

  • the Central State Historical Archives in Lviv (TsDIAL) [ Централний Державний Історичний Архів України м. Львів];
  • the State Archive of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (DAIFO)  [Державний Архів Івано-Франківської Області];
  • the State Archive of Ternopil Oblast (DATO) [Державний Архів Тернопільської Області].

There is useful information from a Jewish genealogical viewpoint in all these archives, including community records and correspondence. There is also much information on the Holocaust-period in eastern Galicia, including notably at DAIFO in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Most of the bound volumes of vital records and censuses, including index books, and loose vital records, though, are held at TsDIAL in Lviv, in their Fond 701, Series 1. A few vital record books (largely duplicate books) are held at DAIFO, and one set of Tarnopol Jewish marriage records from the mid-19th century, as well as the 1910 Jewish census of Tarnopol, are to be found at DATO in Ternopil. The online inventory focuses on the vital records from the three archives, but also includes some community records held at TsDIAL.

There are 64 localities with Jewish Galician vital records in the Ukrainian archives, all but three from the eastern part of the former Galicia. The records from many of these towns have been indexed and put online now, as is indicated in the online inventory.

The earliest Jewish Galician vital record in the Ukrainian archives dates—as with the vital records at AGAD, Warsaw—from 1789. This is found in Fond 701, Series 1, Volume 305, Stanisławów Jewish marriages, 1789-1871. The last record from a proper vital record book in the Ukrainian archives is a death record from Zbaraż, of September 30, 1942 (Fond 701/1/68). The Lwów cemetery burial register (Fond 701/1/376), though, has records to the end of December 1942.

For the inventory of Jewish Galician records in the state archives, click here.



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