Inventory of vital records and censuses indexed by Gesher Galicia

This inventory contains a list of Jewish Galician vital records and censuses indexed by Gesher Galicia (and available on the All Galicia Database).

Please note that the search is diacritics-sensitive.

TownTypeYearsNumber of recordsArchiveFond
Biały Kamień Jewish Deaths 1823-1869873TsDIAL, Lviv701
Biały Kamień Jewish Deaths 1885-1907246AGAD424
Biały Kamień Jewish Births 1858-1866421TsDIAL, Lviv701
Bochnia Jewish Deaths (index books) 1936-1940219Kraków/Bochnia
Bochnia Jewish Deths (index book)1940-1942222Przemyśl154
BolechówJewish Deaths 1811-1846, 1860-18763771TsDIAL, Lviv701
Borszczów Jewish Deaths 1872-1876129TsDIAL, Lviv701
BorysławJewish Marriages 192640Przemyśl154
BorysławJewish Deaths (index books) 1919-1920476AGAD300
BorysławJewish Births (index books) 1919-1921865AGAD300
BorysławJewish Births 1891, 1899, 1904, 193677Przemyśl154
BorysławJewish Births May-Dec 1903255TsDIAL, Lviv701
Brody Jewish Marriages 1815-18711021TsDIAL, Lviv701
Brody Jewish Divorces 1827-187242TsDIAL, Lviv701
Brody Jewish Deaths 1815-186137513TsDIAL, Lviv701
Brody Jewish Census 1850-185720979Przemyśl154
Brody Jewish Births1941-194216AGAD300
Brody Jewish Births 1815-186136328TsDIAL, Lviv701
Brody Jewish Births 1914107TsDIAL, Lviv701
Brody Jewish Births1942 (fragments)16Przemyśl154
Brzeżany Jewish Marriages 1825-1874183TsDIAL, Lviv701
Brzeżany Jewish Deaths 1820-18705248TsDIAL, Lviv701
Brzeżany Jewish Births 1846-18642938TsDIAL, Lviv701
Budzanów Jewish Marriages 1853-1908, 1910-1939575TsDIAL, Lviv701
Budzanów Jewish Deaths 1825-1866828TsDIAL, Lviv701
Budzanów Jewish Births 1825-18661243TsDIAL, Lviv701
Bukaczowce Jewish Births 1840-1865582TsDIAL, Lviv701
Czortków Jewish Marriages 192519TsDIAL, Lviv701
Czortków Jewish Deaths 1874-1876, 1888371TsDIAL, Lviv701
Czudec Jewish Deaths 1939-194212Rzeszów736
Czudec Jewish Births 1939-19422Rzeszów736
Czudec Residents 1940-19421214Rzeszów736
Dobromil Jewish Marriages 1916-1919, 1936, 1939150Rzeszów1234
Dobromil Family Records 193922Rzeszów1234
Dobromil Jewish Deaths (certificates)1915-1939467Przemyśl1656
Dobromil Jewish Deaths July 194297Przemyśl1656
DrohobyczJewish Marriages 193584TsDIAL, Lviv701
DrohobyczJewish Deaths 1816-18524484TsDIAL, Lviv701
DrohobyczJewish Deaths May-December 1888314Przemyśl154
DrohobyczJewish Births (index book) 1921-19382764Przemyśl154
DrohobyczJewish Births 1816-18699303TsDIAL, Lviv701
Eastern Galician Towns Jewish Marriages various years4Rzeszów533
Eastern Galician Towns Jewish Births various years15Rzeszów533
Galician TownsJewish Births (certificates)1919-193856Przemyśl1657
Galician TownsJewish Marriages (certificates) 1919-19384Przemyśl1657
Fond 424 Jewish Marriages (various towns) 1890-1911275AGAD424
Fond 424 Jewish Deaths (various towns) 1890-1911279AGAD424
Fond 424 Jewish Births (various towns), part 2 1890-19112349AGAD424
Galicia Marriage Permissions 1807303Austrian State Archive
Gliniany Jewish Deaths 1852-18761861TsDIAL, Lviv701
Gołogóry Jewish Marriages (index books) 1924-1939118Przemyśl154
Gołogóry Jewish Deaths (index books) 1924-1942212Przemyśl154
Gołogóry Jewish Births (index books) 1924-1942239Przemyśl154
Gródek Jagielloński Jewish Births 1847-18691836TsDIAL, Lviv701
Grzymałów Jewish Marriages 1919-1939, 1942264TsDIAL, Lviv701
Grzymałów Jewish Marriages 19422TsDIAL, Lviv701
Gwoździec Jewish Marriages (index book) 1936-193848Przemyśl154
Gwoździec Jewish Deaths (index book) 193726Przemyśl154
Gwoździec Jewish Deaths 1921-1922, 192545Przemyśl154
Gwoździec Jewish Births (index books) 1920-1935, 1937-1938703Przemyśl154
Horodenka Jewish Marriages 1922-19391TsDIAL, Lviv701
Horodenka Jewish Marriage Banns 1928-1936275AGAD424
Horodenka Jewish Deaths 1922-19393TsDIAL, Lviv701
