Town overview

Modern town name: Bil'che-Zolote, Ukraine
Latitude and Longitude: 48.6833, 25.8600
48°47' N , 25°52' E
Galician (Austro-Hungarian) Administrative District: Zaleszczyki
Galician (Austro-Hungarian) Judicial District: Borszczów
Jewish Kehilla (Community) District: Korolówka
Interwar (Polish) District: Borszczów
Interwar (Polish) Province: Tarnopol
Modern Province (voivodeship or oblast): Ternopil oblast

Map of Bil’che-Zolote

Families from Bil’che-Zolote

You may also want to search for Bil’che-Zolote, Ukraine in The JewishGen FamilyFinder (JGFF) . You will need to create and login with a JewishGen user account in order to see their information, but their website is free to use and extremely helpful.

Cadastral Maps and Landowner Records from Bil’che-Zolote

Gesher Galicia has not yet catalogued any records or maps for Bilche-Zolote, but we will be expanding our cataloguing at Polish and Ukrainian archives throughout 2017 and beyond. Check back soon for updates.


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