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Przemyśl Identification Project

Project Coordinator: Piotr Gumola

Modification (color/removal of text) by Sarah Cohen-Smith of Todros Geller's From Land to Land, 1926, wood engraving.

In late 2019, Gesher Galicia embarked on a collaborative project with the Przemyśl State Archive to identify a set of originally 577 files held in Przemyśl, nearly all of which appeared to be index books of registers of Jewish vital records from the former Galicia, but whose towns of origin were unknown.

Almost 50 people, all Gesher Galicia members or close associates, worked, at one time or another, to identify the files or to verify identifications that had been made. They are listed below, along with three donors (two of them organizations) that made significant financial contributions to the project. All are to be thanked for their much appreciated support and for making it possible to finish the project within 18 months, and in the process identify every file—something that was not expected at the start.

Results of the project

Of the 577 original files provided by the Przemyśl archive, one consisted solely of the front cover of an index book of marriages from 1899 and was excluded from the project. Three other files turned out to contain material from more than one town and these files were split into separate parts, each containing material from a single town. Including these split parts, there were then 582 files in total.

The table below shows each of these 582 files with their identified town. In several cases, the originally state type of book (such as “birth index book”) and year range needed to be corrected. Seventy-one towns were identified as a source of at least one file, all but three of them from Galicia. Forty-seven of the towns were from eastern Galicia and 21 from western Galicia. Nearly all the files were indexes of vital records. Two files contained fragments from original birth registers, one was a book of reserved cemetery graves, and one was some sort of accounts book, from Brzeg (Brieg) in Silesia.

New information

In a significant number of cases, an identified book contains new information, which will be of value to researchers. Such new information is indicated in the table. It could have come about for two separate reasons. If the original full register (of births, deaths or marriages) and any duplicates of that register that may have existed, had all been lost, and there were no other earlier known indexes of the register, then the identified book would contain new information. On the other hand, the original register may still exist, but be largely inaccessible, being held in a Civil Registration Office (USC) in Poland. This applies largely to birth registers containing records up to a year after 1920. In such cases, assuming the original register still exists, the records will be due for release 100 years after the date of the latest record in the book. That will still mean that some birth books will not be made available for more than another 20 years. There is a similar consideration for marriage and death register from 1940-1942 that are still withheld, though those should be released within the next three years.

Two towns, Dobrotwór and Lutowiska, from each of which had there were two identified index books, did not previously have any known vital records. One of the fragments from a birth register–consisting of two sides of a single sheet—was from late 1942 in the Kraków ghetto in Podgórze, and is likely to have been among the last records of births in he ghetto.

Transcribing index books from the project

The identified files are already indexes of original vital record registers. They are generally arranged in some sort of alphabetical order (usually by surname), which, if you have access to the books or their scans, makes them easily searchable. However, people often prefer to have such indexes transcribed well (with the handwriting sometimes being difficult to decipher) and in addition, uploaded to a searchable online database. As of June 2021, Gesher Galicia has already indexed a dozen files from the project, from both eastern and western Galicia, and plans to have transcribed another 20-25 files by the end of 2022.

What happens to the identified files?

The Przemyśl State Archive will keep many of the files identified, including those from eastern Galicia. They are likely to reassign the archival numbers of the files from their present listing in Fond 154, Series 70 to another section of Fond 154, or else to a town-specific fond within the archive, such as Fond 2136 for Jewish records from Jarosław. Files from towns in the Kraków region and from places such as Bochnia and Nowy Sącz, will most likely to be sent to the National Archives in Kraków or one of its branches, in Bochnia, Nowy Sącz, and Tarnów.

List of towns identified

Biała Podlaska, Biały Kamień, Biecz, Bobowa, Bochnia, Bolechów, Borysław, Brzeg (Silesia), Bursztyn, Czortków, Dobromil, Dobrotwór, Drohobycz, Horodenka, Hussaków, Jarosław, Jaworów, Klasno, Kołomyja, Komarno, Kopyczyńce, Korczyna, Kozłów, Kozowa, Krakowiec, Kraków, Leżajsk, Lublin, Lutowiska, Lwów, Mielnica, Mikulińce, Mosty Wielkie, Muszyna, Nadwórna, Nowy Sącz, Nowy Wiśnicz, Obertyn, Olesko, Podgórze, Pruchnik, Przemyślany, Rohatyn, Rozdół, Rzeszów, Sądowa Wisznia, Sambor, Sieniawa, Sokołów Małopolski, Skała, Skałat, Skole, Stanisławów, Stary Sącz, Stary Sambor, Stryj, Strusów, Strzeliska Nowe, Śniatyn, Świrz, Tarnopol, Trembowla, Turka, Tyczyn, Zabłotów, Załoźce, Złoczów, Żabie, Żołynia, Żółkiew, and Żydaczów.