Horodenka Jewish Births 1851-18671205TsDIAL, Lviv701
Horodenka Jewish Births, Marriages, Deaths1922-193919Przemyśl154
Horodenka Jeewish Births1856-1916180AGAD424
Husiatyn Jewish Deaths 1816-187624TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jagielnica Jewish Deaths 1817-18611012TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jagielnica Birth Index Book18961379TsDIAL, Lviv701
Janów (Gródek A.D.) Jewish Marriages (index book, grooms only) 1877-1939596Przemyśl154
Jarosław Jewish Marriages (index book) 192315Przemyśl2136
Jezierna Jewish Births 1876-1886725TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jezierna Jewish Births 1886-1893, 1898-19221507TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jezierna Jewish Births 1893-1898, 1922-1942720TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jezierna Jewish Births 1940-194220TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jezierzany Jewish Marriages 1863-187654TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jezierzany Jewish Deaths 1816-18761416TsDIAL, Lviv701
Jezierzany Jewish Births 1815-1873874TsDIAL, Lviv701
Klasno-Podgórze (Wieliczka) Jewish Deaths (index book) 1918-19421026Kraków
KołomyjaJewish Births 1865113TsDIAL, Lviv701
KołomyjaJewish Deaths (index book) 1941-19422460Przemyśl154
KopyczyńceJewish Deaths 1875, 18952AGAD424
KopyczyńceJewish Marriages1912-1914, 192923AGAD424
KopyczyńceJewish Marriages1920-1938404Przemyśl154
KopyczyńceJewish Births (certificates)1842, 1877-191154AGAD424
KopyczyńceJewish Births (index book) 1895-19423317Przemyśl154
KopyczyńceJewish Marriages (index book) 1920-1938404Przemyśl154
Kosów Jewish Births 1842-18682235TsDIAL, Lviv701
Kosów Jewish Marriages 1852-1876131TsDIAL, Lviv701
Kozielniki Jewish Marriages 18921TsDIAL, Lviv701
Kozielniki Jewish Deaths 1877, 1895, 18973TsDIAL, Lviv701
Kozielniki Jewish Births 18591TsDIAL, Lviv701
Kozłów Jewish Deaths (index book) 1881-19201142AGAD300
Krościenko nad DunajcemJewish Deaths1902, 1935-193812Kraków3479
Krościenko nad DunajcemJewish Deaths 1930-193885Kraków3479
Krościenko nad DunajcemJewish Births 1919-1926, 1931, 1937-1938168Kraków3479
Krościenko nad DunajcemJewish Deaths (certificates)1902, 1935-193812Kraków3479
Kudryńce Jewish Deaths1853-1876242TsDIAL, Lviv701
KomarnoJewish Births (index book)1914-19421545Przemyśl154
Lesko Jewish Deaths1940-194149Przemyśl154
Leżajsk Jewish Marriages (index book, grooms only) 1877-19381239Przemyśl154
Leżajsk Jewish Births (index book) 1881-18901358Przemyśl154
Leżajsk Jewish Deaths 1827-18661686Przemyśl154
Lubycza KrólewskaJewish Marriages1880-1918, 1921-1931341TsDIAL, Lviv701
LwówJewish Births1814.01-1837.0713182AGAD300
Lwów Jewish Marriages 1801-18665753TsDIAL, Lviv701
Lwów Jewish Deaths 1805-188060042TsDIAL, Lviv701
Lwów Jewish Deaths 1872352TsDIAL, Lviv701
Lwów Jewish Deaths Jun-Sep 1941, Jan-Feb 19421015AGAD300
Lwów Jewish Births 1805-1813, 1837.08-187238973TsDIAL, Lviv701
Lwów Jewish Births 1923-19268161Przemyśl154
Lwów-Zniesienie Jewish Births (index book) 1852-1857, 1870, 1914-19394271TsDIAL, Lviv701
Lwów-Zniesienie Jewish Births 1858-186912TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mielec Census of Jewish Residents 1940232Rzeszów752
Mielnica Jewish Marriages 1858-187639TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mielnica Jewish Marriage Banns 1901-1914358AGAD424
Mielnica Jewish Deaths 1820-1851325TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mikulińce Jewish Deaths (index books) 1835-1857954TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mikulińce Jewish Deaths 1877, 1885418TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mikulińce Jewish Deaths 1887-1890, 1893-1894, 1896-1899, 1929961TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mikulińce Jewish Births (index book) 1858, 1859119TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mikulińce Jewish Births 18601TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mikulińce Jewish Marriages1899, 1932, 1934-193653TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mikulińce Jewish Births1901, 1926132TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mikulińce Jewish Changes of names1905, 19122TsDIAL, Lviv701
