Inventory of Holocaust-period records indexed by Gesher Galicia

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TownTypePeriod covered by whole fileNumber of Holocaust-period recordsCommentsArchiveFond
Bochnia Jewish Deaths (index books) 1936-194066Kraków/Bochnia
Bochnia Jewish Deths (index book)1940-1942222Przemyśl154
Czudec Jewish Births 1939-19422Rzeszów736
Czudec Jewish Deaths 1939-194212Rzeszów736
Czudec List of Jewish Residents 1940-19421214Rzeszów736
Dębica regionPost-war testimonies of Holocaust deaths, made by survivors in 19451939-1944791Also from the towns of Jasło, Jodłowa, Krosno, Mielec, Pilzno, Ropczyce, Sędziszów – as well as Dębica itselfRzeszów882
Dobromil Jewish Deaths July 194297Przemyśl1656
Doctors’ Questionnaires [AGAD]Doctors' Questionnaires1941-194212AGAD424
Doctors’ Questionnaires [Przemyśl archive]Doctors' Questionnaires1941-1942121Przemyśl393
Doctors’ Questionnaires [Yad Vashem]Doctors' Questionnaires1941-19421499These records are held at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.Yad Vashem
Gołogóry Jewish Births (index books) 1924-19429Przemyśl154
Gołogóry Jewish Deaths (index books) 1924-194248Przemyśl154
Grzymałów Jewish Marriages 19422TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jezierna Jewish Births 1893-1898, 1922-194220TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jezierna Jewish Births 1940-194220TsDIAL, Lviv701
Klasno-Podgórze (Wieliczka)Jewish Deaths (index book) 1918-19421026Kraków
KołomyjaJewish Deaths (index book) 1941-19422460Przemyśl154
KrakówJews transported to Lublin district 194146Lublin618
KrakówJewish ResidentsJuly-August 194019,291These records are held at the Jewish Historical Institute, WarsawJewish Historical Institute
KrakówJewish Residents194019291Jewish Historical Institute
Lwów Jewish Deaths Jun-Sep 1941, Jan-Feb 19421015AGAD300
Lwów Jewish Residents1941-194410512DALO
Mielec Jewish Residents 1940232Rzeszów752
Monasterzyska Jewish Births 1939-194227Przemyśl154
Monasterzyska Jewish Deaths 1941-194299Przemyśl154
Nowy SączForced Labor 19421345Nowy Sącz15
Nowy SączPunishment Books 1940 -19421417Nowy Sącz15
Nowy SączJewish Births (index book)1938-1940608Przemyśl154
Nowy SączJewish Marriages (index book)1938-1940776Przemyśl154
Nowy Wiśnicz Jewish Deaths (index book) 1919-1942587Tarnów276
Podwołoczyska Jewish Deaths 1877-1939, 1942348TsDIAL, Lviv701
RozwadówJewish Residents (sample list) 194127Rzeszów1399
Rudki Jewish Deaths (index book) 1877-194011Przemyśl154
RzeszówJewish Deaths 1940-1942736Rzeszów533
RzeszówJewish Marriages 1940-1942196Rzeszów533
RzeszówJewish Marriages (certificates) 1939-1942133Rzeszów533
RzeszówJewish documents of registration and identification1919-1942101Rzeszów3078
RzeszówJewish Deaths (certificates)194390Przemyśl154
SamborJewish DeathsApril-May 194261AGAD300
Sądowa WiszniaJewish Births (index book) 1935-194293Przemyśl154
SkałatJewish Deaths 1934-194059Przemyśl2254
Sokołów MałopolskiJewish Deaths 1932-194011Rzeszów990
StanisławówJewish Deaths 1939, 1941-19421229DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Residents1941 (second half of year)5876Surnames starting with C, N, R, U, V and Z are missing. Some surnames with S are missing, though those starting with SCH- are includedPrzemyśl154
StanisławówJewish Residents1942167Przemyśl154
StanisławówRegister of ill and injured people1941-19421298Przemyśl154
StanisławówGhetto food ration cards1942167Przemyśl154
SzczurowaJewish births 1906-19424Bochnia249
TarnopolJewish Deaths 1941-19421108TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Marriages March 1942 – August 194266TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnówJewish Marriages (index book) 1936-1943380AGAD300
TyczynJewish Deaths (certificates)194218Przemyśl154
TyczynList of selected Jewish men1941-1943104Przemyśl154
ZbarażJewish Deaths 30 Jun 1941 – 30 Sep 1942154TsDIAL, Lviv701
ZbarażJewish Marriages (index book) 1911-194229Przemyśl2256
ZłoczówJewish Deaths (index book) 1938-1942626Przemyśl2257

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