Collaborators and participants

Gesher Galicia thanks colleagues in the Przemyśl State Archive, including Elżbieta Laska, director of the archive, and Ewa Grin-Piszczek, head of the cataloging and archival preparation section, for their collaboration. Appreciation goes too to all those others who contributed as identifiers and in other ways to the project, including the following.

  • Project Coordinator: Piotr Gumola
  • IT support for project: Paweł Malinowski
  • Participants and supporters of the project:
    Viv Bayer, David Birnbaum, Nancy Blodinger, Steven Buzil, George Celler, Peter Dreifuss, Sharon Duckman, Joyce Eastman, Alex Feller, Nancy Fisher-Allison, Eva Floersheim, Scott Genzer, Judith Goldsmith, Jan M. Groński, Ann Harris, Jacob Heisler, Martin Isserlis, Mark Jacobson, Steven A. Joyce, Tony Kahane, Jeff Kaiser, Ronald Kaplan, Shlomo Katz, Fred Kolbrener, Joan Krotenberg, Robinn Magid, Michał Majewski, Eli Marcus, Lori Rosen Malott, Russ Maurer, Moishe Miller, Sławomir Postek, Kaye Prince, Jacob Rosen, Philip Rosinsky, Liz Rothman, Dan Rottenberg, Dov Rubin, Valerie Schatzker, Judith Silver, Renée Steinig, Leah Teicher, Sherri Venezia, Jacob Walzer, Ruben Weiser, Michael Werner, Franklin Wiener, Suzan Wynne, the Pamela Weisberger Memorial Fund, and the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society.