Monasterzyska Jewish Deaths 1941-194299Przemyśl154
Monasterzyska Jewish Births 1939-194227Przemyśl154
Mosty Wielkie Jewish Deaths 1813-1876891TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mosty Wielkie Jewish Births 1813-1861637TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mościska Jewish Deaths 1827-18854412TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mościska Jewish Births 1909-19241264TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mościska Jewish Births 1827-18824625TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mościska Jewish Births 1925-1937742TsDIAL, Lviv701
Mościska Jewish Deaths 1899-1926 1846TsDIAL, Lviv701
Muszyna Jewish Births (index book) 188952AGAD300
Nadwórna Jewish Marriages (index book) 193219Przemyśl154
Nadwórna Jewish Deaths 1902-1911116AGAD300
Nadwórna Jewish Births 1850-1865 and 1903-19082316TsDIAL, Lviv and AGAD701/300
Narajów Jewish Marriages1905, 1913, 1920-1926, 1930-1936114TsDIAL, Lviv701
Narajów Jewish Marriages 1894, 1897-1898, 1902548TsDIAL, Lviv701
Narajów Jewish Marriages1894, 1897-1898, 190223TsDIAL, Lviv701
Narajów Jewish Deaths1906-1907, 1913, 1920-1926, 1930-1936298TsDIAL, Lviv701
Narajów Jewish Deaths 1890-1891, 1895-1897, 1900269TsDIAL, Lviv701
Narajów Jewish Births1905, 1911, 1920-1922, 1924-1926, 1930-1936395TsDIAL, Lviv701
Narajów Jewish Births 1839-18691104TsDIAL, Lviv701
NawariaJewish Births 1876-1877, 1879-1882, 1896-1897282TsDIAL, Lviv701
NawariaJewish Deaths 1879-1887227TsDIAL, Lviv701
Nowy SączJewish Census, part 2 1846642Kraków3271
Nowy SączJewish Census, part 1 1846614Kraków3271
Nowy SączJewish Births (index book)1938-1940608Przemyśl154
Nowy SączJewish Marriages (index book)1938-1940776Przemyśl154
Nowy TargJewish Births1919-1926445Kraków3271
Nowy TargJewish Deaths1927, 1931, 193895Kraków3271
Nowy TargJewish Deaths (index book) 192733Kraków3271
Nowy TargJewish Marriages1924-1927, 1930, 1934, 1936, 1937169Kraków3271
Nowy Wiśnicz Jewish Deaths (index book) 1919-1942587Tarnów276
Obertyn Jewish Marriages (index book) 1861-1938975
Obertyn Jewish Marriages (index book) 1890-1938765
Okopy Jewish Deaths 1822-1876137TsDIAL, Lviv701
Olesko Jewish Births (index book) 1924-1937156Przemyśl154
Olesko Jewish Births 1852-1876513TsDIAL, Lviv701
Podhajce Jewish Deaths 1892-1900, 1904-19101239AGAD424
Podhajce Jewish Births1854-1881, 1884, 1886-18894267TsDIAL, Lviv701
Podhajce Jewish Deaths1878-1880, 1882-1884, 1892-18951251TsDIAL701
Podwołoczyska Jewish Marriages 1883-1911281AGAD300
Podwołoczyska Jewish Deaths 1877-1939, 1942348TsDIAL, Lviv701
Podwołoczyska Jewish Deaths 1920-1922107AGAD300
Podwołoczyska Jewish Births (index book, supplementary registrations) 1869-1936139TsDIAL, Lviv701
Podwołoczyska Jewish Births 1877-1893, 19013143TsDIAL, Lviv701
PomorzanyJewish Marriages (index book) 1934-193926Przemyśl2249
PomorzanyJewish Deaths 1929-1939138Przemyśl2249
PomorzanyJewish Births (index book) 1929-1939217Przemyśl2249
Probużna Jewish Deaths 1817-1876479TsDIAL, Lviv701
Radziechów Jewish Births 1832-1860466TsDIAL, Lviv701
RohatynJewish Marriages (index book, grooms only) 1935-193794Przemyśl154
RohatynJewish Births (index book) 1886-18901195Przemyśl154
Rozdół Jewish Births 1826-18682288TsDIAL, Lviv701
RozwadówJewish Residents (sample list) 194127Rzeszów1399
Rudki Jewish Marriages (index book) 1898-1939910Przemyśl154
Rudki Jewish Deaths (index book) 1877-19402919Przemyśl154
