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Biały Kamień (Bilyi Kamin), Ukraine

Also known as: Belyy Kamen', Biały Kamień, Bialikomin, Bilyi Kamin', Bialykamień, Bilkamin

Modification (color/removal of text) by Sarah Cohen-Smith of Todros Geller's From Land to Land, 1926, wood engraving.

Town overview

Galician (Austro-Hungarian) Administrative District Zloczów
Galician (Austro-Hungarian) Judicial District: Olesko
Jewish Kehilla (Community) District: Bialy Kamien
Interwar (Polish) District: Złoczów
Interwar (Polish) Province: Tarnopol
Modern District (county or raion): Zolochiv raion
Modern Province (voivodeship or oblast) Lviv oblast

Families from Biały Kamień

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Family name Researcher Date added
Menkes Gesher Galicia member December 12, 1993
Finkel Gesher Galicia member December 12, 1993
Bertusan Gesher Galicia member February 20, 2001
Roth Gesher Galicia member January 14, 2016
Peczenik Gesher Galicia member January 14, 2016
Eisgrau Gesher Galicia member May 10, 2019
Sobel Gesher Galicia member August 25, 2023

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