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File numberIdentified townType of bookYearsCommentsIndexed by GG
240Biała PodlaskaBirths (index book)1826-1850Russian language. New information for 1835-1836
564Biała PodlaskaBirths (index book)1920-1938New information
115Biały KamieńBirths (index book)1877-1878, 1880-1882, 1888.02-1893.01New information
163BieczBirths (index book)1843-1942New information for 1843-1849, 1928-1942
215BobowaBirths (index book), Marriages (index book), Deaths (index book)1877-1937New information from the period 1895-1937
49BochniaBirths (index book)1877-1882.07New information
33BochniaBirths (index book)1938-1942New information
429BochniaDeaths (index book)1940-1942New information
332BochniaMarriages (index book)1880-1903
321BochniaMarriages (index book)1920-1932
399BolechówDeaths (index book)1922-1923
311BolechówMarriages (index book)1929-1942New information
192BorysławBirths (index book)1904The original birth register is split between AGAD and Przemysl, with a few pages missing.
169BorysławBirths (index book)1910
183BorysławBirths (index book)1914-1915
32BorysławBirths (index book)1916-1918
52BorysławBirths (index book)1922-1923New information
160BorysławBirths (index book)1925New information
94BorysławBirths (index book)1929New information
96BorysławBirths (index book)1929New information
62BorysławBirths (index book)1931-1932New information
93BorysławBirths (index book)1933New information
120BorysławBirths (index book)1934-1935New information
182BorysławBirths (index book)1936New information
128BorysławBirths (index book)1937New information
54BorysławBirths (index book)1938New information
492BorysławDeaths (index book)1893
577BorysławDeaths (index book)1894
548BorysławDeaths (index book)1897
463BorysławDeaths (index book)1898
450BorysławDeaths (index book)1900
445BorysławDeaths (index book)1901
495BorysławDeaths (index book)1902
387BorysławDeaths (index book)1904
439BorysławDeaths (index book)1907
452BorysławDeaths (index book)1909
484BorysławDeaths (index book)1910
441BorysławDeaths (index book)1913
388BorysławDeaths (index book)1914-1915
398BorysławDeaths (index book)1922-1923
446BorysławDeaths (index book)1925
425BorysławDeaths (index book)1927
396BorysławDeaths (index book)1928
488BorysławDeaths (index book)1929
400BorysławDeaths (index book)1933
381BorysławDeaths (index book)1934-1935
473BorysławDeaths (index book)1936
362BorysławDeaths (index book)1937
282BorysławMarriages (index book)[1885], 1886-1897Grooms only
331BorysławMarriages (index book)1886-1897Grooms only
325BorysławMarriages (index book)1908Grooms only
323BorysławMarriages (index book)1909Grooms only
283BorysławMarriages (index book)1910Grooms only
299BorysławMarriages (index book)1911Grooms only
330BorysławMarriages (index book)1926Grooms only
266BorysławMarriages (index book)1927Grooms only
261BorysławMarriages (index book)1928Grooms only
281BorysławMarriages (index book)1931-1932Grooms only
262BorysławMarriages (index book)1934-1935Grooms only
294BorysławMarriages (index book)1936Grooms only
255BorysławMarriages (index book)1938Grooms only.
11BrzegAccounts book1935-1937
573BursztynBirths1874Fragments from a birth register. New information
151BursztynBirths (index book)1877-1887
159BursztynBirths (index book)1888-1892
80BursztynBirths (index book)1898-1929New information for 1900-1903, 1912.10-1930
78BursztynBirths (index book)1931-1942New information
390BursztynDeaths (index book)1888-1892
496BursztynDeaths (index book)1888-1897
207-2BursztynDeaths (index book)1898-1914, 1919-1923, 1927-1929New information for 1927-1929
427BursztynDeaths (index book)1931-1942New information for 1931-1934, 1936-1942
328BursztynMarriages (index book)1878-1929Grooms only. New information for 1915-1917
329CzortkówMarriages (index book)1922
333CzortkówMarriages (index book)1923
504DobromilBirths (index book)1886-1928There are several entries, added retrospectively, from earlier years, as far back as 1860.
196DobrotwórBirths (index book)1877-1890New information
77DobrotwórBirths (index book)1890-1914New information
505DrohobyczBirths (index book)1852-1876New information for 1875, 1876; surnames only - no given names included.
190DrohobyczBirths (index book)1864-1865
245DrohobyczBirths (index book)1870New information
246DrohobyczBirths (index book)1871-1872New information
247DrohobyczBirths (index book)1873-1874New information
191DrohobyczBirths (index book)1877, [1906]File contains the first page of the 1906 birth index from Drohobycz
98DrohobyczBirths (index book)1878
55DrohobyczBirths (index book)1879
112DrohobyczBirths (index book)1880
63DrohobyczBirths (index book)1881
178DrohobyczBirths (index book)1882
59DrohobyczBirths (index book)1884
36DrohobyczBirths (index book)1885
99DrohobyczBirths (index book)1886
141DrohobyczBirths (index book)1890
138DrohobyczBirths (index book)1891
193DrohobyczBirths (index book)1893
189DrohobyczBirths (index book)1895, 1897
18DrohobyczBirths (index book)1896
217DrohobyczBirths (index book)1898
198DrohobyczBirths (index book)1899
47DrohobyczBirths (index book)1901File is badly damaged, with the bottom half of most pages torn out.
206DrohobyczBirths (index book)1904
575DrohobyczBirths (index book)1905
142DrohobyczBirths (index book)1907
39DrohobyczBirths (index book)1909
143DrohobyczBirths (index book)1911