Rudki Jewish Deaths 1850-1866727TsDIAL, Lviv701
Rudki Jewish Births (index book) 1877-18911411Przemyśl154
Rudki Jewish Births 1850-1862515TsDIAL, Lviv701
RzeszówJewish Marriages (certificates) 1939-1942133Rzeszów533
RzeszówJewish Marriages 1940-1942196Rzeszów533
RzeszówJewish Deaths 1940-1942736Rzeszów533
RzeszówJewish Births (miscellaneous) 1860-193339Rzeszów533
RzeszówJewish Deaths (certificates)194390Przemyśl154
SamborJewish Marriages 1859-1876250TsDIAL, Lviv701
SamborJewish Marriages 1891-1897587AGAD424
SamborJewish Deaths April-May 194261AGAD300
SanokJewish Marriages (index book, grooms only) 1916-1939705Przemyśl154
SanokJewish Deaths (index book) 1914-19391814Przemyśl154
SanokJewish Births (index book) 1864-19393734Przemyśl154
Sądowa WiszniaJewish Births (index book) 1935-194293Przemyśl154
SkałaJewish Births (index book) 1872-1876604Przemyśl154
SkałatJewish Deaths (index book) 1934-1940355Przemyśl2254
SkoleJewish Births (index book) 1915-1919301Przemyśl2255
Sokołów MałopolskiJewish Marriages 1928-1939125Rzeszów990
Sokołów MałopolskiJewish Deaths (index book) 1922-193695Przemyśl154
Sokołów MałopolskiJewish Deaths 1932-1940182Rzeszów990
Sokołów MałopolskiJewish Births (index books) 1912-1923, 1928-1936949Przemyśl154
Sokołów MałopolskiJewish Births 1932-1936192Rzeszów990
StanisławówJewish Marriages 1789-1871300TsDIAL, Lviv701
StanisławówJewish Marriages 1924-1925288DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Marriages 1926147DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Marriages 1927146DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Marriages 1928-1930727DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Marriages 1932-1933371DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Marriages 1934, 1935, 1937611DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Deaths1845-18634790TsDIAL, Lviv701
StanisławówJewish Marriages 1870-19343TsDIAL, Lviv701
StanisławówJewish Deaths 1924-1926984DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Deaths1927-19311626DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Deaths1934-1935, 1937-19381206DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Deaths 1939, 1941-19421229Przemyśl154
StanisławówJewish Deaths 188896Przemyśl154
StanisławówJewish Births 1817-18454211TsDIAL, Lviv701
StanisławówJewish Births 1924-1934, 19386179DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
StanisławówJewish Marriages1938213DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk631
Stary SamborJewish Marriages 1877-1907366AGAD300
Stary SamborJewish Deaths 1856-1876980TsDIAL, Lviv701
Stary SamborJewish Deaths 1896-1907806AGAD300
StrusówJewish Births1837-1870445TsDIAL, Lviv701
StrusówJewish Marriages1853-1859, 1862, 187043TsDIAL, Lviv701
StrusówJewish Deaths (index book) 1934-193953Przemyśl154
StrusówJewish Deaths (index book) 1837-1838, 1840-1870355TsDIAL, Lviv701
StryjJewish Marriages 1855-1876131TsDIAL, Lviv701
StryjJewish Deaths 1847-18632154TsDIAL, Lviv701
StryjJewish Deaths 1864-18761852TsDIAL, Lviv701
StryjJewish Births 1846-18581957TsDIAL, Lviv701
SzczurowaJewish Births 1906-1942303Bochnia249
ŚniatynJewish Marriage Banns 1922-1935, 1939250AGAD424
ŚniatynJewish Births 193739DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk9
ŚwirzJewish Births 1822-1856269TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Births1834-18453716Przemyśl1657
TarnopolJewish Births (index book) 1816-186011398Przemyśl1657
TarnopolJewish Marriages 1816-182018TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Marriages 1820-1852470TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Marriages 1853-185832TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Marriages 1859-1876379DATO, Ternopil33
