Records of the Sack family in the All Galicia Database

There are currently 520 records for the surname Sack (including soundalike names and spelling variants) in the All Galicia Database (the AGD), Gesher Galicia's free searchable collection of genealogical and historical records from the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, which is now eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Here is a sampling of some of the results you can find there:

  • Gusta SACK, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Hersch Moses SACK, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Irena SACK, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Joel SACK, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Malwina SACK, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Meika SACK, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Moritz SACK, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Sylvia SACK, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Siegmund SAX
    death record from Stanisławów Jewish Deaths (1845-1863)
  • Leyba JSAAK
    1787 property record from Czortkow Josephine Survey (1787)

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Records of the Sack family in Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website

There are 191 search results for the surname Sack at Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website, a few of which are listed below. Note that results listed below are limited to purely Galician sources, such as telephone and business directories from Galician cities, or school records, but they do not include the many other sources available on his website that span all of pre-war Poland. You may need the free .DjVu web browser plugin to view these files.

  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 522 {y94}
    ... the purpose of the contribution. The central bowl bears the inscription, written in large letters : GREAT CHARITY. Nobody knows who has promoted this bowl to its task and who it is that determines that the charity it represents is "GREAT". Asking no questions the contributors put in a large coin, to be followed by smaller ones to the ordinary charities... At some distance from the "Table" a sack is spread on the floor and the members of the congre-gation, all God-fearing men, stand in line to lie down on it. One of the Gabbais, whip in hand, gives each one his allotted numbers of lashes, "forty less one" — all are lashed equally. The count is made by re-peating the "Vehu rahum" prayer, comprising 13 words, three times running. If any groans are heard they are made by the lasher rather ...
  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 530 {y94}
    ... ". His cart is an open one, with two ladders placed at its sides to hold the fodder and the vegetables brought in from the fields, as well as firewood and construction beams brought to the village. On market day the side-lad-ders are reinforced by "polkoshiks’ (halves of woven reed baskets, to prevent the goods from falling out). One goes to the "Targovitza" with the heavy produce, such as piglets tied in a sack, squirming like fish in the net, the sound of their screams lost in the general noise of the market. There may also be a fattened pig or a calf, eagerly awaited by the butchers. An old cow whose time has come for slaughter or a young pony — these are tied to the back of the cart. The innocent horse is probably glad that they are not part of his burden but he will very quickly ...
  • Dobromil Yizkor Book (1980), image 113 {y140}
    sack, wipes away my salt tears and my little nose and promptly sets me to work. He holds something in his yellow cigarette-stained fingers, a pointer made of bone, to point out the letters to a child. The tears still pour from my eyes, I hardly see what he shows me. I hear him say "This is an *Aleph,' (A), once again right here is another *Aleph/ (A), and another *Aleph’." I follow him with a tearful voice, ״ ,Aleph/ another ,Aleph/ and another ,Aleph’," so several times. Later my mother comes to bring me home. Early next morning there comes to us an assistant who attends to me, helps me get dressed, washes my hands and face, wipes me ...
  • Husiatyn Yizkor Book (1968), image 279 {y198}
    HUSIATIN MEMORIAL BOOK 44 sack hordes at bay, but the Poles who were to defend the city treasonably surrendered it. Many Poles escaped on horseback. The Jews were not permitted to flee and they were annihilated. The only ones who managed to escape death were the few captured by the Tartars. In the city of Lemberg, the situation was entirely dif-ferent. Here Bogdan Chmelnitzky himself was in charge of the siege. (October, 1649.) The Lemberg citizens sent a delegation to negotiate with their enemy. The Jews were also represented in this delegation by several of their co-religionists. Chmelnitzky asked that all the Jewish inhabitants be handed ...
  • Iavoriv Yizkor Book (1950), image 94 {y62}
    ... bodies of youngsters and women were discovered every morning sprawling outside the gates. One day Wolf trapped two Jewish girls, Sarah Bulz and Mollie Schweizer, at the home of the Ukranian, Stanko. After castigating the Council for laxness, he unleashed his savage German police dog to pounce on them. The dog tore the girls to shreds. Finally they expired by rifle fire. At another time he came upon Reich and a friend who were returning to the ghetto at dawn with a sack of flour. Both of course were instantly trampled to death. The Jews received 10 ounces of bread a day for which they stood in long, weary waiting lines under vicious Jewish

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