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Towns Being Researched

by Members of Gesher Galicia

Modification (color/removal of text) by Sarah Cohen-Smith of Todros Geller's From Land to Land, 1926, wood engraving.

Below is an alphabetical list of towns that Gesher Galicia members are researching. It does not contain every town that was in Galicia. To view our Galician Town Locator, which covers over 6,000 Galician towns that existed in the year 1900, click here.

We update this list with new towns as members join or notify us of their research interests.

To see if we have indexed records for your town, go to the All Galicia Database and view the scrolling list on the left hand side labeled “Record Sources” to look for your town name.

Towns Begining with j
Jabłonica, Poland Jabłonka Niżna (Nyzhnya Yablunka), Ukraine Jabłonów (Yabluniv), Ukraine Jagielnica (Yahilnytsya), Ukraine Jarosław, Poland Jaryczów Nowy (Novyy Yarychiv), Ukraine Jasienica Rosielna, Poland Jasieniów Polny, Ukraine Jasło, Poland Jaślany, Poland Jaśliska, Poland Jawornik Polski, Poland Jawornik Ruski, Poland Jaworów (Yavoriv), Ukraine Jaworsko, Poland Jaworze, Poland Jaworzno, Poland Jazłowiec (Yazlovets), Ukraine Jedlicze, Poland Jelenkowate (Yalynkovate), Ukraine Jezierna (Ozerna), Ukraine Jezierzanka (Yezezhanka), Ukraine Jezierzany (near Borszczów) (Ozeryany), Ukraine Jezupol (Yezupil), Ukraine Jeżowe, Poland Jodłowa, Poland Jordanów, Poland Judaszówka, Poland Jureczkowa, Poland
Towns Begining with k
Kabarowce, Ukraine Kaczanówka (Kachanivka), Ukraine Kalinówka, Ukraine Kalna, Ukraine Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland Kałusz (Kalush), Ukraine Kamienopol (Kamenopil), Ukraine Kamień, Poland Kamionka Strumiłowa (Kamianka-Buzka), Ukraine Kańczuga, Poland Kasperowce, Ukraine Kazimierz, Poland Kęty, Poland Klasno (Wieliczka), Poland Kliszów, Poland Kłodawa, Poland Kniaże (Knyazhe), Ukraine Knihynicze (Kniahynychi), Ukraine Kolbuszowa, Poland Kołaczyce, Poland Koło, Poland Kołomyja (Kolomea), Ukraine Komarno, Ukraine Kombornia, Poland Komorów, Poland Koniuszki, Ukraine Kończyska, Poland Kopaczyńce (Kopachintsy), Ukraine Kopań, Ukraine Kopce, Poland Kopyczyńce (Kopychintsy), Ukraine Korczyn, Poland Korczyna, Poland Korniaktów, Poland Korolówka (near Borszczów) (Korolivka), Ukraine Koropiec (Koropets), Ukraine Korszów, Ukraine Kosienice, Poland Kosmacz, Ukraine Kosów (Kosiv), Ukraine Koszarawa, Poland Kosztowa, Poland Kościelniki, Ukraine Kotań, Poland Kowel (Kovel), Ukraine Kozaczyzna, Ukraine Kozłów (Kozliv), Ukraine Kozowa (Kozova), Ukraine Kozówka (Kozivka), Ukraine Krakowiec (Krakovets), Ukraine Kraków, Poland Krasiczyn, Poland Krasna, Ukraine Krasne, Ukraine Krechowce (Krykhivtsi), Ukraine Kreców, Poland Krempna, Poland Kropiwna, Ukraine Kropiwnik, Ukraine Krosienko (Korosno), Ukraine Krosno, Poland Krościenko nad Dunajcem, Poland Kruhel, Ukraine Kryg, Poland Krynica-Zdrój, Poland Krystynopol (Chervonohrad), Ukraine Krywka, Poland Krzemieniec, Ukraine Krzeszowice, Poland Krzywcza, Poland Krzywcze Górne (Verkhneye Krivche), Ukraine Kudryńce (Kudryntsi), Ukraine Kukizów (Kukizov), Ukraine Kulaszne, Poland Kulików (Kulykiv), Ukraine Kuropatniki (Kuropatnyky), Ukraine Kurowice, Ukraine Kuryłówka, Poland Kuty, Ukraine
Towns Begining with l
Lesko, Poland Leszczawka, Poland Leżajsk, Poland Limanowa, Poland Lipie, Poland Lipnica Dolna, Poland Lipowica, Poland Lipsko, Poland Lisovichi, Ukraine Lisznia, Ukraine Liwcze, Poland Lubaczów, Poland Lubella (Lyubelya), Ukraine Lubenec, Ukraine Lubycza Królewska, Poland Luszowice Górne, Poland Luszowice, Poland Lutowiska, Poland Lwów (Lviv), Ukraine Lwów-Zniesienie (Lviv-Znesinnya), Ukraine
Towns Begining with ł
Łabowa, Poland Łanczyn, Ukraine Łanowa (Rzeszów), Poland Łanowce, Ukraine Łańcut, Poland Łapajówka, Ukraine Łapanów, Poland Ławoczne, Ukraine Łączki Brzeskie, Poland Łękawica, Poland Łomna, Ukraine Łopatyn (Lopatyn), Ukraine Łopuchowa, Poland Łopuszka Mała, Poland Łopuszka Wielka, Poland Łosiacz (Losyach), Ukraine Łowisko, Poland Łuka (Luka), Ukraine Łukanowice, Poland Łukawica, Poland Łysiec (Lysets), Ukraine

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