Inventory of Austrian Ministry Records Indexed by Gesher Galicia

This inventory contains a list of Austrian Ministry records indexed by Gesher Galicia (and available on the All Galicia Database).

Please note that the search is diacritics-sensitive.

TownTypeYearsNumber of recordsArchiveFond
Austrian Ministry of InteriorCertification of Vital Records 1900-1909, 1917-1918122AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorCertification of Vital Records 1903-1918239AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorChanges of Names 1900-1918879AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorConcessions for Small Companies 1903-1906265AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorIndustrial Plants and Factories 1903-1910451AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorLicenses for Production and Sale of Alcohol 1900-1909380AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorLicenses to Sell Alcohol 1900-1914659AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorPassports 1900-1914283AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorProduction and Sale of Alcohol 1900-1908618AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorSmall-Scale Trading, Crafts 1899-19091351AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorTax on Alcohol Production and Sale 1900-19141324AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorViolations of Regulations 1900-19093052AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorVital Records and Correspondence, Missing Records 1900-19181287AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of InteriorPeddlers 1900-190937AGAD307
Austrian Ministry of JusticePersonal Records of Lawyers and Notaries 1887-1918675AGAD305
Austrian Ministry of JusticeCriminal Cases, Pardons 1888-19081118AGAD305
Austrian Ministry of TradeAlcohol Sales 1906-1910, 1914433AGAD308
Austrian Ministry of TradeAppeals Against Official Decisions 1898-1909605AGAD308
Austrian Ministry of TradeCommercial and Craft Activities 1878, 1893, 1906, 1908-1918109AGAD308
Austrian Ministry of TradeCommercial Matters 1904-190756AGAD308
Austrian Ministry of TradeIndustrial Certificates 1904, 1906-1911285AGAD308
Austrian Ministry of TradeLicenses 1900-1914200AGAD308
Austrian Ministry of TradePermits for New Factories and Shops 1907-190998AGAD308
Austrian Ministry of TradeUnlicensed Activities 1906-1907132AGAD308
Austrian Ministry of TradeUnlicensed Alcohol Sales 1905-1914279AGAD308

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