Records of the Sicherman family in the All Galicia Database

There are currently 91 records for the surname Sicherman (including soundalike names and spelling variants) in the All Galicia Database (the AGD), Gesher Galicia's free searchable collection of genealogical and historical records from the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, which is now eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Here is a sampling of some of the results you can find there:

  • Blima SICHERMAN, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Erna SICHERMAN, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Erna SICHERMAN, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Marceli SICHERMAN, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Osias SICHERMAN, grandchild of , , ,
    Holocaust record from Lwów Ghetto Residents (1941-1943)
  • Lea, daughter of Chaim SISSERMAN
    1816 death record from Brody Jewish Deaths (1815-1861)
  • Chaim, son of Salo SISSERMAN
    1816 death record from Brody Jewish Deaths (1815-1861)
  • Rubin, son of Salo SISSERMAN
    1817 birth record from Brody Jewish Births (1815-1861)
  • Maier, son of Jona SISSERMAN
    1817 birth record from Brody Jewish Births (1815-1861)
  • Rubin, son of Salo SISSERMAN
    1817 death record from Brody Jewish Deaths (1815-1861)

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Records of the Sicherman family in Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website

There are 182 search results for the surname Sicherman at Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website, a few of which are listed below. Note that results listed below are limited to purely Galician sources, such as telephone and business directories from Galician cities, or school records, but they do not include the many other sources available on his website that span all of pre-war Poland. You may need the free .DjVu web browser plugin to view these files.

  • Brzozow Yizkor Book (1984), image 485 {y94}
    ... , the head of the "Juden-rat", along with his wife and five-year-old daughter, were given special "treatment" (His twenty-three year old son Moshe was sent to the extermination camp. The bandits Rashvitz Mateus and Romans considered themselves as "good friends" of the Zicherman family, they used to eat and drink there. During the liquida-tion Rashvitz left Zicherman and his family in their house. After Rashvitz, along with the other murders, finished their killings, he went to Zicherman's house, led the family into the courtyard, ordered them to undress and killed them all. It was now clear to us that we could no longer stay in Bochnia. We decided to go to one of the camps near Krakow. Our relatives who were hiding us provided us with work clothes. We stuck the white ribbon with ...
  • 1926 Krakow Address and Business Directory + Miscellaneous Polish Directory, image 133 {d20}
    ... : Pilch Stanisław. Krowoderska 29. 38. Towarzystwo Sportowe ,.W i s ł a", Długa 5. Prezes : Dembiński Stanisław. 39. Zwierzyniecki Klub Sportowy. Prezes : Ks. Somcra Józef, Klasztor PP. Norbertanek na Zwierzyńcu. 40. Żydowskie Towarzystwo G i m n as t y c z-n e, Skawińska 1?. 41- Żydowski Kluh Sportowy „Adria", Krakowska 24. 42. żydowski Kluh Sportowy „Amatorzy", Poselska 16. I. p. 43. Żydowski Klub Sportowy „Bat K o c h-ba". Prezes' Schcrman Henryk, Izaaka 3. 44. Żydowski Klub Sportowy „Dror". Prezes: Bader Jan. pl. Dominikański 2. 45. Żydowski Klub Sportowy ,, Je hu da". Prezes: Feil J.. Diellowska 47. 46. Żydowski Kluh Sportowy „Hakoah" Gertrudy 28. Hotel „City". Tel. 3468. 47. Żydowski Klub Sportowy „Hasmonea". Prezes: Scheinowitz Henryk, iw. Wawrzyńca 11. 48. Żydowski Klub Sportowy ...
  • Galicia Yizkor Book (1945), image 644 {y168}
    ... Askenazy Fanny Grinberg Clara Falik Perla Honig Martha Glaser Sarah Fuer Josefina Segal de Klein Zucker Nechemias Zlatkes Herman Zolkever Israel Zukcrberg Eugenio Zweifler Leon Zion Jacobo Zinkman Zimmerman Emilia Frenkel Clara Berenholtz J-Altman Rachel Gutman M. Rosenberg S. Edcr Mani Scharfker D. Diringer B. Saukerman R-Gottdenker Berta Inger Berta Weitzman Eugenia Diringer Elsa Onitcansky R. Zolkever Cecilia Adlerstein Taubc Nachman M. Siege! Cila Schechter Pepi Albines Fanni Caplinsky Blime Zolkever Lifsche Tiser Jano Blauwoll Amalia Monschein Taube Ungar Elena Ricdler R. Weinstein Amalia Schusheim Ester Postcl Ester Breitholtz Geni
  • 1913 Lwow Address Directory, image 618 {d13}
    ... handel bławatny Stadtfeld Izrael, kupiec Stanecki Dr. Z. spł. z ogr. por. akumulatory Starcka F. W. Synowie kwiaty (Fryderyk i Karol) Stark Gabriel, kupiec Stastny Wacław i Spł., klisze Stauber Chaim, kupiec Stauber Leon, kup. Sternfeld Rózia i Weksler Stefania węgiel Jaworznicki Störer G., ubrania. Stroh Jakób, dom bankowy Stromenger J., ajencya Stromenger E. J., magazyn powozów Sudhoff i Grabowski, kupiec Siisserman Maks, agencya handl. Syndykat rolniczy Szkowron Albert, kupiec Szydłowski J., kupiec Szyjkowski Miecz., druk. Teliczek Adolf, wędliny Tennenbaum G., wyrąb mięsa Tiller Maurycy, uniformy Thom Józef i Syn, młyn parowy Tlen fabr. chem. Tołoczko L., cegielnia Töpfer Naftuła, restauraoya Towarzystwo ubezp. krakowskie „ „ wied. Feniks — akcyjne browarów — akcyjne dla przemysłu ...
  • 1913 Galicia Business Directory (Copy 2), image 464 {d3404}
    ... zef, fabryka kitu szklarskiego. Kity: żółty, czerwony, miniowy. Rob. 3. Eksp.: Anglia, Egipt, Holandya, Niemcy. Podgórze to. „Victoria", parowa fabryka wyro- bów chemicznych, wazelina, pasta do obuwia, ekstrakt do czyszczenia metali, francuska farba do podłóg. PFa. Mot. elektr. 7 HP; rob. 30. 0 Weindling Abraham, wy- rób kitu szklarskiego (ul. Twardowskiego 9). 0 Zu- ckerman N. (ul. Kalwaryjska 62), czernidło, pasta do obuwia, wazelina, 2 mot. elektr. 7 HP; rob. 12. Prądnik czerwony 'O?. Zakład sadowni- czy „Glinka". (Własność krak. Tow. ogrodn.). Maść ogrodnicza „Prądnicka ulepszona" własnego wyrobu. Przemyśl. Lieber i Sp„ fabryka wyrobów z cel- luloidu (ul. Grunwaldzka 67), krawatki wojskowe, bie- lizna z celluloidu. PFa. Rob. 30. Eksp.: Węgry. Rzeszów ...

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