The Vital Records Project

Project Coordinator: Mark Jacobson


Vital, or metrical records are the core of genealogical research. These Jewish birth, death, and marriage records for Galicia can often be found in a variety of archives in different locations, even for a single town. Many such records have not survived the events of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. The proportion that still exists today varies considerably between different towns. For further information, please see the article: “Tutorial: Understanding Vital Records,” Galitzianer, September 2020, 11-18. Past issues of the journal can be found in the Members Portal: click here.

Please go to the Inventory Table for all the vital records indexed by Gesher Galicia and made available on the All Galicia Database.

The archives where Gesher Galicia has worked on vital records, other types of records, and maps, include:

  • Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw – Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych (AGAD)

  • State Archives in Przemyśl – Archiwum Państwowe w Przemyślu

  • State Archives in Rzeszów – Archiwum Państwowe w Rzeszowie

  • State Archives in Rzeszów, Sanok Branch – Archiwum Państwowe w Rzeszowie, Oddział w Sanoku

  • National Archives in Kraków – Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie

  • National Archives in Kraków, Nowy Sącz Branch – Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie, Oddział w Nowym Sączu

  • National Archives in Kraków, Tarnów Branch – Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie, Oddział w Tarnowie

  • National Archives in Kraków, Bochnia Branch – Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie, Oddział w Bochni

  • Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL) – Центральний державний історичний архів України у місті Львові (ЦДIАЛ)

  • State Archive of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (DAIFO) – Державний архів Івано-Франківської області (ДАIФО)

  • State Archive of Ternopil Oblast (DATO) – Державний архів Тернопільської області (ДАТО)

Support for the Vital Records Project, as for all other current Gesher Galicia research projects and activities, is always appreciated. Donations will help to cover the costs of acquiring images and indexing the records, as well as uploading the indexes onto the All Galicia Database, where they will be accessible for all to search. The scans of our indexed vital records, where available, will be made accessible for Gesher Galicia members on the Gesher Galicia website.

Donations by credit card or PayPal may be made online, through the Gesher Galicia website, by clicking here.

Donations by check should be in US dollars, drawn on a US bank, made payable to Gesher Galicia, and mailed to:

Gesher Galicia
c/o Ms Darcy Stamler
3740 Moore Street
Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA

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Gesher Galicia is a non-profit organization carrying out Jewish genealogical and historical research on Galicia, formerly a province of Austria-Hungary and today divided between southeastern Poland and western Ukraine. The research work includes the indexing of archival vital records and census books, Holocaust-period records, Josephine and Franciscan cadastral surveys, lists of Jewish taxpayers, and records of Galician medical students and doctors - all added to our searchable online database. In addition, we reproduce regional and cadastral maps for our online Map Room. We conduct educational research and publish a quarterly research journal, the Galitzianer. Gesher Galicia is also organized for the purpose of maintaining networking and online discussion groups and to promote and support Jewish heritage preservation work in the areas of the former Galicia.

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