70DrohobyczBirths (index book)1912
22DrohobyczBirths (index book)1914
164DrohobyczBirths (index book)1915
364DrohobyczBirths (index book)1916-1918
168DrohobyczBirths (index book)1919-1920New information
14DrohobyczBirths (index book)1921New information
167DrohobyczBirths (index book)1922New information
166DrohobyczBirths (index book)1923New information
173DrohobyczBirths (index book)1924New information
145DrohobyczBirths (index book)1925New information
375DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1884
454DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1886
374DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1887
432DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1894
370DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1895
497DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1896
371DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1898
372DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1899
453DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1902
438DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1903
391DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1904
363DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1909
366DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1910
367DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1911
365DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1912
547DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1913
493DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1914
551DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1915
434DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1916
415DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1917
433DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1918
414DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1919
431DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1920
412DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1921
404DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1922
413DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1923
384DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1924
435DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1925
528DrohobyczDeaths (index book)1926-1938New information for 1938
278DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1853-1902Grooms only. New information for 1853-1876, 1882-1883, 1892, and 1898
574DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1904Grooms only
312DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1905Grooms only
292DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1906Grooms only
324DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1907Grooms only
326DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1908Grooms only
257DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1909Grooms only
287DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1910Grooms only
260DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1911Grooms only
307DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1912Grooms only
252DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1913Grooms only
300DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1914Grooms only
254DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1915Grooms only
280DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1916Grooms only
279DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1917-1921Grooms only
270DrohobyczMarriages (index book)1922-1938Grooms only
238HorodenkaBirths (index book)1882-1929New information for 1913.12-1929
500HorodenkaMarriages (index book)1932-1940Grooms only. New information
526HussakówBirths (index book)1918-1938New information
147JarosławBirths (index book)1920
336JarosławMarriages (index book)1916
124JaworówBirths (index book)1848-1876
97JaworówBirths (index book)1893-1902
187JaworówBirths (index book)1903-1941, [1942]New information for 1921-1942
408JaworówDeaths (index book)1877-1903
486JaworówDeaths (index book)1904-1939New information for 1929-1938
289JaworówMarriages (index book)1859-1876New information
295JaworówMarriages (index book)1877-1939, [1942]New information for 1938, 1942
373Klasno (Wieliczka)Deaths (index book)1877-1896
485Klasno (Wieliczka)Deaths (index book)1897-1920Records from 1913-1916 missing. New information for 1897.
354Klasno (Wieliczka)Deaths (index book)1897-1929Records from 1913-1916 missing. New information for 1897
296Klasno (Wieliczka)Marriages (index book)1897-1914Grooms only
320Klasno (Wieliczka)Marriages (index book)1897-1928Grooms only
518KomarnoBirths (index book)1914-1942Book is in poor condition. New information for 1915-1942
507KomarnoDeaths (index book)1876-1942No records from 1877, 1885-1888, 1892, 1894, 1899, 1902-1904, 1906-1907, 1909, 1913-1914, 1940. New information for 1884.03-1884.12, 1889.01-1889.03, 1890.02-1890.12, 1922-1939, 1941-1942
26KopyczyńceBirths (index book), Marriages (index book)1877-1938Births 1895-1938; Marriages 1877-1938. New information for births 1896.12-1900 and 1911-1938, and for marriages 1920-1938
171KorczynaBirths (index book)1833-1942New information for 1833-1876, 1925-1942
536KozowaDeaths (index book)1877-1938New information for 1877-1891.01, 1934-1938
162KozłówBirths (index book)1834-1880, 1900-1929The year range various greatly between different initial letters of surnames.
