The Jewish Taxpayers Project

Project Coordinator: Mark Jacobson

Many lists of Jewish taxpayers from Galicia in the 1930s have survived.

In 2018, the Project indexed and put onto the online database eight of these record sets from towns in the Stanisławów area. The original records were in the State Archive of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (DAIFO) and came to Gesher Galicia by the kind permission of Rabbi Kolesnik of Ivano-Frankivsk. The towns in this set were:

Cover page of taxpayer records from Skała, 1936

  • Jezupol (Yezupil), 1934
  • Kołomyja (Kolomyya), 1939
  • Mariampol (Mariyampil), 1934
  • Ottynia (Otynia), 1938
  • Peczeniżyn (Pechenizhyn), 1938
  • Sołotwina (Solotvyn), 1938
  • Tłumacz (Tlumach), 1936
  • Zablotów (Zabolotiv), 1939

Also indexed in the Taxpayer Project in 2018 was a set of Borysław (Borislav) taxpayer records from 1938.

Cover page of taxpayer records from Tarnopol, 1936

In 2019, the Project is indexing lists from a second set of Jewish taxpayer records, from towns in the Tarnopol area. These records are held in the State Archive of Ternopil Oblast (DATO), in Fond 231, Series 1, Files 3008 and 3009. The towns being worked on here include:

  • Biały Kamień (Bilyi Kamin)
  • Borszczów (Borshchiv)
  • Brzeżany (Berezhany)
  • Grzymałów (Hrymailiv)
  • Mielnica (Melnytsya)
  • Skała (Skala Podilska)
  • Tarnopol (Ternopil), with 1,050 records
  • Tłuste (Tovste)
  • Trembowla (Terebovlya)
  • Zbaraż (Zbarazh)
  • Złoczów (Zolochiv)

In many cases, taxpayers from small villages surrounding the main towns are also listed, following the list for the town proper. Dates of birth are not generally given for the taxpayers in these records, but occupations are usually listed. For some towns, including Tarnopol, the house address is also given. Many of the town lists are found also in their carbon-copy duplicates within these sets of images.

Earlier indexed lists

A number of taxpayer lists from the same period were indexed earlier and appear on the All Galicia Database, including from:

  • Czortków (Chortkiv), 1936
  • Kamionka Strumiłowa (Kamyanka Buzka), 1936
  • Nadwórna (Nadvirna), 1936
  • Podhajce (Pidhaytsi), 1936
  • Przemyślany (Peremyshlyany), 1936
  • Załoźce (Zaliztsi), 1930
  • Zborów (Zboriv), 1935

General information

Part of a page from the taxpayer records from Zborów, 1935

The basic indexes are made available—as with all Gesher Galicia projects—on the freely searchable All Galicia Database. In addition, all completed spreadsheets of indexes, along with images of the original records, are made accessible to Gesher Galicia members through the Members Portal on the website. Donations towards this project, though, of whatever size, will be greatly appreciated. We cannot, of course, guarantee in advance whether a particular record set will be complete or will contain information of interest to a particular researcher.

Any donations by credit card or PayPal may be made online at the Gesher Galicia website, by clicking here. Donations by check must be in US dollars, made payable to Gesher Galicia, Inc. and mailed to:

Ann Harris, Treasurer
Gesher Galicia
1516 S. Point View
Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA



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