TarnopolJewish Marriages 1923, 1931-1933389TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Marriages 1934-1936, 1938-1939670TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Marriages 194266TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Marriages Sep-Dec 193954TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Marriage Banns, Marriage Certificates 1916, 1920-19391687AGAD424
TarnopolJewish Deaths 1816-1820623TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Deaths 1820-183434TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Deaths 1845-186910662TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Deaths 1877350TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Deaths 1929-1930353TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Deaths 1931162TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Deaths 1941-19421108TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Deaths (index book) 1893333Przemyśl154
TarnopolJewish Census (index book) 18807471AGAD300
TarnopolJewish Census (index book) 189010741AGAD300
TarnopolJewish Census 191013926DATO, Ternopil32
TarnopolJewish Births (index books) 1924, 1927593TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Births 1816-1820854TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Births 1820-18383194TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Births 1852-18653962TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolJewish Births 1900545TsDIAL, Lviv701
TarnopolResidents (surnames G-N, S, T, V) 1930s7034AGAD424
TarnówJewish Marriages (index book) 1936-19431134AGAD300
TrembowlaJewish Deaths (index books) 1914-1924302Przemyśl154
TrembowlaJewish Births 1908-1911, 1920-1921219AGAD424
TurkaJewish Marriages (index book, grooms only) 1916-1917, 1919-1922, 1926142TsDIAL, Lviv701
TurkaJewish Marriages 1916-1917, 1919-1922, [1935]124TsDIAL, Lviv701
TurkaJewish Deaths 1935128TsDIAL, Lviv701
TurkaJewish Births (index book) 1930284TsDIAL, Lviv701
TurkaJewish Births 1930140TsDIAL, Lviv701
TyczynJewish Deaths 1792-18761296TsDIAL, Lviv701
TyczynJewish Deaths 194218Przemyśl154
TyczynJewish Births (index book) 1867-19434366Przemyśl154
TyszkowceJewish Residents192227TsDIAL, Lviv701
UłaszkowceJewish Deaths 189712Przemyśl154
UłaszkowceJewish Births 189137Przemyśl154
WinnikiJewish Marriages 19151TsDIAL, Lviv701
WinnikiJewish Births 1857, 1922-192661TsDIAL, Lviv701
Witków NowyJewish Births 1829-1861447TsDIAL, Lviv701
ZabłotówJewish Marriages 193719DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk9
ZabłotówJewish Deaths 193731DAIFO, Ivano-Frankivsk9
ZbarażJewish Marriages (index book) 1911-1942723Przemyśl2256
ZbarażJewish Marriages 1904-1910158AGAD300
ZbarażJewish Marriages 1911-1937571AGAD300
ZbarażJewish Deaths 1804-1858, 1894-19427808TsDIAL, Lviv701
ZbarażJewish Births (index books) 1913-1937, 18901876Przemyśl2256
ZbarażJewish Births 1815-1876, 1897, 1899, 1906-19127763TsDIAL, Lviv and AGAD701/300
ZbarażJewish Births 1914-1917156AGAD300
ZborówJewish Marriages 1910-1935343AGAD300
ZborówJewish Marriages1921-193171AGAD300
ZborówJewish Marriage Banns 1878-1920330AGAD424
ZborówJewish Deaths 1819-1846, Dec 1875-1876760TsDIAL, Lviv701
ZborówJewish Deaths Nov 1910-1934762AGAD300
ZborówJewish Births 1819-1838525Przemyśl154
ZborówJewish Births 1838-1864851TsDIAL, Lviv701
Zimna WodaJewish Births 18541TsDIAL, Lviv701
ZłoczówJewish Deaths (index book) 1938-1942626Przemyśl2257
ZłoczówJewish Deaths 1825-18552316TsDIAL, Lviv701
ZłoczówJewish Births 1825-1855, 18941994TsDIAL, Lviv701
ŻołyniaJewish Births (index book) 1915-1942446Przemyśl154
ŻółkiewJewish Deaths 1855-18701933TsDIAL, Lviv701
ŻółkiewJewish Births 1828-1840847TsDIAL, Lviv701
ŻurawnoJewish Marriages (index books)1833, 1841-1876, 1901-1936, [1939]137Przemyśl154

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