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Family & Location Researcher Researcher's Location Date Added
Mielec, Poland
GG Member #426 Hamden, CT
Mar 23, 2020
Stryy, Ukraine
GG Member #1498 Clintondale, NY
Dec 8, 2018
Zaliztsi, Ukraine
GG Member #1498 Clintondale, NY
Dec 8, 2018

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Records of the Auchhisiger family in Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website

There are 11 search results for the surname Auchhisiger at Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website, a few of which are listed below. Note that results listed below are limited to purely Galician sources, such as telephone and business directories from Galician cities, or school records, but they do not include the many other sources available on his website that span all of pre-war Poland. You may need the free .DjVu web browser plugin to view these files.

  • Kolbuszowa Yizkor Book (1971), image 837 {y239}
    ... His only son escaped to Warsaw where he lived on the Aryan side, later joining the partisans in the forests from which he never returned. Anderman agreed to serve as president of the Council on con- dition that he and he alone choose the other members. He selected the following capable young men: Shya Notowitz, vice-president; Moshe Landau; Leibush Saleschutz; Szaja-David Lisha; Shalom Auchhisiger; Don Haar; Reuven Winter; Yosef Nussbaum; Moshe Rosenbaum; Boas Feuer; Leib Lampell; and Hersch Ge- wirtz, secretary. As soon as he obtained the approval of the district ruler, he called rhe first meeting. Leib Lampell did not serve on the Council long, for as a supplier in the German army in Kolbuszowa he was caught in a misdeed and arrested. He managed to escape and later returned to the ghetto ...
  • Kolbuszowa Yizkor Book (1971), image 879 {y239}
    ... were negotiated on the basis of promissory notes. The Christian artisans undertook to repay their debts immediately upon returning to Kolbuszowa, putting their homes up as collateral to guarantee the transactions. These were recorded in the "municipal books" (Vol. II—153, 154, 178, etc.) Thus, in 1804, Isaac Zuckerman "gave to the dealers Jozef Snopkowski and Cichocki merchandise valued at 1000 zloty for products for Warsaw, guaranteeing his money with their entire possessions." In 1806, Moshe and Chayim Auchhisiger, Leib Goldberg and Yossef Blum took the artisan Wroczenski to court for not paying them the sum of 550 reinish which was the
  • 1896 Galicia Business Directory, image 189 {d433} [to view, after clicking link, change 1 at top to 189]
    156 Galicyjska księga adresowa Mieszane handle. (Geinischtwuaren-llandlung). Auchhiesiger Markus. Beri Aron. Herl Jakób. Ulan Izaak. Bród Hersch Izaak. Feit Mojżesz. Geldzähler Jakób. Gohlklang Szmelka. Heuberg Se'ig." Ingwer Lewi. Izraelowicz ("biel. Jolles Naftali. Klein Hersch. Lampdl Majlech. Lanfor Belig. Liede Dawid. Letzter Gniel. Messing Jakób. Notowicz Hersz. Nüsscaum Ghaskel Mojżesz. Pömsleiri Jakób. Rappaport Ezra. Reich Izrael. Rosenelfd Józef. Schnurr Salomon. Seiden Dawid. Siegel Jahóh. Sonnenschein Dawid, Spielmann Mendel. Sturm Alter. Wohlfeil Feiwel. Zwichelberg Abraham. Murarz. (Maurer). Bolda Paweł. Marcinkowski Jan. ...
  • 1907-1913 Galicia and Bukovina Business Directory (Leuchs vol. 19b), image 364 {d667} notes
    ... Bankgesch. u. Kreditanst.: "Bank ko- mercyalny (Kommerzialbank. r. G. m. b. II.) / Flaumin Jos. / Kormel Chaimi/Rubin Ascher / "Towarzystwo kredytowe (Kreditverein, r. G. m. b. II.)/"Towarzystwo kupiecki dla handlu i przemysłu w Rozwadowie (Kaufmännischer Verein für Handel u. Gewerbe in Rozwadów, r. G. m. b. II.) Baumaterh.: Flaumin Sam. Chaim Bleichereien: Auhiesiger E. / Gfcar-funkiel E. Böttcher: Garfunkiel J./Spitz S. Buchbinder: Neuwirth S. Butter u. Schmalz en gros: Borger Tauba/ Hirschhorn Ester Dachdecker: Auhiesiger Ch. E. Delikatessenh.: Maziarski Andr. Destillationen u. Liqueurf.: Berglas« Naftali/Felsen Juda/Felsen Salom Eisen, u. Metallwh.: Band Alter Leib / Rosen Nüssen / Schreiber Hersch / Schreiber Mos. / Spargel Schmarje Fischereien: Kleinmann Isak/Wiesen S. Fleischer ...
  • 1913 Galicia Business Directory, image 586 {d140} notes
    ... Schlciigcr Majer. 0 Ulmann Jakób. Brzesko to. Perlberger Aron. Brzeżany to. Schapira Salomon. Brzozów Künstlcr Leib. Chabówka to. /ollman Samuel. PFa. Chrzanów to. Jeres Pesla. ° Leser Leibisz. ° Nat-[el Abraham. • Rauchwcrger Eliasz. ° Reifer Lewek. ° schónberg Mojżesz. ° Siegman Frymeta. ° Siegman I eizor. ° Siegman Salomon. Cisną to. horraj Joachim. ° Spitzer i Sp. Dąbrowa to. ITcisehuer Eizyk. ° Fleischner Lei-*or. ° Kur/ I/aak. ° Szttniklcr Abusz. PFa. Dąbrowa rzeczycka n. Sanem (p. Radomyśl). Zangen Mendel Hirszteld Kopel i Zeisel Ozyasz. PFa. Dębica to. Reiner Mendel. ° Schneps Szyja. ° Vorster A. Chaim. PFa. Dobra k. Limanowej to. Landerer Samuel. ° Marek Franciszek. Dolina to. Gartenberg Zelik. Drohobycz to. Katz Jó/ei. 0 Obcrländer Izaak. ° Rappaport Leizor. ° Roth Wilhelm ...

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