Records of the Steinig family in the All Galicia Database

There are currently 71 records for the surname Steinig (including soundalike names and spelling variants) in the All Galicia Database (the AGD), Gesher Galicia's free searchable collection of genealogical and historical records from the former Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, which is now eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Here is a sampling of some of the results you can find there:

  • Jozef STANIEK
    1788 property record from Baranów Josephine Survey (1788)
  • Stach STANIEK
    1788 property record from Baranów Josephine Survey (1788)
  • Antoni STANIEK
    1788 property record from Baranów Josephine Survey (1788)
  • Stefan STANIEK
    1788 property record from Baranów Josephine Survey (1788)
  • Michał STANEK
    1820 property record from Sędziszów Landowners (1820)
  • Moyses ŚTEINEK
    1820 property record from Kuty Franciscan Survey (1820)
    1820 property record from Baranów Franciscan Survey (1820)
  • Berl STEINIK
    1826 census record from Korolówka Residents (1826)
  • Jone STEINIG
    1828 death record from Budzanów Jewish Deaths (1825-1866)
  • Lea, daughter of Beniamen STEINIK
    1831 birth record from Żółkiew Jewish Births (1828-1840)

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Family & Location Researcher Researcher's Location Date Added
Buchach, Ukraine
GG Member Dix Hills, NY
Mar 5, 2021
Borshchiv, Ukraine
GG Member Dix Hills, NY
Aug 26, 2019
Korolowka, Ukraine
GG Member Dix Hills, NY
Aug 26, 2019

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Records of the Steinig family in Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website

There are 187 search results for the surname Steinig at Logan Kleinwaks' Genealogy Indexer website, a few of which are listed below. Note that results listed below are limited to purely Galician sources, such as telephone and business directories from Galician cities, or school records, but they do not include the many other sources available on his website that span all of pre-war Poland. You may need the free .DjVu web browser plugin to view these files.

  • 1914/1915 Galicia and Bukovina War Refugees Address Directory, Vol. III (excl. Lwow, Krakow), image 313 {d32}
    ... , II., Grosse Stadtgutgasse 1. 7, d. 3L 3 os. Rudolf Ozyasz Aba, kupiec, 22. VIII. 914. Wiedeń, IL, Obermüllner-strasse 1. 6, d. 21. 5 os. Sass Aron, kup., 23. VIII. 914. Wiedeń, X., Columbusg. 1. —, III. 6 os, Schnitzler Leon, fryzyer, 22. VIII. 914. Wiedeń, XX., Frauenfels-gasse 1. 7, II. 1 os. Steinig Laura, właścicielka hotelu, 22. VIII. 914. Wiedeń, V., Bräuhausgasse 1. 81, d. 5. 4 os. Stuczkiewicz Zdzisław, em. lustrator, 3. VIII. 914., Wiedeń, XVIII., Czermakgasse 1. 12. 2 os. Tomaszewski Stanisław, naucz., —. jak wyżej. 4 os. Tuinaszewski Teufil ...
  • 1914/1915 Krakow War Refugees Address Directory, image 100 {d33}
    ... 1. 43, d. 6. 7 os. Walczak Stefania, żona prof. gim., 8. IX. 914. Wiedeń, VII., Mariahilferstrasse 1. 61, III., d. 8. 1 os. Waldmann Róża, kelnerka, 12. XI. 914. Mühlhausen 1. 213. 1 os. W'alenty Jakób, ucz., 10. X. 914. Radmannsdorf, Kraina. 1 os. Waligórska Józefa, pryw., 13. XI. 914. Wiedeń, XVHL, Währinger-Gürtel 1. 11, III. 1 os. Walloschke Fryderyk, ucz., —. Wiedeń, III., Steing. 1. 32. 1 os. Wana Marya, zarob., Podgórze, 9. XI. 914. Litonice, Czechy. 3 os. Warchałowski Teofil, Dr., rad. Dw., 14. IX. 914. Luhacovice. 3 os. Warmusz Katarzyna, rob., 14. XI. 914. Strańka, Melnik. 1 os. Warszawski Józef, ceglarz, 10. XI. 914. Horn 1. 101. 3 os. Warszenczowa Kornelia, wd. po lek., 9. IX. 914. Wiedeń, IV., Waaggasse 1. 15, Pension Vindobona. 1 os. Wartalski ...
  • 1914/1915 Lwow War Refugees Address Directory, image 208 {d34}
    ... 1. 47. 3 os. Śmiglewska Zofia, żona radcy skarb, 4. VIII. 914. Wiedeń, XVIII, Plenergasse 1. 18, d. 6. 4 os. Śniadowski Władysław, inżynier, 30. VIII. 914. Judenburg, Burggasse 1. 35. 5 os. Świątkowski Jan, nauczyciel, 29. VIII. 914. Wiedeń, II, Engerth-strasse 1. 223. 1 os. Świderski Jan, inż. archit, 29. VIII. 914. Praga, VI, Nekianora ul. 1. 26. 5 os Świgost Stanisław, kom. kol, 2. IX. 914. Berno, Steing. L 7. 6 os. Świętecki Jan, rad. kol, 2. IX. 914. Znaim, Salis-Pl. 1. 13. 2 os. Świecińska Arna, funkc. Wydz. kraj, 29. VIII. 914. Praga, Kr. Vinohrady, ul. Manesowa 1. 86. 1 os. Świentoń Stanisław, —, 29. VIII. 914. Praga, Vinohrady, ul. Klicpe-rowa 1. 25, u. oficyny. 1 os. Świerczewski Edmund, urz. bank, 1. IX. 914. Wiedeń, V, Jahn-gasse 1. 6. 5 os. Świerczyński Kazimierz Leopold ...
  • Baranow Yizkor Book (1964), image 244 {y32}
    ... boys for pro-voking them. Punishment was severe and immediate—the sharp edge of the meter across the palms and fingers of the hands. It was considered a mark of distinction for the victim not to have screamed in pain. The boys devc-loped a method to ease the pain. The victim would run a wet tongue across the painful areas then rub his hand hard against his things to mitigate the sting then march back to his seat in a state of defiance of his teacher. If in view of these abuses the Jewish pupil nevertheless obtained consi-dcrable education it was not due to the efforts of the teacher but in spite of her. The Jewish child "had" to excel if he was to endure in this atmosphere. the cheder Baranow had three Hebrew teachers (Melamdim). One taught beginners— from Alcph-Beth to Chumosh. Another ...
  • Rohatyn Yizkor Book (1962), image 427 {y3}
    ... a long life with no aim or purpose. No one will ever fully understand the mystery of it all, and very few, if any, of those who succeed us, will fully understand the agony and suffering of the millions of Jews whose dreams and hopes were so tragically cut short. Those Jews who were born on the American continent, and have led a more or less protected life, have never fully known the sting of anti-semitism or the frustrations of a hopeless future. Some may even feel "superior" because "it did not happen to them." Yet I, who have spent half of my life in Europe and half of it in America, can assure our future offspring, in America or in Israel, that the people of Rohatyn had fine men and women with high aspirations and brilliant intellects, with many wonderful ideas and ideals and with many ...

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