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Towns Being Researched

by Members of Gesher Galicia

Modification (color/removal of text) by Sarah Cohen-Smith of Todros Geller's From Land to Land, 1926, wood engraving.

Below is an alphabetical list of towns that Gesher Galicia members are researching. It does not contain every town that was in Galicia. To view our Galician Town Locator, which covers over 6,000 Galician towns that existed in the year 1900, click here.

We update this list with new towns as members join or notify us of their research interests.

To see if we have indexed records for your town, go to the All Galicia Database and view the scrolling list on the left hand side labeled “Record Sources” to look for your town name.

Towns Begining with a
Andrychów, Poland Antoniki, Poland Antonów, Ukraine Artasów (Artasiv), Ukraine
Towns Begining with b
Bakowce, Ukraine Balice (Balychi), Ukraine Balicze Podróżne, Ukraine Baligród, Poland Bania Berezowska (Banya-Bereziv), Ukraine Baranów Sandomierski, Poland Bardejów Barszczowice (Borshchovychi), Ukraine Barwałd Dolny, Poland Barwałd Górny, Poland Baryłów (Baryliv), Ukraine Barysz (Barysh), Ukraine Batiatycze (Batyatychi), Ukraine Bełz (Belz), Ukraine Bełżec, Poland Berdyczów Nowy (Berdychiv), Ukraine Besko, Poland Biały Kamień (Bilyi Kamin), Ukraine Biecz, Poland Bielsko-Biała, Poland Bilcze Złote (Bilche-Zolote), Ukraine Binarowa, Poland Bircza, Poland Biskupice Radłowskie, Poland Bitków (Bytkiv), Ukraine Blizne, Poland Błażowa, Poland Bobowa, Poland Bochnia, Poland Boguchwała, Poland Bohorodczany (Bohorodchany), Ukraine Bojanów, Poland Bolechów (Bolekhiv), Ukraine Bolesław, Poland Bołszowce (Bilshivtsi), Ukraine Borodczyce, Ukraine Borowa, Poland Borówna, Poland Borszczów (Borshchiv), Ukraine Borynia, Ukraine Borysław (Boryslav), Ukraine Bóbrka (Bibrka), Ukraine Brody, Ukraine Broszniów (Broshniv-Osada), Ukraine Brzesko, Poland Brzezówka, Poland Brzeżany (Berezhany), Ukraine Brzostek, Poland Brzostowa Góra, Poland Brzozdowce (Berezdivtsi), Ukraine Brzozowica Brzozowiec, Poland Brzozów, Poland Buczacz (Buchach), Ukraine Budy Łańcuckie, Poland Budzanów (Budaniv), Ukraine Budzyń, Ukraine Buk, Poland Bukaczowce (Bukachivtsi), Ukraine Bukowsko, Poland Burkanów (Burkaniv), Ukraine Bursztyn (Burshtyn), Ukraine Busk, Ukraine Buszkowice, Poland Butla (Bitlya), Ukraine Bystrzyca (Bystritsa), Ukraine Byszki, Ukraine
Towns Begining with c
Cergowa, Poland Cerkowna, Ukraine Cewków, Poland Charzewice, Poland Chlewczany (Khlivchany), Ukraine Chochołów, Poland Chochoniów (Khokhoniv), Ukraine Chocimierz, Ukraine Chodakówka, Poland Chodorów (Khodoriv), Ukraine Cholewiana Góra, Poland Chołojów (Vuzlove), Ukraine Chorostków (Khorostkiv), Ukraine Chrzanów, Poland Chyrów (Khyriv), Ukraine Cieplice, Poland Cieszanów, Poland Cieszyn, Poland Ciężkowice, Poland Cisna, Poland Cmolas, Poland Connewitz Cygany (Tsyhany), Ukraine Czajkowa, Poland Czarne, Poland Czarnołoźce (Chornoliztsi), Ukraine Czarny Dunajec, Poland Czaszyn, Poland Czchów, Poland Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland Czermna, Poland Czernelica, Ukraine Czerniatyn (Chernyatyn), Ukraine Czerniów, Ukraine Czortków (Chortkiv), Ukraine Czortowiec, Ukraine Czudec, Poland
Towns Begining with d
Darachów (Darakhiv), Ukraine Dąbrowa, Poland Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Poland Dąbrowica, Poland Delatyn (Delyatyn), Ukraine Demicze (Demiche), Ukraine Dębica, Poland Dębno, Poland Długie, Poland Dmytrów, Ukraine Dobczyce, Poland Dobra, Poland Dobromil (Dobromyl), Ukraine Dobrotwór (Dobrotvor), Ukraine Dolina (Dolyna), Ukraine Doliny, Poland Dołhe Podbuskie (Dovhe), Ukraine Dołżka (Dovzhka), Ukraine Domaradz, Poland Domostawa, Poland Dora (Jaremcze), Ukraine Drohobycz (Drohobych), Ukraine Dubiecko, Poland Dukla, Poland Dunajów (Dunaiv), Ukraine Dusanów (Dusaniv), Ukraine Dynów, Poland Dziedziłów (Dedilov), Ukraine Dzików Stary, Poland Dźwiniacz (Dzvynyach), Ukraine Dźwiniacz Górny, Poland Dźwinogród, Ukraine Dżurków (Dzhurkiv), Ukraine Dżurów (Dzhuriv), Ukraine

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