Records of the Belfer family in the All Galicia Database

There are currently 144 records for the surname Belfer (including soundalike names and spelling variants) in the All Galicia Database (the AGD), Gesher Galicia's free searchable collection of genealogical and historical records from the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, which is now eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Here is a sampling of some of the results you can find there:

  • Mayer BELFER
    death record from Stanisławów Jewish Deaths (1845-1863)
  • Szmul BELFER
    1792 property record from Jazłowiec Town Inventory (1792)
  • Mirel, daughter of Selig BELFER
    1817 birth record from Brody Jewish Births (1815-1861)
  • Stillborn, son of Moses BELFER
    1817 birth record from Brody Jewish Births (1815-1861)
  • Joel, son of Maj BELFER
    1817 birth record from Brody Jewish Births (1815-1861)
  • Salamon BELFER, son of Eissig
    1817 death record from Lwów Jewish Deaths (1805-1880)
  • Moses, son of Ber David BELFER
    1818 birth record from Brody Jewish Births (1815-1861)
  • Chaim, son of David BELFER
    1818 death record from Brody Jewish Deaths (1815-1861)
  • Ester, daughter of Osias BELFER
    1818 death record from Brody Jewish Deaths (1815-1861)
  • Victor, son of Simon BELFER
    1819 birth record from Brody Jewish Births (1815-1861)

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Records of the Belfer family in Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website

There are 198 search results for the surname Belfer at Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website, a few of which are listed below. Note that results listed below are limited to purely Galician sources, such as telephone and business directories from Galician cities, or school records, but they do not include the many other sources available on his website that span all of pre-war Poland. You may need the free .DjVu web browser plugin to view these files.

  • Dobromil Yizkor Book (1980), image 69 {y140}
    ... survived by a second wife, who continued Berish’s trade of traveling the circuit of market days and fairs selling red coral beads on commission. Maier Treiber never acquired any skilled trade, but also followed their footsteps selling coral beads: hence his nickname, Maier Koralnik. As a youth, in winter, when these fairs were not available, he also worked as a "belfer," that is, a "bei-helfer," an assistant in the "clieder" of Kuppala Melamed, giving little children their first start in Hebrew studies. Maier had a brother Leib and a sister Devorah, who always lived in Przemysl. Leib was a cobbler who made boots and shoes to sell at the Friday market in Przemysl. He had a son who became a bookkeeper and two daughters. Saul Miller visited him twice in Przemysl. Once it was in a "Choi ...
  • Lancut Yizkor Book (1963), image 505 {y2}
    ... of the life of our city between the two World Wars. It made appearances in other Galician towns. Its musicians and accompanists in their special costumes, with their hats striped blue and white, brought the Zionist spirit to every place they visited. The establishment of Hazamir goes back to the year 1914 when it was founded by Zvi Ramer, Berek Landau, Aneh Stitzel, David Har, Eli Belfer and Abraham Sheinman. Its only appearance at that time was on the 20th Tammuz, at the Memorial Meeting for Dr. Herzl. Those who remember that performance will also doubtless remember how the orchestra with difficulty succeeded in playing the songs "AI Em Haderech", "Hushu Ahim Hushu" and "Hatikva". The rabbi Eliezer Shapira, intended to proclaim a herem (excommunication) on the entire Society because boys ...
  • 1932 Krakow City Address Directory + Miscellaneous Province Directory, image 392 {d696}
    ... , urzędnik poczl., Wiła Stwosza 23. Bckcrman Moszck, urzędnik pryw., Kalwaryjska 4. Bekicrman Chaim, handlowiec, Bosacka 7. Bclbcrt Michalina, położna. Grzegórzecka 56. I Relczyk Bolesław, kaflarz, Juljusza Lea 81. | — Franciszka, krawcowa. Klonowa 3. — Henryk, elektromonter, Jul. Lea 19. i — łan, mistrz szewski, Juljusza Lea 19. — Walerja, urzędniczka. Klonowa 3. ' Rcldcgrün Lola, urzędniczka pryw., Poselska 20. Belfer Alter, kupiec, Paulińska 18. Bclik Józef, urzędnik pryw.. Wrocławska 19. Belina Bronisław, urzędnik celny, Cystersów 21. j Bcllcr Nuty. kupiec, Slarowiślna 40. Belter Dora, urzędniczka pryw., al. Słowackiego 34. — Ernest, urzędnik pryw., al. S'owackiego 34. Rełcikowska Janina, urzędn. Elektr. m.. Wolska 28. — Wanda, wdowa emer., Wolska 28. Bcłda Franciszek ...
  • 1925 Krakow Address and Business Directory, image 86 {d695}
    ... drobiu. Kupa 5. — Józei, sped.. Zielona 16. T. 3035. — Jozef, zecer. Kupa 23.,. — Samuel Woli, wl. handl. ub., .lozela II. — Zacharjasz. prywatny. Estery 4. Brausówna Bronisława, urz. pryw. Miodowa 21. — Mai wina. urz. pryw.. Miodowa 21. Brausfeld lzak, kupiec. Krakowska /. Brautmann Aurelia, urz. banku.. Powiśle 4 Brausówna Irena. urz.. Miodowa 21. Braw Adolf, chalewkarz. B. Joselewicza 16. — Chiel, belfer. Lwowska 32. — lzak, pom. handl.. Szeroka 10. — Leib Mozes. czci. kraw., Dajwor 14. — Majer, pryw.. Szeroka 35. — Rafael, pom. handl.. Szeroka 35. — - Rubin, handl. starz.. Szeroka 35. — Schulem, krawiec, Izaaka 7. — Zygmunt, kupiec. Augustiańska 4 Brawiec Michał em. funkcj. kolej.. Topolowa 4. Brawmann Mechel, wł. zakł. plisow.. św. Sebastiana 5. — Mojżesz, wł. biura reki. kol., Dietla ...
  • 1914 Krakow and Podgorze Address and Business Directory, image 51 {d694}
    ... — Zygfryd, inżynier, Pańska 5. Bergerfreunćl Henryk, buchalter, Dietla 15. Berggrün dr. Alfred, era. c. k. st. lekarz pow. Krowoderska 34. Tel. 6123—VIII. — Józefa, nauczycielka, Dunajewskiego 6. Bergglas Chaim, kupiec. Krakowska 27. — Herman, agent handl, Dietlowska 69. — Ozyasz, wł. realn. Orzeszkowej 9. — Salomon, kupiec, św. Sebastyana 16. T. 2317. — Salomon, pom. handl, pl. Nowy 4. — Salomon, belfer, Podbrzezie 10. — Władysław, urz. kol. Wolska 11. Bergknopf Wolf, kupiec, Dietla 17. Bergl Józef, konduktor kolei.. Botaniczna 6. Bergmaiin Abraham, nauczyciel jęz. hebr, Józefa 24. — Berisch, krawiec, Józefa 46. — Dawid, wł. handlu norymb, Św. Gertrudy 14. — Mindel. pom. handl. Wrzesińska 6. — Oskar. kier. filii Tow. „Gjzeli", Dietla 84. — Zzgmunt, pom. handl. Krzywa 11. Bergoffen Abraham ...

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