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Towns Being Researched

by Members of Gesher Galicia

Modification (color/removal of text) by Sarah Cohen-Smith of Todros Geller's From Land to Land, 1926, wood engraving.

Below is an alphabetical list of towns that Gesher Galicia members are researching. It does not contain every town that was in Galicia. To view our Galician Town Locator, which covers over 6,000 Galician towns that existed in the year 1900, click here.

We update this list with new towns as members join or notify us of their research interests.

To see if we have indexed records for your town, go to the All Galicia Database and view the scrolling list on the left hand side labeled “Record Sources” to look for your town name.

Towns Begining with m
Machowa, Poland Maciejowa, Poland Magierów (Maheriv), Ukraine Majdan Królewski, Poland Majdan Sieniawski, Poland Maków Podhalański, Poland Makuniów, Ukraine Manasterz, Poland Mariampol (Mariyampil), Ukraine Markowa, Poland Markowice, Poland Maziarnia, Poland Medenice, Ukraine Medyka, Poland Mielec, Poland Mielnica (Melnytsya), Ukraine Mielniczne (Melnychne), Ukraine Międzyrzecze (Mezhyrichchya), Ukraine Mikołajów (Mykolayiv), Ukraine Mikuliczyn, Ukraine Mikulińce (Mykulyntsi), Ukraine Milówka, Poland Mizuń Stary, Ukraine Modliborzyce, Poland Mokre, Poland Mokrzyszów, Poland Mołdawsko, Ukraine Mołodycz, Poland Monasterzyska (Monastyryska), Ukraine Moskalówka (Moskalivka), Ukraine Mosty Małe, Poland Mosty Wielkie (Velyki Mosty), Ukraine Mościska (Mostyska), Ukraine Mozołówka, Ukraine Mrowla, Poland Mrzygłód, Poland Mszana Dolna, Poland Mszaniec, Ukraine Muchawka, Ukraine Muszyna, Poland Myślenice, Poland Mytarz, Poland
Towns Begining with n
Nadbrzezie, Poland Nadwórna (Nadvirna), Ukraine Nadyby, Ukraine Nagnajów, Poland Narajów (Narayiv), Ukraine Narol, Poland Niebylec, Poland Niechobrz, Poland Niemirów (Nemyriv), Ukraine Nienadowa, Poland Niepołomice, Poland Niewistka, Poland Nieznajowa, Poland Nisko, Poland Niżankowice (Nyzhankovychi), Ukraine Niżniów (Nyzhniv), Ukraine Nowe Miasto, Poland Nowe Sioło (near Żurawno) (Nove Selo), Ukraine Nowosielce, Poland Nowosiółka, Ukraine Nowotaniec, Poland Nowoukrainka, Ukraine Nowy Korczyn, Poland Nowy Nart, Poland Nowy Sącz, Poland Nowy Targ, Poland Nowy Wiśnicz, Poland Nowy Żmigród, Poland
Towns Begining with o
Obertyn (Obertin), Ukraine Okno, Ukraine Okopy, Ukraine Olchowiec, Ukraine Olesko, Ukraine Oleszyce, Poland Olszanica, Poland Olszanica, Ukraine Ołpiny, Poland Orów (Oriv), Ukraine Oryszkowce (Oryshkivtsi), Ukraine Osiek Jasielski, Poland Osielec, Poland Oskrzesińce, Ukraine Osławy Białe (Bili Oslavy,), Ukraine Ostrów, Ukraine Oświęcim, Poland Ottynia (Otynia), Ukraine
Towns Begining with p
Paleśnica, Poland Pantalowice, Poland Papiernia, Ukraine Paszkówka, Poland Pauszówka (Palashevka), Ukraine Peczeniżyn (Pechenizhyn), Ukraine Pełnatycze, Poland Perehińsko, Ukraine Petryków, Ukraine Piaseczna, Ukraine Piątkowa, Poland Pikułowice (Pikulovitse), Ukraine Pilzno, Poland Piotrowice, Poland Pistyń (Pistyn), Ukraine Pleśna, Poland Pniów (Pniv), Ukraine Pobiedr, Poland Podborce (Pidbirce), Ukraine Podbuż (Pidbuzh), Ukraine Podgórze, Poland Podhajce (Pidhaitsi), Ukraine Podhorodyszcze, Ukraine Podkamień (near Brody) (Pidkamin), Ukraine Podlesie, Poland Podliski Małe (Podliski Malyye), Ukraine Podwołoczyska (Pidvolochysk), Ukraine Pogorzałka, Poland Polanka, Poland Pomorzany (Pomoriany), Ukraine Poruczyn, Ukraine Postołów, Poland Potoczyska (Potochyshche), Ukraine Potok Złoty (Zolotyi Potik), Ukraine Potylicz, Ukraine Probużna (Probizhna), Ukraine Pruchnik, Poland Przeciszów, Poland Przecław, Poland Przedbórz, Poland Przemyśl, Poland Przemyślany (Peremyshlyany), Ukraine Przeryty Bór, Poland Przeworsk, Poland Przybyszówka, Poland Przysłup (Lukvitsa), Ukraine Pustomyty, Ukraine Pysznica, Poland

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