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Kolbuszowa Region Research Group & Suchostaw Region Research Group — Volume 17, Issue 3

by Susana Leistner Bloch

The Kolbuszowa Region Research Group (KRRG) includes the following Administrative Districts (AD): Kolbuszowa, Lancut, Mielec, Nisko, Pilzno, Ropczyce, Rzeszów, Strzyzów, and Tarnobrzeg.

The Suchostaw Region Research Group (SRRG) includes the following AD: Borszczow, Buczacz, Czortkow, Husiatyn, Skalat, Tarnopol, Trembowla, Zbaraz, and Zaleszczyki.


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Coordinator Notes

Since the information given here applies to both groups, I am combining them into one report. A separate report will be sent to the membership with more detailed updates relevant to each group, and a full update will be submitted to the next issue of The Galitzianer. You can contact me for more information at bloch@mts.net.

Material Not Yet Online

As I mentioned in the November Galitzianer, a mishap occurred with material not yet posted to online shtetl pages. Photos and documents were separated from their cover notes and the names of the people who had sent them. If you sent material and do not see it/them on the relevant page(s), please contact me and help me identify what is yours.

Change in Newsletter Delivery

As discussed previously, my ISP will no longer allow me to send messages to more than 1,000 people (combined KRRG and SRRG membership). I have tried sending the newsletter a few recipients at a time but this too was rejected by my ISP as “bulk” mail. The last two newsletters were sent through VerticalResponse, a bulk mailer, courtesy of Brahna Roth Derr. Brahna most kindly offered to send the newsletters. Since then I have found out that bulk mailing is expensive, and I cannot ask Brahna to assume such an expense four times a year for two different groups. Since our groups memberships are free, we have no funds to cover the mailing costs.

I would like to hear of possible solutions to this problem. I want to keep the membership informed of all our projects and special events.

Volunteer Help with Databases

Although there was a good response to my request for volunteers to help with the membership database, we are still short a few people. KRRG has almost 700 members and SRRG almost 600, so this is a large task and too much for the few who are willing to help. If you can use Excel, please consider volunteering.

KRRG and SRRG Meetings at IAJGS Conference

We are lucky to have been able to book back-to-back meetings for KRRG and SRRG. Having a two- hour slot should make it easier for people to attend. A double session gives you flexibility when there are conflicts with other programs. You can choose to attend your own group meeting, the “other” meeting, or both.

As those who have been to our meetings know, I make sure to have a full and interesting meeting with guest speakers. Please look for announcements on the Gesher Galicia e-mail list.

Please let me know if you will attend. I always try to bring material relevant to members’ research and a few “extra treats.” The new airline baggage restrictions will limit what I can bring, so I will need to select material based on those who will be there.

Our meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, 14 July:

  • 3:45–5:00 p.m. BOF Kolbuszowa Region Research Group
  • 5:15–6:30 p.m. BOF Suchostaw Region Research Group

The venue has not yet been posted. Check the online conference program for the venue as well as last-minute schedule changes.


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