Records of the Finkel family in the All Galicia Database

There are currently 424 records for the surname Finkel (including soundalike names and spelling variants) in the All Galicia Database (the AGD), Gesher Galicia's free searchable collection of genealogical and historical records from the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, which is now eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Here is a sampling of some of the results you can find there:

  • Abraham FINKLER and Eidel FINKEL
    1802 marriage record from Lwów Jewish Marriages (1801-1866)
  • Abraham HAGER and Golde FINKEL
    1802 marriage record from Lwów Jewish Marriages (1801-1866)
  • Abraham FREID and Güttit FINKL
    1802 marriage record from Lwów Jewish Marriages (1801-1866)
  • Abraham FINKLER and Eidel FINKEL?/TINKEL?
    1802 marriage record from Lwów Jewish Marriages (1801-1866)
  • Abraham HAGER and Golde FINKEL
    1802 marriage record from Lwów Jewish Marriages (1801-1866)
  • Abraham FRED [FRIED]? and Gittel TINKL [FINKL/FINKEL]?
    1802 marriage record from Lwów Jewish Marriages (1801-1866)
  • Beril HAND and Hinde FINKEL
    1803 marriage record from Lwów Jewish Marriages (1801-1866)
  • Berl HAND and Hinde FINKEL
    1803 marriage record from Lwów Jewish Marriages (1801-1866)
  • Simon FINKEL
    1806 death record from Zbaraż Jewish Deaths (1804-1858, 1894-1942)
  • Aaron Hersch, son of Jacob FINKEL and -
    1806 birth record from Lwów Jewish Births (1805-1872)

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Records of the Finkel family in Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website

There are 192 search results for the surname Finkel at Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website, a few of which are listed below. Note that results listed below are limited to purely Galician sources, such as telephone and business directories from Galician cities, or school records, but they do not include the many other sources available on his website that span all of pre-war Poland. You may need the free .DjVu web browser plugin to view these files.

  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 507 {y94}
    ... from the or-thodox community which actually regarded these young people as "atheists". "Gordonia" was the dominant youth movement in the shtetl. It infused its members with a new content in the present and hopes for a mort perfect, purer life in Eretz Israel in the future. A significant reinforcement for "Gordonia" was the enlistment of tht pupils of the Polish Gymnasium, a group consisting of Yossek Laufer, Finkel Tcich, Yehoshua Schweber, may God avenge him, Yaffa Einziger, the late Shmu’el Fiderer and Me’ir Bank (Feingold), long may he live. Also Moshe Schweber, Moshe Selenfreund (Amit), Totchi Feit and others. In 1935 Yossek Einziger was the first to emigrate and he was followed by Moshe Bank, Moshe Green, Minna Shertz, the sisters Esther and Yaffa Einziger, Shlomo Weiss ...
  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 511 {y94}
    ... activities of the senator, Dr. Biali and his sons, who made every effort to get the Jews to clear out of the village, will never be forgotten. Particularly notorious was the high-school prin-cipal, Mruzovsky, who persecuted the Jewish students, cursing them to their faces like a drunken hooligan. I shall cite just one case out of many to demonstrate his brutal behavior. He once ordered a girl, Finkel Teich, may God avenge her, to leave the class-room. When she asked him : "Why, Mr. Principal, what have I done ?" he replied : "Because you are a lep-rous Jewess !". In 1938 a libel was spread about Prof. Friedel Korn, in which he was purported to have spo-ken against the Catholic Church, an accusation which could be well nigh fatal in that atmosphere of heightened anti-semitism ...
  • Galicia Yizkor Book (1945), image 640 {y168}
    ... Feldhamer Aaron Fischel Adolfo Feldhamer Elias Fucks Samuel Feigenbaum Oscar Fiiigerman Nathan Fischer Mendel Friesel M. B. Fuhrer Raehmiel Fechtenholtz Jeose Feldman Isaac Finkel Isaac Finkelstein Gregorio Finkelstein Armando Faluk F. Piaster Simon Fraiman H. Freier Salomon Felder Moises Fellenbach Saul Fischer Marcos Fischer David Fechtenholtz S. Figuer Leon c. Gartenberg David Goldstein Israel Goldstein Julio Go’dstein Bernardo b) Haan Mauricio Haftel J;se Hakman Jose Heifer Jose Halnern Hersch Hirschbaum Enrique Hakman Jose Holtzei Arturo Hutschneker Leon Hoffmann Isaac Holtzer Herman Halpern Jose Haller Oscar Ho'lenberger Herman Hollenberger Jaime Berten Mauricio Beitel Israel Batalon !,con C Chalfen Bernardo Chaves Aaron Citroner E. D Distenfcld Rafael Distenield ...
  • Galicia Yizkor Book (1945), image 644 {y168}
    Zungman Zirlinger Isaac Zimmer Jose Zang Moises Zimerman Zigmund Ziman Simon Zang David Abcloff Dora Altschiler Lofm Vogelfenger Marila Birenbaum Elsa Altman Fan! Low Bruche Metzger Margarita Winter Segal Hilda Thumin Anna Winkel Anna Urman L. Aptovitzer Rosa Probst Rosa Huss Ester Pomerantz Teresa Finkel Rosa Plotzkinds Berta Krawietz Elsa Bass Jaime Schnaider Sarah Averbach Sarah Weitzman Seidler Clara Askenazy Fanny Grinberg Clara Falik Perla Honig Martha Glaser Sarah Fuer Josefina Segal de Klein Zucker Nechemias Zlatkes Herman Zolkever Israel Zukcrberg Eugenio Zweifler Leon Zion Jacobo Zinkman Zimmerman Emilia Frenkel Clara Berenholtz ...
  • Lwow Yizkor Book (1956), image 182 {y308}
    ... : 1› 7ל מצב האובליסק ותיצרח הארץ ‹עכי 29-1'! 2ז על האצולה י7 30—71). 13 על הרת יהכמורה -'72—121)1 4) על הערים והתעעיה העירונית 122—165)1 5: על מעמד האברים (166—207'. 16 נ׳י) .(240-208 525 1. ע׳ 208 » 6!על היהידים (כ־י 525- ע־ הסיוסה על הוו־ת נמצאת באיסף הספריר. .איסילינאאום־ Staatsarchiv Wien. .בלביב. ב- מפפר 525 והעתק ביינה על הדו-ח ראה גס Staatsratsakten 1773. Nr. 2388. Dr. Ludwik Finkel: Memorjal Antoniego hr. Pergena kw. hist t XIV Protokoll. Galizien 1793 Mai Nr. 23. (יא IV T 5 Juli 1795 Nr. 7. ‹־יפ ׳יי) ארכיון סיניםםרױן־הםגים: IV T II Carton Nr. 2657. Nr. II ex August 1784 Galizien י י) בשנת 1775 הסתבכה הקהלה בסכסיז־ עם העלממ-־ת בגלל התמיכה שנתנה לקהלת סטרי. אהרי ה־ליקה ...

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