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Families Being Researched

by Members of Gesher Galicia

Modification (color/removal of text) by Sarah Cohen-Smith of Todros Geller's From Land to Land, 1926, wood engraving.

Below is an alphabetical list of towns that Gesher Galicia members are researching. It does not contain every town that was in Galicia. To view our Galician Town Locator, which covers over 6,000 Galician towns that existed in the year 1900, click here.

We update this list with new towns as members join or notify us of their research interests.

To see if we have indexed records for your town, go to the All Galicia Database and view the scrolling list on the left hand side labeled “Record Sources” to look for your town name.

Families Begining with v
Vender Verderber Verstaendig Verstandig Verter Vogel Vorschin
Families Begining with w
Wachner Wachs Wachsberg Wachstein Wachtelberg Wag Wagner Wagschal Wahl Waisburd Waks Wald Walder Waldman Walfischdorf Walk Wallach Waltzer Walzer Wander Wandner Wang Wanzreich Warmbrand Wasser Wasserman Wax Weber Wechsler Wegner Weicher Weichsel Weinbach Weinberg Weinberger Weiner Weinfeld Weingarten Weingast Weingrün Weinman Weinrath Weinreb Weinstein Weinstock Weintraub Weintrob Weisenberg Weisengrun Weiser Weisgard Weisinger Weiskertz Weiskind Weisman Weiss Weissberg Weissglas Weissinger Weissman Weisstein Weisz Weitzman Weitzner Weizner Wendell Wenger Wenkert Werner Werter Werthen Werther West Westreich Wetter Widder Wider Wieder Wiederspiel Wiedhopf Wiener Wieselman Wiesenfeld Wiesenthal Wiesner Wigler Wilder Wildman Wildmann Wilf Wilkenfeld Willig Willner Wind Winter Winz Winzig Wiochnowitzer Wittes Wittlin Wohl Wohlfeld Wohlin Wohlkaiser Wolf Wolfinger Wolfman Wolfsohn Wolfthal Wolfzohn Wolin Wolitzer Wosk Wrobel Wuhl Wulkan Wurm
Families Begining with y
Yaged Yanches
Families Begining with z
Zaborniak Zahl Zahler Zahn Zandbank Zang Zank Zankel Zarkower Zarnicer Zarwanitzer Zehner Zehngut Zeichner Zeiler Zelaznik Zeller Zellerkraut Zener Ziemand Zilber Zilberberg Zilz Zimer Zimerman Zimmer Zimmerman Zindell Zinger Zinglot Zinkower Zinn Zinner Zins Zisman Zitron Zorn Zuch Zucker Zuckerberg Zuckerbrod Zuckerkandel Zuckerman Zukerman Zupnik Zwanger Zweben Zweifler Zwetschkenstiel Zwik Zwiren Zwirn Zworn Zylberberg Zytron

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