Town overview

Modern town name: Strzyżów, Poland
Latitude and Longitude: 49.8689, 21.7882
49°52' N , 21°48' E
Galician (Austro-Hungarian) Administrative District: Strzyżów
Galician (Austro-Hungarian) Judicial District: (information still being collected; check back soon)
Jewish Kehilla (Community) District: (information still being collected; check back soon)
Interwar (Polish) District: Strzyżów
Interwar (Polish) Province: Lwów
Modern District (county or raion): (information still being collected; check back soon)
Modern Province (voivodeship or oblast): (information still being collected; check back soon)

Maps of Strzyżów

Families from Strzyżów

There are 4 members of Gesher Galicia researching 5 surnames from Strzyzow:

Family name Researcher Researcher's Contact Information Date Added
FEIT Bette Stoop Mas Miami, FL Jan 1, 2008
GUZIK Estelle Guzik New York, NY Dec 28, 1996
LANDESMAN Estelle Guzik New York, NY prior to 1995
REIN Russell Maurer Pepper Pike, OH Jun 13, 2013
TANNENBAUM Sue Marcus Springfield, NJ Feb 8, 2000

You can copy all 4 unique e-mail addresses associated with researchers of Strzyzow here:

There are also 67 entries for Strzyżów, Poland in the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) (as of May, 2012). You will need to create and login with a JewishGen user account in order to see their information, but their website is free to use and extremely helpful.

Genealogical and historical records from Strzyżów

Birth, Marriage, and Death Records from Strzyżów

Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation Database may have a partial listing of known Jewish records from Strzyżów. Not all records have survived from all years. Make sure to also search for the general area the town was in (the district, raion, county, etc.), not just the town name itself, as some regional records survived where town records did not.

The genealogical organization Jewish Records Indexing Poland (JRI-Poland) may have some records from Strzyżów online in their free searchable database.

You should also try searching's "All Poland Database" for Strzyżów ; however, note that some of their data will include western and central Polish towns that were not part of historical Galicia. Do not use any accented letters or diactritical marks when searching their database.

Cadastral Maps and Landowner Records from Strzyżów

In 2007, Gesher Galicia started an ambitious new project to catalog Galician maps and records stored at the Lviv State Historical Archive in Ukraine. This project is still ongoing, and Gesher Galicia won the 2011 Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant from the IAJGS to help expedite this research. Mid-19th Century homeowner and property lists that have been obtained through this project are being transcribed and have been added to the All Galicia Database on an ongoing basis.

Gesher Galicia has not yet catalogued any records or maps for Strzyzow, but we will be expanding our cataloguing at Polish and Ukrainian archives throughout 2012 and beyond. Check back soon for updates.

Tabula Krajowa (Legal and Notary) Records from Strzyżów

There is a little-known resource for Galician researchers held in the Lviv State Historical Archive in Ukraine — the "Tabula Krajowa," or Tabula Registers (Fond 166, 1780-1891). There are about 300 volumes of various indexes to these records, covering towns from across Galicia, and none of these records have yet been microfilmed or put online. They hold a wealth of information -- the purchase and sale of real estate and land, property leasing, testaments, deeds, money-lending agreements, promissory notes, public sale for debts, powers of attorney, etc. Gesher Galicia advisory board member and Ukrainian researcher Alexander Dunai has written an excellent article about Tabula records, with a listing of towns for which they are available. Check the bottom of that page to see if records survived for Strzyżów.

Books about Strzyżów

About Yizkor books

A Yizkor book is a "book of rememberance" about a Jewish community that was destroyed in the Holocaust. Each book documents the town's history and usually gives a necrology (list of the murdered) at the back of the book. Most of the books were written by survivors from the town, or people from the town who had immigrated before the war, and were mostly published between 1945 and 1975, and usually written in Hebrew or Yiddish. Some large towns may have had more than one Yizkor book published at different times.

The non-profit Jewish genealogy organization JewishGen has a comprehensive online database of Yizkor books and the towns that they document. They also host English language translations of much of the content of the books, sponsored by the website's donors and volunteers.

Many of these books have been scanned and put online for free reading at the New York Public Library's Yizkor Book website. The Yiddish Book Center also offers reprints of Yizkor Books which you can buy on their website.

Other books about Strzyżów

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Photos from Strzyżów

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  • Strzyzow at night
  • Olena
  • Olena and Miro
  • Footbridge at night
  • IH
  • DSC_5545s
  • DSC_5695s
  • cousin in Poland
  • small chapel
  • Bridge at night
  • Strzyżów - town of darkness hehehe
  • Moon

Videos about Strzyżów

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