Records of the Dreilinger family in the All Galicia Database

There are currently 33 records for the surname Dreilinger (including soundalike names and spelling variants) in the All Galicia Database (the AGD), Gesher Galicia's free searchable collection of genealogical and historical records from the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, which is now eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Here is a sampling of some of the results you can find there:

  • Kiwe DOLLARD DREILLINGER, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Ruchel, daughter of Dawid DREILINGER and Gittel
    1847 birth record from Kałusz Jewish Births (1832.11-1847)
  • Mariam DREILINGER, son of Schmil and Jente
    Array birth record from Nadwórna Jewish Births (1850-1865 and 1903-1908)
  • Schloma DREILINGER
    1880 property record from Nadwórna Landowners (1880)
    1880 property record from Nadwórna Landowners (1880)
  • [no given name]
    1900 landsmanschaften record from Nadwórna Landsmanschaften Members (New York City) (early 20th century)
  • Taube, daughter of and Kreincie DREILINGER
    Array birth record from Nadwórna Jewish Births (1850-1865 and 1903-1908)
  • Dwora DREILINGER / JOZEF, daughter of Dawid JOZEF and Ruchel JOZEF
    1903 death record from Nadwórna Jewish Deaths (1902-1911)
  • Ester KERN / DREILINGER, daughter of Mordko DREILINGER and Reisel DREILINGER
    1903 death record from Nadwórna Jewish Deaths (1902-1911)
  • Chaim, son of Salomon DREILINGER and Ruchel KWARTLER
    Array birth record from Nadwórna Jewish Births (1850-1865 and 1903-1908)

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Records of the Dreilinger family in Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website

There are 4 search results for the surname Dreilinger at Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website, listed below. Note that results listed below are limited to purely Galician sources, such as telephone and business directories from Galician cities, or school records, but they do not include the many other sources available on his website that span all of pre-war Poland. You may need the free .DjVu web browser plugin to view these files.

  • 1907-1913 Galicia and Bukovina Business Directory (Leuchs vol. 19b), image 426 {d667} notes
    ... Kurschmied / Huber M. / Kramczinski H./Leszecki St. / Mekatella. B./Me-raezek J./Michaly K./"Motylewski Ferdinand/Müller J./Nikolaus L.l Palat L./Sienninski1 P./Siring 3.1 Smolak J./Strzelecki V./Tomaszewski J. / Wagenkneeht A./Wolosie-cki K./Zlkzewski J. Schneider (Herren-): Adler IL L. / Bäcker M. / Beck Willi. & Söhne. Vertr.: Adolf Vogel/Beer J./Beran J./Bernstein M./Blei L./Blum M. / Dreilinger Ch. / /Feller Sch. / Filippi 3.1 Finger J. Sch./Finger Leiser/ Finger Zach. / Fischer Isr. / Fischer Mechel/Fischer Sim. /Fischler Mor. / "Fleischer Michel / Frimet R. Hersch/Frimet S. Leib/Fuhrmann B./Gensiorowski J./Gold ll./"Gol-denberg Fratelli / Goldmann S. / Gottdenker W./Guttmann S./Hacker J./Haffner B./Horydeski A.l Itzig J./Kinsbrunner S./Klee K. / Klein D./KörnerM./Kolb ...
  • 1903 Galicia and Bukovina Business Directory (Austrian Central Cadastre, Vol. 10), image 1438 {d3536}
    ... Konr- Woibel Ernestine-Weibel Slata - Zimmer Rosa. Kleiderm: Aslauer David - Becker Mei- lech - Bendit rokte Ruff Motio - Bendit SchmajeSchmerl - Beran Jos - Bernstein Moses David - Blaustein Herscli - Blei Leib - Bleistäter Maxim - IilumMoses - Breitner Schaja Wolf - Czaezkes Jellie - Czajkel Moses Leib - Dampf Srnl Eisig - Dankner Schmil Moses - Deutscher Mendel - DobcrLeib - Dreilinger Cha- skel - Dunst Chaim, vel Becker - Dworzak Jul - Feiler Schülern - Finger Jossel Schloma - Finger Meier - Finger Schaja - Finger Zach - Fischer Ephraim - Fischer Israel - Fischer Mechel - Fischer Simon vel Schama - Flam Leisor - Fleischer Mechel - Flieglor vel Wolf Aron - Filmet Leib Schmil -Frimet Riwen Hersch - Fuhrmann Moses - Ggzierowski Jos - Gold Herm ...
  • 1900 Lwow Address and Business Directory + Galician Factories, image 175 {d278}
    ... Zofii 8 Thumen Mina, wł. real. Sapiehy 25 Dr. Thumin Joachim, Jagiellońska 13 — Mozes, kup. Kraszewskiego 1 Thun Mozes, naucz. Wagowa 1 Thune Leon, restaurator Snopkow- ska 26 Tieger Dawid, agent Gródecka 68 Dr. Till Ernest, prof. uniw. Pańska 4 Tillemann Cyryl, wł. real. Łyczakowska 107 Timoftiewicz Julian, inż. cyw. wł. real. Kurkowa 10 Timoftiewicz Ludwik, weter. kraj. Zamkowa 4 Tiniewicz Adam, wł. real. Krupiar-ska 8 Tirlinger Fryderyk, porucznik Sadownicka 7 Tisch Dresel, wł. real. Sieniawska 4 — Ester, właść. handlu skór Boimów 13 Tischblatt Izak, rzeznik Spadzista 6 Titz Marya, wd. Łyczakowska 15 Tkacz Stanisław, kup. Sykstuska 35
  • 1893 Krakow Calendar, image 286 {d308}
    ... pusta) (39) dtto dtto (40) CD dtto dtto 42 362 Narożnik ul. Berka Joselewieza (43) Skład drzewa A. Landaua 44 3G3 (15) (parcela pusta) 40 dtto 47 411 Rothirsch Dawid 1707 48 347 49 415 dtto 1931 (50) 51 439 Landau Aleksander (52) Plac pusty 188:! P. 1. 7 ul. Wielopole Majeranowski Wincenty ofila Te- Konopka Franciszek Ksawery Ochmański Stanisław i Anna hr. Potulicka Zofia Dr Lipowski Konstanty i Wanda Dorlncr Izydor i Fani Cybulska Ludwika Latti Klein P. 1. 78 ul. Dietlowska Narożnik ul. Dietlotrskiej Gmina miasta Krakowa (Tandeta) D*. VIII. Narożnik ul. Dietlowskiej P. 1. 85 nl. Dietlowska lliinmelblau Gitla Skład drzewa Lieblinga (Parcela pusta) Stoegerowa Breindla Gliickln-h Kahnan i Jetta Kozik Edward i Jelti (domy nowe w budowie) Wolfgang Salomon Narożnik ...

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