Town overview

Modern town name: Ozerna, Ukraine
Latitude and Longitude: 49.6333, 25.3300
49°38' N , 25°20' E
Galician (Austro-Hungarian) Administrative District: Złoczów
Interwar (Polish) District: Zborów
Interwar (Polish) Province: Tarnopol

Map of Ozerna

Families from Ozerna

There is one member of Gesher Galicia researching 5 surnames from Ozerna:

Here are the 3 most recent records.

Family name Researcher Researcher's Location Date Added
BIRNBAUM GG Member Kfar Saba,
Mar 30, 2020

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Cadastral Maps and Landowner Records from Ozerna

The following is a list of records and maps that Gesher Galicia has cataloged at the archives in Lviv, Ukraine. In some cases, copies of these files have been obtained, transcribed, and put online in our All-Galicia Database (AGD).

Place Admin. District Item Type Year Description Archive Info Status
Ozirna (Jezierna) Zborow
(Brody okr.; near Zboriv)
Text 18-Oct-1785 Documents about the number of houses & population (houses - 438, Jewish people - 176, Christians - 1083). Lviv Archives:
Not Yet Examined
Ozirna (Jezierna) Zborow
(Zolochiv pov.; Ozierna okr.)
Map (30 parts) 1830 Lviv Archives:
Not Yet Examined
Ozirna (Jezierna) Zborow
(Zolochiv pov.)
Map (289 parts) 1881-1913 Lviv Archives:
Not Yet Examined

Books about Ozerna

Yizkor books for Ozerna

There is at least one known Yizkor book about Ozerna: "Memorial book of Jezierna" ("Sefer Jezierna") , published in 1971 in Haifa.

The JewishGen website has an English translation of this book available online. You can read the original book online at the New York Public Library website, or you can find a copy in a library near you through the free library search website WorldCat.

There may also be other Yizkor books published that cover , or larger nearby towns, or the region in which it was located; check JewishGen's Yizkor Books database for the latest details.

About Yizkor books

A Yizkor book is a "book of remembrance" about a Jewish community that was destroyed in the Holocaust. Each book documents the town's history and usually gives a necrology (list of the murdered) at the back of the book. Most of the books were written by survivors from the town, or people from the town who had immigrated before the war, and were mostly published between 1945 and 1975, and usually written in Hebrew or Yiddish. Some large towns may have had more than one Yizkor book published at different times.

The non-profit Jewish genealogy organization JewishGen has a comprehensive online database of Yizkor books and the towns that they document. They also host English language translations of much of the content of the books, sponsored by the website's donors and volunteers.

Many of these books have been scanned and put online for free reading at the New York Public Library's Yizkor Book website. The Yiddish Book Center also offers reprints of Yizkor Books which you can buy on their website.


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