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Families Being Researched

by Members of Gesher Galicia

Modification (color/removal of text) by Sarah Cohen-Smith of Todros Geller's From Land to Land, 1926, wood engraving.

Below is an alphabetical list of towns that Gesher Galicia members are researching. It does not contain every town that was in Galicia. To view our Galician Town Locator, which covers over 6,000 Galician towns that existed in the year 1900, click here.

We update this list with new towns as members join or notify us of their research interests.

To see if we have indexed records for your town, go to the All Galicia Database and view the scrolling list on the left hand side labeled “Record Sources” to look for your town name.

Families Begining with a
Abraham Abrahamer Abrahamowicz Abrahamowitz Abramowicz Abramowitz Abromowicz Abromowitz Abzug Achselrad Acht Achtel Achtentuch Achtsam Acker Ackerman Adler Adlerow Adlersheim Agadstein Agid Aksel Akselrod Alaunbrenner Alster Altman Altschuler Altstadt Altstock Ameis Ames Amkraut Ampel Amster Amsterdam Angel Apelberg Apfel Apfelberg Apfelblum Apfelsüss Apotheker Appelberg April Arbeit Arie Artzt Arzt Aschkenasy Ashkenazi Ast Aszkenas Atlas Auchhisiger Auerbach Auerhahn Aufschauer Ausfresser Avner Awner Axelrad
Families Begining with b
Babad Bachues Back Backenroth Backer Bad Bader Badian Baer Baldinger Balin Ball Bander Banes Baneshek Banjaminoff Banner Barak Barasch Barat Barath Barbasch Barbasz Bardfeld Barer Barlas Baron Barsky Bartfeld Bassen Batiste Bauch Bauer Bauernfreund Baum Baumbarten Baumgarten Baumvolshpiner Baumwoll Becher Beck Beckermann Bedner Beer Beigel Beigeleisen Beiner Beiser Bek Bela Belemer Belfer Beller Bely Berg Berger Berglas Bergman Bergner Bergoffen Berkowitz Berlfein Berlin Berliner Berman Bernstein Bertenthal Bertusan Bessen Betman Bett Bettinger Beudel Beutel Bialazurker Bieber Biel Bieler Bienenfeld Bienenstock Biener Bierenbaum Bierman Bigel Binder Biolozurka Birenbaum Birn Birnbach Birnbaum Bisliches Bisseliches Bistrong Blamer Blank Blasenstein Blatt Blau Blaukopf Blaustein Blawet Blech Blechner Blei Bleich Bleier Bleieveis Bleiweiss Blemer Bloch Block Blonder Bloomfield Blouch Blührer Blum Blumenberg Blumenkahl Blumenthal Bogen Bohrer Bohrer Borger Boritz Bornfreund Botknecht Brachstal Bradus Brajer Brand Bratspeiss Bratspis Bratter Braun Braunengruber Brauner Braunstein Braver Brawer Brayer Brecher Breigler Breiss Breitbart Breitfeld Brendel Brendholz Brenholz Brenner Bressler Brettschneider Brief Brill Briller Brings Brod Brodbar Brodczyner Brown Broxmeir Bruckner Brückner Brudner Bruh Brull Brust Brzaza Brzosa Buber Buchalter Buchbaum Buchenholtz Buchhalter Buchsbaum Buchwald Bucker Bucksbaum Buczaczer Buksbaum Burg Bürkenthal Bussgang Butter Butterfass Butterman Buxbaum Byk
Families Begining with c
Caplan Celler Cener Chaffen Chajet Chalenay Chameides Chanales Chaneles Charap Charas Charasch Charasz Charytan Charyton Chilowicz Chotiner Chottiner Chruscicki Citron Cohen Copel Cytrin Czopp
Families Begining with d
Dacher Dakss Damast Dancyger Danenhirsch Dankberg Danko Danzig Dattelbaum Dauerman Daver David Davidman Dawid Deiches Deligdish Denester Denkberg Denker Derer Derfler Dershowicz Deutelbaum Deutsch Deutscher Diamant Diamond Diamondstein Dick Dicker Diczek Diener Diengott Diesendruck Dik Diller Dindas Dintenfass Distel Distenfeld Distler Diwer Dobcis Dollinger Dominic Donenberg Donner Doppelt Dorf Dorfman Dorter Drach Dreilinger Drelich Dressler Drettler Drexler Drilichow Drillich Drix Drost Drucker Druks Dub Dubner Dulno Dunst Durst Dusterfeld Dyk Dym Dziura Dziurzynski

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