Records of the Lerner family in the All Galicia Database

There are currently 470 records for the surname Lerner (including soundalike names and spelling variants) in the All Galicia Database (the AGD), Gesher Galicia's free searchable collection of genealogical and historical records from the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, which is now eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Here is a sampling of some of the results you can find there:

  • Taube Rifke LERNER
    death record from Stanisławów Jewish Deaths (1845-1863)
  • Abraham LERNER, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Mamcia LERNER, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Osias LERNER, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Schulim LERNER, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Soscha LERNER, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Tewel LERNER, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Henoch, son of Leib GLIERNER and -
    1805 birth record from Lwów Jewish Births (1805-1872)
  • Sora, daughter of Mayer LERNER
    1806 death record from Lwów Jewish Deaths (1805-1880)
  • Rebeka LERNER
    1814 death record from Bolechów Jewish Deaths (1811-1846, 1860-1876)

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Records of the Lerner family in Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website

There are 192 search results for the surname Lerner at Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website, a few of which are listed below. Note that results listed below are limited to purely Galician sources, such as telephone and business directories from Galician cities, or school records, but they do not include the many other sources available on his website that span all of pre-war Poland. You may need the free .DjVu web browser plugin to view these files.

  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 402 {y94}
    ... name I bear), Reb. Chaim Shlomoh of blessed memory, died very young and was quite a poor man. In general the entire family was not rich. My father’s grandfather came from Russia. Actually he escaped while serving in the Czarist army. According to my father’s story, his grandfather crossed the Austrian border with his army horse, while in a cavalry division. His family name was Lerner and I do not know how and when the name Bank-Feingold was adopted. My father took over the guidance of the store which at that time was very well established and prospering. Besides helping my mother with the cus-tomers, he also helped with correspondence and other business activities. At the outbreak of the first world war in 1914, we were forced to leave everything behind and be-come refugees ...
  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 413 {y94}
    ... to face and if I spied him in the distance on the pavement I would quickly cross the road so that he wouldn't see me. This incident gives some indication of the extent of the economic straits into which very many Jews had sunk. Our grandfather Shalom Laufer, may God avenge him, came to Brzozow in 1880 from the Slovakian town of Dzilburtsa. He married a Brzozow girl, Mi* relleh Lerner, and established a highly diversified business which did well enough for them to build a spacious house in the heart of the town. In time this building came to house the whole family, all its branches included, and grandfather's complex business transactions were also carried out in it. Grandfather was regarded by all as a wise, resourceful man and many people turned to him for guidance in their ...
  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 502 {y94}
    ... CHAIM BANK * Max Wilner’s visit to the shtetl at the end of the 20’s is probably well-remembered by the sur-vivors as a moving experience from their childhood days. Max brought for his father a sophisticated gra-maphone with records — a sensational innovation in the shtetl which till then had only known the screeching contraption at Aharon Lerner’s pub or the gypsys’ hurly-burly with its future-telling cards. Some of the records contained songs and rhymes in very poor taste, composed by Max himself and
  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 551 {y94}
    ... was paved with small square stones, slightly sharp at the top. A special rumbling sound was made by the carts going across them with their wooden, iron bound wheels. The hooves of the horses struck the pointed stones and in the winter, when everything was covered with ice, a horse would often slip upon them, spreading showers of sparks all around to the delight of the children in the Heder. Lerner’s pub was to be found in this square. In the summer small tables and chairs would be placed outside, in the manner of a cate, and 44Goyim" from the town or the nearby villages would sit there, en-joying their Okochimske beer, served in 44halbos", thick glass mugs with a handle, holding a pint. An ancient gramophone with an enormous tube would blare out some music, deafening the whole village ...
  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 553 {y94}
    ... and "He whose strength and power fill the world". These prayers, intoned with deep intent, were also sa;d by the children. Three sides of the Rathois tower boasted great clocks whose Roman numbers muddled the children, confusing their calculations of the time and making them late for Heder, for which they were heavily punished. The showy part of the Rathois, its front, was to the south, facing Lerner’s public house, with a large beautiful balcony belonging to one of the apartments. This balcony came into its own on national Polish the Clois. Their walk was leisurely, some of them conversing in pairs. Others were alone, deep in thought, curling their side-curls into which they wove the sense of holiness still clinging to their finger tips which had touched the mezuzeh on leaving ...

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