359KozłówDeaths (index book)1901-1926New information for 1921-1924
291KozłówMarriages (index book)1872-1932New information for 1872-1876, 1879, 1881-1886, 1892, 1915-1925, 1931-1932
146KołomyjaBirths (index book)1825-1876New information for 1825-1864
213KołomyjaBirths (index book)1877-1900Given names of fathers also sometimes included
79KołomyjaBirths (index book)1882-1900
216KołomyjaBirths (index book)1901-1919
38KołomyjaBirths (index book)1901-1919Given names of fathers also included
110KołomyjaBirths (index book)1915-1919Given names of fathers also included
111KołomyjaBirths (index book)1915-1919Given names of mothers also included
19KołomyjaBirths (index book)1920-1942Given names of mothers also included. New information
20KołomyjaBirths (index book)1920-1934, [1941]Given names of fathers also included. New information
109KołomyjaBirths (index book)1935-1942Given names of fathers also included. New information
220KołomyjaBirths (index book)1938New information
380KołomyjaDeaths (index book)1877-1900New information for 1895-1897
437KołomyjaDeaths (index book)1901-1919Entries for records dated between 1916.07 and 1917.08 are missing. New information for 1918-1919
410KołomyjaDeaths (index book)1920-1942New information for 1920-1921, 1928-1930.04, 1931, 1940-1942
532KołomyjaDeaths (index book)1935
310KołomyjaMarriages (index book)1938-1940, [1942]Grooms only. The given names of one of the parents are also included. New information for 1940, 1942
129KrakowiecBirths (index book)1903-1939New information
530KrakowiecDeaths (index book)1877-1938
499KrakówBirths (index book)1855-1876New information for 1872-1873
567KrakówBirths (index book)1918Only contains B–E surnames.
10KrakówDeaths (index book)1921
219LeżajskBirths (index book)1877-1881Surnames starting with "U" to "Z" missing for 1881. New information for 1877-1880
569LeżajskBirths (index book)1892-1900New information
572-2LeżajskBirths (index book) (fragment)1891Only two single pages, with surnames from "A" to "K". New information
344LublinMarriages (index book)1877-1899Russian language
8LublinMarriages (index book)1900-1915Russian language
188LutowiskaBirths (index book)1850-1940New information
360LutowiskaDeaths (index book)1877-1911New information
244LwówBirths (index book)1877-1880
239LwówBirths (index book)1917-1919
236LwówBirths (index book)1935-1937
9LwówBirths (index book), Deaths (index book)1907-1909, 1920-1922Births 1920-1922, Deaths 1907-1909. The pages of the book have become mixed up and are in the wrong order.
563LwówDeaths (index book)1805-1840
521LwówDeaths (index book)1841-1876
560LwówDeaths (index book)1915-1916, 1920-1922
509LwówDeaths (index book)1923-1928
346LwówMarriages (index book)1801-1854
339LwówMarriages (index book)1854-1876New information for 1867-1869
195MielnicaBirths (index book)1877-1939New information for 1912-1913, 1915-1939
89MikulińceBirths (index book)1903-1908
185MikulińceBirths (index book)1909
218MikulińceBirths (index book)1909-1910
126MikulińceBirths (index book)1935-1938New information
139MikulińceBirths (index book)1936-1938Same as File 126, though File 126 also includes entries from 1935. New information
421MikulińceDeaths (index book)1903-1915
546MikulińceDeaths (index book)1909-1916
468MikulińceDeaths (index book)1918-1925
64Mosty WielkieBirths (index book)1894-1904
175MuszynaBirths (index book)1891
108MuszynaBirths (index book)1897
50MuszynaBirths (index book)1899
25MuszynaBirths (index book)1910
24MuszynaBirths (index book)1934New information
51MuszynaBirths (index book)1937New information
469MuszynaDeaths (index book)1893
440MuszynaDeaths (index book)1906
459MuszynaDeaths (index book)1907
471MuszynaDeaths (index book)1908
358MuszynaDeaths (index book)1910
462MuszynaDeaths (index book)1921-1926New information
297MuszynaMarriages (index book)1892Grooms only
334MuszynaMarriages (index book)1897Grooms only
317MuszynaMarriages (index book)1898Grooms only
274MuszynaMarriages (index book)1899Grooms only
268MuszynaMarriages (index book)1910Grooms only
308MuszynaMarriages (index book)1913Grooms only. New information
527NadwórnaBirths (index book)1850-1875New information for 1866-1875
13NadwórnaBirths (index book)1909-1941New information for 1912.05-1941
409NadwórnaDeaths (index book)1877-1903
313NadwórnaMarriages (index book)1877-1907New information
66Nowy SączBirths (index book)1889
17Nowy SączBirths (index book)1890
165Nowy SączBirths (index book)1890
30Nowy SączBirths (index book)1893New information
352Nowy SączBirths (index book)1898
46Nowy SączBirths (index book)1899
60Nowy SączBirths (index book)1899
12Nowy SączBirths (index book)1901
29Nowy SączBirths (index book)1904
200Nowy SączBirths (index book)1904
184Nowy SączBirths (index book)1905
176Nowy SączBirths (index book)1906
27Nowy SączBirths (index book)1907
148Nowy SączBirths (index book)1907
114Nowy SączBirths (index book)1908
72Nowy SączBirths (index book)1909
199Nowy SączBirths (index book)1910
28Nowy SączBirths (index book)1911
127Nowy SączBirths (index book)1912New information
155Nowy SączBirths (index book)1913
153Nowy SączBirths (index book)1914-1915
21Nowy SączBirths (index book)1915-1916
85Nowy SączBirths (index book)1917New information
58Nowy SączBirths (index book)1921-1923New information
41Nowy SączBirths (index book)1927New information
132Nowy SączBirths (index book)1929New information
121Nowy SączBirths (index book)1931New information
154Nowy SączBirths (index book)1932New information
133Nowy SączBirths (index book)1933New information
48Nowy SączBirths (index book)1935New information
172Nowy SączBirths (index book)1936-1937New information
81Nowy SączBirths (index book)1938-1940New information
451Nowy SączDeaths (index book)1904
378Nowy SączDeaths (index book)1909
442Nowy SączDeaths (index book)1909
479Nowy SączDeaths (index book)1911
570Nowy SączDeaths (index book)1920-1923
534Nowy SączDeaths (index book)1929
350Nowy SączMarriages (index book)1931
269Nowy SączMarriages (index book)1933
256Nowy SączMarriages (index book)1935
298Nowy SączMarriages (index book)1938-1940New information
314Nowy SączMarriages (index book)1940New information
221Nowy WiśniczBirths (index book)1886-1942
91ObertynBirths (index book)1901-1940New information for 1939-1940
490ObertynDeaths (index book)1913-1938New information for 1928-1938
95OleskoBirths (index book)1877-1895
23OleskoBirths (index book)1896-1907
212OleskoBirths (index book)1909-1923New information
418OleskoDeaths (index book)1877-1914
436OleskoDeaths (index book)1915-1937New information for 1915, 1917-1937
207-3OleskoMarriages (index book)1894-1901, 1904, 1906-1916, 1919-1923, 1925, 1937Surnames starting with "A" are missing. New information
349-2PodgórzeBirths1942A single-sheet fragment from the birth register of 1942, from the end of the year. New information
318PodgórzeBirths (index book)1894-1919
197PodgórzeBirths (index book)1920-1939New information
489PodgórzeDeaths (index book)1877-1897
386PodgórzeDeaths (index book)1898-1939New information for 1938-1939
545PodgórzeDeaths (index book)1940-1941New information
16PruchnikBirths (index book)1877-1898
448PruchnikDeaths (index book)1899-1940New information for 1899-1900, 1902, 1910-1940
327PruchnikMarriages (index book)1881-1898Grooms only. Arranged alphabetically by given name. New information for 1881-1897
123PrzemyślanyBirths (index book)1925-1942New information
210RohatynBirths (index book)1876-1877
37RohatynBirths (index book)1912-1922New information for 1918.09-1922
275RohatynMarriages (index book)1914-1934Grooms only. New information for 1915-1922, 1924, 1926, 1928-1934
531RohatynMarriages (index book)1938-1939Grooms only
403RozdółDeaths (index book)1826-1939New information for 1826-1876, 1915-1939
276RozdółMarriages (index book)1861-1939New information for 1861-1902, 1939
232RzeszówBirths (index book)1842-1900
571RzeszówBirths (index book)1842-1873Only "A" to "F" surnames. "A-E" surnames cover 1842-1872. "F" surnames cover 1842-1863.
214SamborBirths (index book)1825-1876New information for 1825-1862.10
223SamborBirths (index book)1877-1900New information for 1884, 1893-1894
522SamborDeaths (index book)1877-1913New information for 1884-1886
177SieniawaBirths (index book)1869-1881, 1887
84SieniawaBirths (index book)1891-1900
125SieniawaBirths (index book)1915-1942New information
553SieniawaDeaths (index book)1915-1942New information
259SieniawaMarriages (index book)1873-1939Grooms only. New information for 1882-1886, 1913-1922, 1924-1939
65SkałaBirths (index book)1877-1897New information for 1883-1885
82SkałaBirths (index book)1898-1909
86SkałaBirths (index book)1910-1942New information
426SkałaDeaths (index book)1877-1880
510SkałaDeaths (index book)1894-1908Some pages missing entirely. The bottom parts of the pages are cut off. New information
394SkałaDeaths (index book)1912-1942New information for 1932-1942
248SkałatBirths (index book)1827-1858New information
249SkałatBirths (index book)1859-1876
107SkałatBirths (index book)1883
131SkałatBirths (index book)1884-1885
105SkałatBirths (index book)1885
104SkałatBirths (index book)1887
106SkałatBirths (index book)1888
103SkałatBirths (index book)1889
102SkałatBirths (index book)1890
101SkałatBirths (index book)1891
100SkałatBirths (index book)1893
144SkałatBirths (index book)1910-1923New information
211SkałatBirths (index book)1924-1942New information
420SkałatDeaths (index book)1887
428SkałatDeaths (index book)1888
385SkałatDeaths (index book)1889
483SkałatDeaths (index book)1890
392SkałatDeaths (index book)1891
552SkałatDeaths (index book)1892
411SkałatDeaths (index book)1893
472SkałatDeaths (index book)1894-1901
470SkałatDeaths (index book)1902-1914
542SkałatDeaths (index book)1914-1919
541SkałatDeaths (index book)1920-1924
543SkałatDeaths (index book)1925-1933New information for 1933
242SkoleBirths (index book)1888-1892Both parents' surnames appear in many of the entries.
71SkoleBirths (index book)1898
228SkoleBirths (index book)1898-1899
225SkoleBirths (index book)1905-1912
35SkoleBirths (index book)1906-1907
161SkoleBirths (index book)1915
57SkoleBirths (index book)1916
186SkoleBirths (index book)1916
134SkoleBirths (index book)1917
15SkoleBirths (index book)1918-1919
538SkoleBirths (index book)1923-1925New information for 1924-1925
516SkoleDeaths (index book)1873New information
512SkoleDeaths (index book)1877
513SkoleDeaths (index book)1878
524SkoleDeaths (index book)1879
561SkoleDeaths (index book)1880
562SkoleDeaths (index book)1881
525SkoleDeaths (index book)1882
517SkoleDeaths (index book)1889
508SkoleDeaths (index book)1890
520SkoleDeaths (index book)1899
395SkoleDeaths (index book)1915
424SkoleDeaths (index book)1916
430SkoleDeaths (index book)1918-1919, 1941-1942New information for 1941-1942
407SkoleDeaths (index book)1918-1919
568SkoleMarriages (index book)1877-1887New information, except for 1882
566SkoleMarriages (index book)1889-1890
345SkoleMarriages (index book)1895-1898
347SkoleMarriages (index book)1899-1900
343SkoleMarriages (index book)1904-1907New information for 1904-1905
340SkoleMarriages (index book)1908-1913
264SkoleMarriages (index book)1915
265SkoleMarriages (index book)1916
293SkoleMarriages (index book)1916
271SkoleMarriages (index book)1917Grooms only
316SkoleMarriages (index book)1918-1919, 1941-1942New information for 1941-1942
319SkoleMarriages (index book)1918-1919
73Sokołów MałopolskiBirths (index book)1877-1886
1StanisławówBirths (index book)1817-1845
234StanisławówBirths (index book)1845-1876New information for 1845.11-1864.10, 1874.08-1876
235StanisławówBirths (index book)1877-1891Pages 139 and 140 (Scans 76 and 77) are a postcard sent from the Civil Registration Office in Vienna to Stanisławów, with information of the death in Vienna of Mindel LANDAU in April 1942.
230StanisławówBirths (index book)1892-1899
231StanisławówBirths (index book)1906-1920New information for 1919-1920
559StanisławówDeaths (index book)1893-1932
6StanisławówList of reserved cemetery graves1898-1939
342StanisławówMarriages (index book)1900-1938Grooms only. Includes the exact dates of marriage. New information for 1936
208Stary SamborBirths (index book)1824-1874New information for 1824-1855
207-1Stary SamborBirths (index book)1877-1904Only surnames with "H", and "U" to "Z"
56Stary SamborBirths (index book)1905-1942New information for 1913-1942
537Stary SamborDeaths (index book)1877-1907
422Stary SamborDeaths (index book)1908-1942New information for 1934-1942
253Stary SamborMarriages (index book)1874-1935Grooms only. New information for 1934-1935
149Stary SączBirths (index book)1896
45Stary SączBirths (index book)1897
92Stary SączBirths (index book)1899New information
40Stary SączBirths (index book)1901
90Stary SączBirths (index book)1902
156Stary SączBirths (index book)1904
194Stary SączBirths (index book)1908
467Stary SączDeaths (index book)1884
389Stary SączDeaths (index book)1885
369Stary SączDeaths (index book)1889
456Stary SączDeaths (index book)1890New information
480Stary SączDeaths (index book)1893New information
402Stary SączDeaths (index book)1898
379Stary SączDeaths (index book)1905
368Stary SączDeaths (index book)1918-1922
301Stary SączMarriages (index book)[1918], 1919-1922
267Stary SączMarriages (index book)1923-1925, [1926]
306Stary SączMarriages (index book)1926
53StrusówBirths (index book)1934-1939, 1941-1942New information
550StrusówDeaths (index book)1934-1938
2StryjBirths (index book)1827-1876New information for 1827-1845, 1873-1874
565StryjBirths (index book)1881
224StryjBirths (index book)1882
233StryjBirths (index book)1887
498StryjBirths (index book)1888
4StryjBirths (index book)1889
251StryjBirths (index book)1891
5StryjBirths (index book)1897
241StryjBirths (index book)1898
226StryjBirths (index book)1900
229StryjBirths (index book)1901-1918New information for 1915.11-1917
237StryjBirths (index book)1901
227StryjBirths (index book)1904
502StryjBirths (index book)1909
515StryjDeaths (index book)1826-1876New information for 1826-1846
506StryjDeaths (index book)1882
514StryjDeaths (index book)1882-1896
523StryjDeaths (index book)1901-1917
338StryjMarriages (index book)1882Grooms only
351StryjMarriages (index book)1882-1896Grooms only. New information for 1884
3StryjMarriages (index book)1885Grooms only
349-1StryjMarriages (index book)1889Grooms only
337StryjMarriages (index book)1891Grooms only
348StryjMarriages (index book)1897Grooms only
341StryjMarriages (index book)1898Grooms only
7StryjMarriages (index book)1900Grooms only
572-3StryjMarriages (index book), (fragment)1882-1887Only one legible page, with surnames with "B". Grooms only. New information for 1884
243Strzeliska NoweBirths (index book)1893-1905New information for 1894-1899.07
572-1Strzeliska NoweBirths (index book), (fragment)1906-1939This is a missing page (with surnames with "A" from File 154-52-6, Strzeliska Nowe B (index book) 1906-1940, held in the Przemyśl state archive. New information
544Strzeliska NoweDeaths (index book)1877-1892
540Strzeliska NoweDeaths (index book)1906-1936New information for 1911-1936
44Sądowa WiszniaBirths (index book)1935-1942New information
130TarnopolBirths (index book)1882Some births from earlier years are entered retrospectively. New information for 1882.01-1882.11
76TarnopolBirths (index book)1883
67TarnopolBirths (index book)1885
122TarnopolBirths (index book)1894
119TarnopolBirths (index book)1895
113TarnopolBirths (index book)1896
150TarnopolBirths (index book)1898
157TarnopolBirths (index book)1900
158TarnopolBirths (index book)1903
201TarnopolBirths (index book)1905
202TarnopolBirths (index book)1906
203TarnopolBirths (index book)1907
204TarnopolBirths (index book)1908
205TarnopolBirths (index book)1909
170TarnopolBirths (index book)1910
179TarnopolBirths (index book)1912
69TarnopolBirths (index book)1914-1918New information for 1918
174TarnopolBirths (index book)1914-1916
118TarnopolBirths (index book)1918New information
117TarnopolBirths (index book)1920New information
87TarnopolBirths (index book)1921New information
74TarnopolBirths (index book)1923New information
34TarnopolBirths (index book)1927
88TarnopolBirths (index book)1929New information
152TarnopolBirths (index book)1929New information
42TarnopolBirths (index book)1930New information
83TarnopolBirths (index book)1931
31TarnopolBirths (index book)1932
136TarnopolBirths (index book)1932New information
140TarnopolBirths (index book)1933New information
43TarnopolBirths (index book)1934New information
181TarnopolBirths (index book)1935New information
135TarnopolBirths (index book)1936New information
250TarnopolBirths (index book)1937New information
75TarnopolBirths (index book)1938New information
357TarnopolDeaths (index book)1877
539TarnopolDeaths (index book)1878This index is missing pages, including "A" surnames and surnames with starting with "T" to "Z". File 576 goes with this file, and has surname from "T" to "Z".
576TarnopolDeaths (index book)1878Surnames starting with "T" to "Z" only. This file goes with File 539 (with surnames up to "S").
555TarnopolDeaths (index book)1879
376TarnopolDeaths (index book)1880
554TarnopolDeaths (index book)1881
356TarnopolDeaths (index book)1882
557TarnopolDeaths (index book)1884
353TarnopolDeaths (index book)1893Book is missing “Z” surnames. New information
416TarnopolDeaths (index book)1902
417TarnopolDeaths (index book)1903
361TarnopolDeaths (index book)1904
419TarnopolDeaths (index book)1905
491TarnopolDeaths (index book)1906
465TarnopolDeaths (index book)1907
494TarnopolDeaths (index book)1908
482TarnopolDeaths (index book)1909
406TarnopolDeaths (index book)1910
556TarnopolDeaths (index book)1911
558TarnopolDeaths (index book)1912
401TarnopolDeaths (index book)1913
533TarnopolDeaths (index book)1914-1915
449TarnopolDeaths (index book)1916
474TarnopolDeaths (index book)1917
377TarnopolDeaths (index book)1918
383TarnopolDeaths (index book)1919New information
443TarnopolDeaths (index book)1920
455TarnopolDeaths (index book)1921
405TarnopolDeaths (index book)1922
549TarnopolDeaths (index book)1923
461TarnopolDeaths (index book)1924
423TarnopolDeaths (index book)1925
397TarnopolDeaths (index book)1926
466TarnopolDeaths (index book)1926
519TarnopolDeaths (index book)1927
444TarnopolDeaths (index book)1930
464TarnopolDeaths (index book)1931
475TarnopolDeaths (index book)1931
460TarnopolDeaths (index book)1932
481TarnopolDeaths (index book)1932
457TarnopolDeaths (index book)1933
458TarnopolDeaths (index book)1933
476TarnopolDeaths (index book)1934
355TarnopolDeaths (index book)1935
477TarnopolDeaths (index book)1937
478TarnopolDeaths (index book)1939
263TarnopolMarriages (index book)1882
284TarnopolMarriages (index book)1910Grooms only
273TarnopolMarriages (index book)1919Grooms only
277TarnopolMarriages (index book)1920Grooms only
286TarnopolMarriages (index book)1921Grooms only
285TarnopolMarriages (index book)1922Grooms only
258TarnopolMarriages (index book)1925Grooms only
304TarnopolMarriages (index book)1930Grooms only
305TarnopolMarriages (index book)1930Grooms only
302TarnopolMarriages (index book)1931Grooms only
303TarnopolMarriages (index book)1936Grooms only
272TarnopolMarriages (index book)1938Grooms only
309TarnopolMarriages (index book)1939Grooms only
116TrembowlaBirths (index book)1900-1913, [1914], 1919-1924New information for 1914, 1919-1924
68TurkaBirths (index book)1914-1938New information for 1923-1929, 1931-1938.03
393TurkaDeaths (index book)1914-1937New information for 1914-1915.07, 1935.08-1937
61TyczynBirths (index book)1867-1941Also includes, on last two pages, a list of selected Jewish men, 1941-1943, with town names in this list from: Domaradz, Jasienica, Posada Olchowska, Siedliska, Rakszawa, Straszydle, Sanok, Sieniawa, Stany, Tyczyn, Żarnowiec, Czudec. New information for 1867-1875, 1913-1935, 1939-1942
322ZabłotówMarriages (index book)1877-1920New information for 1906.12-1907
209ZałoźceBirths (index book)1868-1938New information for 1868.11-1877, 1890.06-1938
382ZłoczówDeaths (index book)1825-1876Surnames with "S" go up to 1886. Full dates are indicated. New information for 1876
529ZłoczówDeaths (index book)1877-1898Surnames from "A" to "C" are missing.
315ZłoczówMarriages (index book)1825-1939New information for 1825-1875, 1914-1915, 1939
501ŚniatynBirths, Marriages, [Deaths] (index book)1862-1918Mainly birth indexes, fewer marriage indexes, and a few death indexes. Not complete for individual years.
535ŚniatynDeaths (index book)1922-1938New information for 1928.03-1938
511ŚwirzDeaths (index book)1880-1897
222ŻabieBirths (index book)1877-1907A-K surnames only
137ŻabieBirths (index book)1908-1924, [1925-1927]New information for 1908-1927
487ŻabieDeaths (index book)1919-1939New information
180ŻołyniaBirths (index book)1915-1942New information for 1940-1942
290ŻołyniaMarriages (index book)1916-1939
447ŻydaczówDeaths (index book)1898-1914, 1919 - 1924, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1942Full dates are indicated. New information for 1902, 1904, 1907, 1914, 1919-1921, as well as a few new entries for 1924, 1939, 1941 and 1942
503ŻydaczówDeaths (index book)1898-1914, 1919 - 1924, 1938Full dates are indicated. New information for 1902, 1904, 1907, 1914, 1919-1921, and a few entries from 1924
288ŻółkiewMarriages (index book)1878-1903

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